10 Marketing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Believe it or not, there are Americans who haven’t heard of Facebook, the majority of mobile ad clicks are accidental, and the most expensive commercial in history cost $33 million. These are some of the random tidbits included in iMedia Connection’s rundown of “21 Marketing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind.”

Some of our favorites include:

  • 7% of the American population have never heard of Facebook and 41% haven’t heard of LinkedIn.
  • 51% of clicks on mobile banners are accidental—they’re caused by “fat-finger taps.”
  • The co-founder of Goodby Silverstein & Partners originally hated the “Got Milk?” ad campaign—he thought it was not grammatically correct.
  • Twitter was originally called Twttr, but the name was changed before it launched.
  • Only 50% of consumers find the content in emails they consented to receive to be credible.
  • This was the first ad for Coca-Cola, published in 1886 in the Atlanta Journal:

  • 20% of all Internet page views come from Facebook.
  • This was the first Ronald McDonald (the iconic mascot was played by Willard Scott from 1963 to 1966):
  • This is the most expensive commercial in history—Nicole Kidman was paid $3 million to appear, and it cost $33 million:

Is your mind still not blown? Check out the full list for more.

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