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‘Homeland’ Star Damian Lewis, Lana Del Rey Team Up in Promotional Video for Jaguar “American Idol” Air Time No Longer Most Expensive TV Advertising Space; Football Now No. 1 “American Idol” Amplifies its Interactive Features through Google and Facebook “Franchising In America” [Infographic] “Got Milk” Tagline Expires as Industry Tries to Rethink the Drink “I Love NY” Logo is Dropping its Iconic Heart “Selfie” is the Word of the Year “This is Water”—The Unapproved Video Tribute to David Foster Wallace Goes Viral #SuperBowl48 by the Numbers: The Top Performing Ads, Tweets, and Hashtags #ThisGirlCan Campaign from Sport England is Working Up Women’s Desire to Work Up a Sweat 1 in 4 American Fans Follows Sports via Social Media 10 American Brands That Get Patriotic Marketing 10 Awesome Social Media Campaigns from 2016 10 Big Marketing Fails from 2017 (And What Brands Can Learn from Each) 10 Content Marketing Pitfalls You Should Avoid at All Costs 10 Credit Union Marketing Tactics That Will Boost Member Engagement 10 Essential Holiday Marketing Tactics for 2017 [Infographic] 10 Examples of ROI in Social Media [Infographic] 10 Expert Social Media Predictions for 2012 10 Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid 10 Frightfully Good Halloween Marketing Campaigns 10 Great Examples of Healthcare Video Marketing 10 Great Examples of Travel Video Marketing 10 Great Mother’s Day Campaigns to Draw Inspiration From 10 Great On-Brand April Fools’ Campaigns 10 High-Tech Trends Rising High in 2014 10 Hugely Popular Apps with Teens (And What Brands Can Learn from Each) 10 Inbound Marketing Tactics That Work 10 Marketing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind 10 Mobile Marketing Means To More Customers 10 New Google Algorithm Changes 10 New Google Analytics You Need to Start Using 10 New Trends That Are Capturing the Attention of Digital Marketers 10 Powerful Ways to Use Instagram for Real Estate Marketing 10 Reasons Marketers Should Embrace Stories on Social Media 10 Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make for 2020 10 Shocking Statistics On Online Marketing 10 Social Media Best Practices for Small Businesses 10 Things Every CEO Should Know About SEO 10 Tips to Make Your E-Mail Subject Lines Shine 10 Ways to Become the Ultimate Social Media Marketer 10 Worst Ads of 2015 Almost Too Bad to Air and Bear 10th Annual Advertising Week Rolls Out in New York City 11 Digital Tactics Independent Hotels and Resorts Must Pack into their Marketing 11 Resolutions For The Savvy Search Marketer in 2011 11 Social Media Tricks for More Eye-Popping Posts 11 Top Ways Banks and Credit Unions Can Gain and Grow with LinkedIn 12 Ads That Changed Super Bowl Marketing 12 Marketing Predictions For 2012 12 of the Best Ad Jingles of All Time 12 Product Designs that Defined the 20th Century 12 Social Media Trends from Mary Meeker’s 2018 Annual Internet Report 12 Tips About Social Media for Trade Shows 13 Spook-tacular Halloween Social Posts from Brands 15 Healthcare Twitter Hashtags You Should Follow 15 Lead Magnets to Help You Capture and Convert 2 Concepts Contributing to B2B Content Marketing Results 20 Critical Content Marketing Tips Independent Hotels Must Depend On 20 Inbound Marketing Metrics You Must Measure to Rate Your Results 2011 South Florida Fair Enjoys Record-Breaking Attendance and Sets 11 Individual Records 2011’s Top Three SEO Ranking Factors 2012: It Was a Very Good Year for Social Giving [Infographic] 2012: The Year of Real-Time Marketing 2012’s Top Digital Marketing Lessons for B2B Marketers 2015 Holiday Shopping Season Looks Merry and Bright 2015 Trends: How Digital and Social Media Have Transformed Nonprofits [Infographic] 2016 Olympic Typeface is Drawn from Rio de Janeiro’s Famous Icons 22 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic 25 Percent of Paid-Search Clicks Will Come from Mobile by December 2012 3 Back-to-School Marketing Trends Worth Studying 3 Brands Pack Their Packaging with Interactive Social Media Features 3 Bright Ideas for Leveraging Weather-Targeted Ads 3 Buyer Behaviors that Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore 3 Content Promotion Strategies That Always Work 3 Creative Remedies to Inspire Healthcare Advertising 3 E-Commerce Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from China 3 Essential Inbound Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses 3 Hard Truths About Social Media Marketing Every CMO Should Know 3 Healthcare Marketing Trends Hospitals Need to Know in 2016 3 Healthcare Systems Prescribing Virtual Hospital Tours 3 Inbound Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore 3 Marketing Budget Tips for Independent Hotels in Today’s Competitive Digital World 3 Million LinkedIn Company Pages and Counting [Infographic] 3 Mobile Optimization Tips to Bag More Black Friday Online Shoppers 3 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Hospital Patient Acquisition 3 Proven Tactics for Getting More Online Reviews 3 Reasons for Marketers to Integrate Media with Creative 3 Reasons Marketers Must Go Mobile 3 Reasons Medical Websites Must Be Optimized for Mobile, Stat! 3 Reasons Why 2015 is the Year of Intent Marketing 3 Reasons Why Brands Must Define Their Values to Defy Any Crisis 3 Retail Regimens Offering Benefits for Healthcare Marketers 3 Signals That Beacons Are Triggering Results in Retail Marketing 3 Simple Tips to Get More Out of Inbound Marketing 3 Strategies for Adapting Your Business to the New Normal 3 Strategies To Maximize Online Ad Performance 3 Things Every CEO Should Do to Succeed on Social Media [Infographic] 3 Tips for Gaining Social Media Acceptance from the C-Suite 3 Tips for Optimizing Your Google Shopping Campaigns 3 Tips for Using Social Media Compliantly in Healthcare Marketing 3 Tips on How to Help Men “Man Up” About Seeking Medical Care 3 Trends Driving New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Patient-First Marketing Strategy 3 Ways for Your Nonprofit to Support Social Media Engagement 3 Ways Hospitality Brands Can Open the Door to More Online Reviews 3 Ways Hospitals Can Benefit from LinkedIn’s Careers Tab 3 Ways Marketers Can Reach Generation Z 3 Ways Messaging Apps Will Redefine Marketing 3 Ways Millennials Are Changing CEOs’ Focus 3 Ways Periscope Is Being Used in Healthcare 3 Ways Retailers Can Mix the In-Store and Online Experience 3 Ways Social Media Can Help Your B2B Business Make More Personal Connections 3 Ways Social Media Data Can Be Your Link to Future Trends 3 Ways to Create a Mobile Marketing Strategy for Your Business 3 Ways to Engage and Entice Millennials on Mobile Apps 3 Ways to Make Color Names Bring in the Greenbacks 3 Ways to Make Snapchat Content Leave a Lasting Impression 3 Ways to Measure Today’s Digitally Driven Consumer 3 Ways to Reach Healthcare-Hesitant Millennials 3 Ways to Reach the iGeneration, Tomorrow’s Age of Travelers 3 Ways to the One Vital Media Buying Strategy for Hospital Marketers 3 Ways to Treat the Engaged Patient as a Healthcare Consumer 3 Ways Travel Marketers Can Reach Travelers Across Multiple Devices 34 Percent Of Millionaires Use Social Media For Business 4 Credit Union Marketing Trends for 2015 4 Critical Ways Twitter Can Help Your Healthcare Organization 4 Digital Advertising Approaches That Generate Results 4 Essential Digital Marketing Tactics for Multi-Location Businesses [Infographic] 4 Essential Inbound Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses 4 Friendly Tips for More Likeable Social Media Ads 4 Guest Experience Trends for Staying Ahead of Hotel Competitors in 2016 4 Healthcare Brands That Are Using YouTube Right 4 Major Hospitality Trends That Marketers Must Welcome 4 Major Pitfalls of DIY Website Builders for Businesses 4 Must-Dos to Get Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 4 Must-Know Mobile App Marketing Trends for 2013 4 Native Advertising Tactics for Maximum Mobile Impact 4 Pillars of LinkedIn Marketing for Businesses 4 Podcast Advertising Tips Shared by the Pros 4 Powerful and Underused Local Search Marketing Strategies 4 Proven Ways for Healthcare to Do Well with Social Media 4 Questions You Should Ask Your Digital Marketing Partners 4 Reasons Smaller QSR Chains Can Deliver Bigger Changes to Satisfy Customers 4 Reasons Travel Brands Will be Flying High in 2016 4 Reasons Why Blogging is Critical for Your Hospital 4 Reasons Why CEOs Need to Care About Digital Marketing 4 Reasons Why Luxury Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore Online Video 4 Reasons Why Real Voices on the Phone Are Important to Online Sales 4 Research Reports That Can Build and Boost Your Brand Image 4 SEO Secrets for Boosting Online Engagement and Search Rankings 4 SEO Tools You Just Can’t Live Without in 2015 4 Steps to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization [Infographic] 4 Tactics for Optimizing Your Retargeting Strategy 4 Things Highly Effective B2B Content Marketers Do Differently 4 Tips for Controlling and Coping with a Hotel’s Social Media Crisis 4 Tips for Using Images in Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing 4 Trade-Offs for Major Trade Show Booth Mistakes 4 Travel Trends Arriving Through 2015 4 Tricks for Better Clicks with B2B Search Ads 4 Truths About B2B Display Advertising 4 Vital Trends Affecting Healthcare Marketing 4 Ways 3D Printing Will Transform Commerce 4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Update Search and SEO 4 Ways Companies Can Consumerize Their B2B Marketing Strategies 4 Ways Credit Unions Can Invest in Big Data for Revenue 4 Ways For Brands to Catch Up and Keep Up on Social Media 4 Ways Healthcare Companies Can Make Patients Feel Like a Priority 4 Ways Healthcare Marketers Need to Treat the Patient 4 Ways Sales Reps Can Respond to the Need for Email Response 4 Ways to Build Good Media Relationships 4 Ways to Figure Out Social Media Marketing ROI 4 Ways to Go Interactive to Actively Engage Trade Show Attendees 4 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing More Creative 4 Ways to Survive and Succeed in Content Marketing Today 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Hospitality Marketing Strategies 4 Ways to Use Brand Storytelling in Your Content Marketing 4 Ways to Use Digital Data to Better Target Ad Campaigns 4 Ways to Use Instagram to Get “In” with Millennials 4 Ways to Win at Mobile Marketing and Loyalty in 2017 44% of Marketers Mix and Match Media Using 3 or More Channels at Once 4A’s Conference Asks Agencies To Welcome New Technologies 4As Issues Guides for Brand Ads in Face of Political Advertising Onslaught 5 Big Changes That Will Reshape the Healthcare Marketing Landscape Forever 5 Big Healthcare Digital Advertising Trends 5 Big Marketing Budget Mistakes To Avoid [Infographic] 5 Big Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018 [Infographic] 5 Brands That Prove the Power of Social Proof 5 Business-To-Business Marketing Trends You Need to Understand to Succeed in 2012 5 Companies with Twitter Strategies Worth Following 5 Credit Union Marketing Trends for 2017 [Infographic] 5 Critical Changes Healthcare Marketers Must Make for Healthy Outcomes 5 Critical Ways to Make Your Healthcare Marketing Speak to Hispanics 5 Crowdfunding Tips to Help Non-Profits Earn a Crowd of Support 5 Demographic Trends Changing the Face and Future of Marketing 5 Digital Advertising Trends to Be Thankful for This Year 5 Digital Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Politics 5 Display Advertising Strategies You Can’t Afford to Ignore 5 E-Commerce Offers Customers Love 5 E-Commerce Trends That Brands Should Buy Into 5 Enterprise Examples of Inbound Marketing 5 Fact-Based Reasons to Use Content Marketing Over Native Advertising 5 Factors Aiming to Redefine Ad Retargeting in 2014 5 Factors That Make Meetings Planners “Book It” to Hotels 5 Factors Upgrading and Updating the Travel Marketing Landscape 5 Facts You Need to Know About Twitter 5 Fascinating Findings on U.S. Hispanic Media Habits 5 Fascinating Ways Social Media Has Become an Anchor for News 5 Foolproof Ways to Make Video Play into More Business 5 Franchising Categories to Follow for 2014 5 Global Advertising Trends Every Marketer Should Watch 5 Healthcare Brands with Healthy Social Media Marketing Strategies 5 Helpful Twitter Tips for Your Healthcare Marketing 5 Impacts of Facebook’s Open Graph on Social Media Marketing in 2013 5 Important Ways Social Media Will Boost Your Brand’s Value 5 Insights into Global Social Media in 2012 [Infographic] 5 Inspired Ideas for Infographics 5 Key Areas to Focus On to Boost E-Commerce Conversions 5 Key Credit Union Marketing Trends for 2018 5 Key Social Media Strategies for Multi-Location Businesses 5 Lessons from Companies That are Crushing It in Mobile Commerce 5 Local Business SEM Tips You’ll Love 5 Local Marketing Errors Healthcare Brands Can’t Make 5 Marketing Trends to Help Hospitals and Physicians Thrive 5 Messaging Strategies of Successful Branding Firms 5 Mobile Advertising Strategies That Work 5 Modern-Day Myths About Digital Marketing 5 Must-Know Holiday Marketing Trends for Brands 5 Persuasive Influencer Marketing Trends for 2017 5 Pioneering Health Apps for the Apple Watch 5 Public Relations Rules For The Social Media Age 5 Reasons Why Call Tracking is Essential to Digital Marketing Success 5 Reasons Why Hyperlocal Marketing Is All About Mobile 5 Reasons Why Yesterday’s Marketing Won’t Work On Today’s Millennials 5 Restaurant Industry Trends to Watch in 2014 5 Simple Social Media Fixes for Bank and Credit Union Marketers 5 Social Media Predictions for 2017 [Infographic] 5 Songs That Musicians Sued To Keep Out of TV Ads [Video] 5 Steps for Marketing on Social Media with Video Testimonials 5 Steps to Connect with the Correct Social Media for Your Brand 5 Strategies to Make Your Remarketing Provide Many Returns 5 Surprising Retailers Lighting Up Social Media This Holiday Season 5 Tactics to Improve the ROI of AdWords Search Network Campaigns 5 Tactics to Make the Most of Your Search Network AdWords Campaigns 5 Things Every Brand Needs to Know About Marketing to Dads [Infographic] 5 Things Every Marketer Should Be Thankful for This Year [Infographic] 5 Things Local Businesses Need to Know About Google Reviews 5 Things Marketers Should Give Thanks For 5 Things Travel Brands Should Do to Optimize Their Mobile Presence 5 Tips For Using The New LinkedIn Company Pages 5 Tips to Transform Your Brand into a Creator and Catalyst of Change 5 Top Tips for Social Media Marketing Spending This Holiday Season 5 Top Trends for Health & Wellness Marketers in 2014 5 Trends Transforming Tomorrow’s Digital Advertising 5 Virtual Reality Marketing Campaigns That Got a Really Big Response 5 Vital Marketing Tips to Protect the Health of a Healthcare Brand 5 Vital Ways to Dial up the Healthcare Call Center Experience 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Improving Healthcare 5 Ways Brands Can Use Pinterest to Boost Consumer Engagement 5 Ways for Hotels to Increase Bookings without Resorting to Flash Sales – Hotel Marketing 5 Ways Healthcare Brands Are Effectively Using Location-Based Marketing 5 Ways Hotels Can Keep Up with High-Tech Hospitality Trends 5 Ways Marketers Can Use Snapchat to Snap Up Engagement 5 Ways Millennials Are Changing the Face and Future of Consumer Marketing 5 Ways Millennials Get First-Class Travel Treatment Today 5 Ways Mobile Can Help Travel Brands Go Farther 5 Ways Mobile Shoppers Reach Stores by Reaching for their Smartphones 5 Ways Start-Ups are Using Vine, Twitter’s Video-Looping App 5 Ways to Connect Your Social Media, Blogs, and Email 5 Ways To Ensure The Integrity Of Your Green Advertising Claims 5 Ways to Make Email Calls to Action Get More of a Reaction 5 Ways to Operate a Better Healthcare Blog 5 Ways to Really Improve Your Real-Time Marketing 5 Ways to Transform Your Adwords Account in Under an Hour 5 Ways to Welcome More Travel Bookings 50 Percent of Web Sales to Occur via Social Media by 2015 [Infographic] 50 Ways to Link to Leads Through Social Media 50% of Consumers Value a Brand’s Facebook Page More Than Its Website [Infographic] 6 B2B Marketing Trends That Mean Business in 2017 6 Big Takeaways from This Year’s TV Upfronts 6 Biggest Branding Trends Driving Business and Buying in 2016 6 Content Marketing Secrets Worth Sharing 6 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Vine for Healthcare Marketing 6 Digital Marketing Trends to Budget for Now [Infographic] 6 Email Best Practices for Travel Brands 6 Email Marketing Best Practices for Healthcare Brands 6 Engaging Social Media Marketing Campaigns That Delivered Results 6 Essential Tips for Growing Your Followers on Pinterest 6 Key Digital Marketing Trends to Budget for in 2017 6 Keys to the Future of Big Data in Healthcare Marketing 6 Links To Store Success For E-Commerce Retailers 6 Mobile Apps Restaurant Owners Should Know About – Restaurant Marketing 6 Mobile Site Metrics You Should Be Watching 6 Most Transformative Trends In Online Marketing 6 New Hotel Trends for 2017 That Are Here to Stay 6 New Twitter Updates Worth Tweeting About 6 Reasons Why Facebook Is Essential for Hospitality Marketing 6 Reasons Why Organic Social Marketing Still Matters for Brands 6 Steps for Inbound Marketing Success 6 Surprising Brands on Board with Pinterest for Social Media Marketing 6 Tips for Creating More-Social Videos 6 Tips for Successful Showings at Trade Shows 6 Tips for Tapping Twitter for B2B Leads 6 Travel Trends Driving Travelers Out of Town in 2016 6 Trends Sending Email Marketing Toward Tomorrow 6 Trends That Tell Where Mobile Marketing is Moving in 2014 6 Ways Healthcare Marketers Can Strengthen Their Content Marketing 6 Ways Online Video Can Boost Business For E-Commerce 6 Ways to Dial Up Your Call Center Performance to Ring in Satisfaction and Sales 6 Ways to Make Your Company More Mobile-Minded 6 Ways to Use Video to Get People Buzzing About Your Brand 7 B2B Marketing Fallacies and the True Road to Results 7 Big Design Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media 7 Billion: Are You Typical? – National Geographic Magazine 7 Challenges Healthcare Marketers Must Survive in 2017 7 Consumer Trends Ringing In & Ringing Up Holiday Purchases 7 Corporate Travel Trends to Add to Your Agenda 7 Fresh Ideas for Your Brand’s Holiday Social Media Posts 7 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Follow for Better Outcomes in 2017 7 Mistakes Multi-Location Marketers Should Avoid 7 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020 7 Profit-Boosting Trends for 2016 That Hotels Can’t Afford to Ignore 7 Quick Tips for Better Video SEO 7 Reasons Why Emoticons Make Brands Smile 7 Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make for 2017 [Infographic] 7 Social Media Brand Values that Customers Value 7 Steps for Analyzing Your Analytics Team’s Value 7 Tactics Every Digital Marketer Should Learn to Love in 2018 7 Things Every Employee Must Know About Marketing 7 Things You Must Know Now for Google Authorship 7 Things Your Interactive Agency Should Be Doing for Your Brand 7 Tips for Succeeding with Instagram Marketing 7 Travel Marketing Trends Worth Exploring in 2017 7 Ways Independent Hotels Can Stay on Top If a Big Brand Arrives Nearby 7 Ways Mobile Devices Have Changed E-Commerce 7 Ways That B2B Brands Can Leverage LinkedIn 7 Ways to Improve Your Email Subject Lines [Infographic] 7 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing Deliver Results in 2017 7 Ways to Open Up a Better Survey Email Response 7 Ways To Optimize Your Content For Social Sharing 76 Percent Of Consumers Want Ease In Website Design 8 Amazing Emerging Technologies from 2011 8 Branding Tactics Marketers Can Learn from Literary Legend Mark Twain 8 Deep-Rooted Reasons We Love Lists 8 Email Marketing Tactics Every Brand Should Embrace 8 Enhancements You Should Know About When Advertising on Twitter 8 Google Analytics Reports Every CEO Should Read 8 Healthcare Marketing Trends Prescribed for 2015 8 Hot Real Estate Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018 8 Hotel Marketing Tips for Snapping Up More Instagram Followers 8 Key Trends Content Marketers Should Tap for 2015 8 Lifesaving Tips for Getting Your Practice on the First Page of Google Search Results 8 Predictions for SEO in 2012 8 Raciest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time 8 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day is a Heartfelt Gift to Businesses 8 Social Media Numbers That Will Rock Your Business 8 Ways Digital Will Improve B2B Sales in 2012 8 Ways Marketers are Changing Their Budgets in 2015 8 Ways Storytelling Makes Consumers Listen to a Brand 8-Point Checklist: Turn Your Social Media Marketing Into a Profit Center [Infographic] 9 Big Graphic Design Trends to Watch 9 Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019 9 Hot Summer Travel Trends for 2019 [Infographic] 9 Local Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019 9 Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make for 2019 9 Signs Your Business Needs to Rebrand 9 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019 9 Steps for Leveraging SEM to Increase Patient Volume at Your Hospital 9 Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019 9 Ways Digital Marketing Affects the Outcome of Healthcare Campaigns 9 Ways Facebook Can Bring Brands More Holiday Engagement 94 Percent of Teachers Say Students Equate “Research” with Using Google and Other Search Engines A 13-Step Road Map for How to Go Hyper-Local A 6-Step Plan for Making Your Rewards Program More Social A Brief Look at the History of Modern Advertising A Brief Look At The Long Ad Trend A Case Study in Social Media Demographics [Infographic] A Celebratory Look at How Pantone Has Colored the Last 50 Years [Infographic] A Closer Look At How Content Drives Site Traffic A Deep Dive into the Internet Meme [Infographic] A Fork in the Digital Road: Why Google and Microsoft Split on Wearable Tech A Good Hand Meant a Great Deal at the 2014 Havana Nights Charity Poker Tournament A Graphic Look at the Evolution of Corporate Logos [Infographic] A Guide to Color and Color Technology A Guide to Generational Social Media Behavior A Guide to Mobile-First Design A Guide to the New World of Digital Video Advertising A Guide To Using Images On Facebook: The Shift to Visual Optimization A Guide to YouTube Branding A Look at How Email Marketing is Alive and Well [Infographic] A Look Inside StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery [Infographic] A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest [Video] A Marketer’s Guide To Pinterest: Pin It To Win It [Infographic] A Marketer’s Guide to Retargeting on Facebook [Infographic] A Marketer’s Guide to the iGeneration A Marketer’s Guide to Wearable Tech A Marketer’s Survival Guide for the Digital Age A Marketing Must-Have for the Holidays: Retargeting on Facebook’s News Feed A Metrics Miracle A New Kind of Branding Spin A New MDVIP Campaign Is Just What The Doctor Ordered A Quick Scan Of Successful QR Codes A Rebrand For Benetrends A Retail Wrap-Up of Holiday Shopping Season Stats A Retargeting Review for Marketers to Follow A Round of Applause for the Managing Director of Round Hill Hotel & Villas A Salute to the Most Patriotic American Brands A Search Engine Perspective On Web Content A Showcase of the Top 10 Product Placements of the Past Decade A Snapshot of Snapchat A Snapshot of the Best Times to Post on Instagram A Taste of How Millennials View Online Restaurant Reviews A Very Appy Thanksgiving for Travel Consumers A View Of Today’s Video Consumer A Virtual Rivalry For The Coveted Cover Of Rolling Stone A Wealth of Wisdom on Using Rich Snippets to Boost SEO AARP Advocating Why Boomers are Still a Boon to Advertisers Activia Ad Starring Shakira Shakes Up Viral Video History to Become Most-Shared Commercial Ever Ad Campaign Displays In-Store Pinterest Pins in Retail Way Ad Retargeting Is on the Rise, Especially on Facebook Exchange Adding A Golden Touch To A Green Card Opportunity Adobe Celebrates Photoshop’s 25th Birthday with Oscar-Worthy TV Spot Ads in Super Bowl’s Digital ‘Second Screen’ Nearly Sold Out Ads on Maps and Navigation Apps: What Brands Need to Know Ads Will Cover World’s Fastest Wi-Fi Coverage in New York City Advancing Social Media From Talk to Action Advancing Social Media From Talk to Action- Part 2 Advertisers Are Channeling Their TV Ad Budgets Toward Online Video Advertisers Have Good Fun and Great Success with April Fools’ Day Pranks Advertisers, You Need YouTube [Infographic] Advertisers, You Need YouTube [Video Infographic] ADVERTISING AGE: Book of Tens: Best Media/Marketing Tech Innovations of the Decade Advertising Budgets 2016: 4 Trends You Need To Know [Infographic] Advertising Climate Change – A Study Of Green Ads Advertising Industry Debuts Digital Measurement Principles Advertising Week 2012 NYC: In Retrospect Advertorials vs. Native Advertising: Which Sells Best for Your Brand? Affluent Consumers in 2018: Demographics and Spending Habits Affluents Are Heavy Social Networkers, Both Online And Offline AFS Financial Consulting Experts: We’re making the Net work for an accounting network Agencies And Clients Need To Intensify Customer Bonds Amazon Delivers Social Shopping to Twitter with #AmazonCart Amazon’s Destinations Portal Offers New Site to Browse and Book Travel America’s Favorite Spokescharacters Americans Spend As Much Time Online As Watching TV Amp Up Sales With Background Music An Engaging Look at How Geeky Guys Propose [Infographic] An Exhilarating Experience Was Had By All, Courtesy Of MDG & Tesla Motors An Eye-Opening Look at How Google Glass Functions [Infographic] An Inside Look at How Banks and Credit Unions are Investing in Digital Marketing An Inside Look At Innovators’ Insight An Interview with IAB’s Randall Rothenberg An Intriguing Teaser Advertising Campaign Isn’t Always the Smartest Move Analytics Will Treat the Healthcare Market to $33.5 Billion Anheuser-Busch Takes a More Provocative Position with Its New Super Bowl Ads Another Win For Flat Design As Facebook Logo and Site Icons Get A Fresh New Look Anti-Smoking Billboard Coughs Up the Truth About Smoking Apple Has Developed a Remedy for Medical Record Requests Apple Named Top Brand Apple OS X Mountain Lion Integrates Facebook and Twitter | Social Media Apple Regains Its Polish to Top List of World’s Most Valuable Brands Apple Sued by Man Over Porn at the Core of His Divorce Apple’s iRadio Streaming Service Predicted to Protect iTunes Apple’s New Long Copy Ads Return to the Heart of its Design Philosophy April Fools’ Day is Serious Business for Advertisers Are Americans Saluting American Products? Are Brands Snapping Up Snapchat’s Full Marketing Potential? Are Marketers on Target with the Targeting of Millennials? Are Multimedia Text Messages the Future of Mobile Marketing? Are Paid Search Ads a Form of Native Advertising? Are Traditional Media Outlets Old News for Today’s News Needs? Are TV Stations Losing Their TV News Audience to Facebook? Are Women Influenced by Influencer Marketing? Are You Guilty of These 7 Major Social Media Mistakes? Are You in the Loop About Instagram’s Looping Videos? Are You Making Patients a Priority? [Infographic] Are You Making These 5 Holiday Remarketing Mistakes? Are You Making These 8 Hashtag Mistakes Right Now? Are Young Adults Tuning Out from TV? Art Basel Miami Beach attracts 46,000 visitors Art lovers, rejoice! Art Meets Science: The Dual Role of the Modern Marketer [Infographic] Art Museum Marketing: “Elvis at 21” Coming Soon to the Boca Raton Museum of Art Art Museum Marketing: Everyone’s All Shook Up Over Elvis At The Boca Raton Museum Of Art As Google Hummingbird Takes Flight, Content Marketers Should Take Note As Smartphones Become Mobile Healthcare Aids, Ads May Follow Asia-Pacific Accounts for One-Third of World Mobile Ad Spend At Advertising Week, the Vital Role of Digital Marketing AT&T AdWorks Hunts Down Multiscreen Viewers AT&T Nets Basketball Stars for N.C.A.A. TV Ads Attack of the Zombie Marketing Channels! 4 Declared-Dead Tactics That Are Still Going Strong [Infographic] Audi Super Bowl Ad Claims First Use of Twitter Hashtag Auto Online Advertising Spend to Rise 39 Percent in 2012 Automotive Advertisers Comprise 12 Percent Of Twitter Q1 Revenue B2B Marketing 2016: 5 Digital Must-Dos [Infographic] Baby Boomer Travelers: What Marketers Need to Know [Infographic] Back to School 2019: 7 Trends to Watch [Infographic] Back-to-School Shopping Behavior: What Marketers Need to Know Backing Indie Bands To Sell Cars Band-Aid is the Brand Loved Most by Moms Banking Study Shows How Consumers are Invested in their Mobile Devices Banks and Credit Unions are Banking on Digital Marketing Barbie Plays to Fans with @BarbieStyle Instagram Account Bazaarvoice On Blogging, Customer Love, and Selling Social to the C-Suite Beacons Signal Exciting Opportunities for Travel Brands Behavio, the Social Prediction Startup, Links Up with Google Behavioral Data is a Powerful Untapped Marketing Asset Believable Branding: What Form of Brand Messaging Do Consumers Buy Into? [Infographic] Benjamin Moore Launches Socially Responsible Advertising Campaign to Revitalize Cities and Towns Across North America Bertolli Cooks Up Celebrity Chef iPad App Best and Worst Ads of 2011 Best Metrics For Measuring Your Social Media Marketing ROI Best of Boca 2010 Best Tips for Designing Email in 2013 Best Ways to Connect Online And Offline Marketing Beyond Mass Customization Beyond The Tweet – The Role Of The Community Manager Big Brands Tap Facebook Data for Local Gift Cards Big Data is Making a Big Impact on Hospitality Marketing in 2016 Big Data is the Secret Ingredient in Restaurant Advertising Big Pharma Benefits from New Opportunities with the New Healthcare Act Bigger Online Ads Hope To Draw TV Dollars Biggest Brands Dominate Social Media Impressions Billboards Breathe New Life into Michigan Hospitals Bing Rejects Google on Valentine’s Day Bing Tunes into Facebook Signals for New Bing Social Sidebar Updates Black Friday’s Powerful New Threat: Your Phone Blake Griffin Nets A Slam-Dunk For Kia Bloody Marketing Battle Rages on for Video Game Sales This Holiday Season BMW Projection Promo Turns Today’s Cars into Future Cars BMWi8 Speeds Out Three Hot Spots by Director Gus Van Sant Boca Museum Starts Monthly Creation Station Boca Raton Chamber Toasts Trustees At The Holidays Boca Raton Museum of Art Draws Crowds for Final Weekend of Two Major Exhibits Bonding Over Food Takes on a New Meaning with Millennials Booming Boomers Boost Your Brand With Video Blogging Boosting Brand Trust Through Paid Search Engine Marketing Brand Loyalty Has Carried Krispy Kreme for 75 Years Brands Move to Music to Get in Tune with Younger Audiences Brands Prepare To Expand Their Domains Brands Race for a Place in Endurance Competitions Brands Test Ad Targeting Technology at the Store Shelf Brands to Be More Human in 2014 Breaking News – Max Planck Florida Institute Is Breaking Ground Breaking News On The Value Of Newspaper Ads Bucharest Subway Station Turned into Digital Library Budweiser Gives Viewers a Taste of Super Bowl Ads on Tap Burt’s Bees Promotes Intense Hydration with Creative Billboard, Video Businesses Continue Shift To Digital Advertising BuzzFeed Scores with Adorable “Dear Kitten” Super Bowl Ad By the Numbers: Facebook vs The United States [Infographic] Bye, Bye Waterfall: 5 Steps to Implementing Responsive Web Design Cadillac Dared to Debut New Ads in #DareGreatly Campaign at Oscars Campaign ROI Isn’t the Only Game in Town Campbell’s Cans Salute Warhol’s Iconic Soup Art [Branding] Campbell’s Soup Goes “All In” on Marketing to Millennials Can Brands Market on Facebook Without Actually Spending Money on Advertising? Can Credit Unions Profit from Social Media? Can Digital Technology Breathe New Life into Healthcare Marketing? Can Facebook Get People Really Excited Over Virtual Reality? Can Facebook’s “App For Everything” Change Everything in Social Media? Can Social Media Beef Up the Image of McDonald’s Food? Can Your Small Business Benefit from Big Data? Candy Brands Step Up Halloween Marketing Car Wars: Infiniti Battles Lexus In The Social Media World Carls Patio Brings MDG to the Table for Major Marketing Push Carls Patio Launches Fifth & Shore, MDG Builds the Brand Carlsberg Brews Up a Beer-Dispensing Billboard Catvertising – People Want Cat Videos Cavallino Classic Ferrari Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary at The Breakers Palm Beach CBS Proposes New TV Planning Model CBS Sees ‘EcoAd’ Offer Gaining Traction Century 21 Brings Home Relevant Real-Time Marketing Campaigns Century 21 Moved into YouTube Home Page to Spring into Home-Buying Season Chandon Tastes Sparkling Success with Millennials Through Instagram Check In On the Digital Hotel Marketing Trends for 2014 [Infographic] Check Out How Even One Bad Online Review Can Damage a Hotel Check Out the Craziest, Coolest, and Most Creative Ads of 2016 Check Out This Improbably Pretty Data Visualization of TV Ad-Airing Strategies Check Up on the Effect of the Audience Economy on Healthcare Media Check Up On Ways That Mobile Technology is Reviving Healthcare Cheerios Trades the Breakfast Bowl for the Super Bowl Cheezburger Builder Turns Facebook Photos into Memes Chevy Celebrates 100 Years Chipotle Creates Buzz with Another Acclaimed Animated Film and New Online Game Chipotle Treats Diners to Halloween Promotion About Dangers of Food Additives Choice Hotels Uses Charitable Voice To Play Up Its Brand Name Chrysler Brands Its Street And Racing Technology (SRT) Program Classic American Baseball Icon Scores With Social Media Clearing Up the Natural Confusion About Native Advertising Cleveland Clinic’s Blog Results In Revenue And Brand Awareness Clever Tactics Track Flu Outbreaks for More Effective Media Buying CMOs Tapping into Social Data for Consumer Insight [Social Media Marketing] CNN Links with Twitter to Make News Short and Tweet Coca-Cola Brings Back Surge Due to Social Media Demand Coca-Cola Captures Kindness with Security Cameras [Video] Coca-Cola Celebrates 125th Anniversary With Global Advertising Campaign Coca-Cola Gets In Tune With Teens Coca-Cola Grows A Green Billboard Coca-Cola Spreads Happiness Via Video Coca-Cola’s Refreshing Social Media Strategy Coke Targets Teens And Mobile With First All-Digital Campaign Coke Warms Up Summer with Foursquare and Paul McCartney Coke Zero and Other Brands Score Buzz with March Madness Promotions [Video] Coke Zero’s Drinkable Billboard Scores with Basketball Fans Coke’s New Television Ad Campaign Confronts Soda’s Link to Obesity Coldplay’s Lessons for Global Marketing Color Matters [Infographic] Coming Soon to the Boca Raton Museum: Cut! Costume and the Cinema Common Mistakes in Green Advertising Competing with Amazon: 5 Things E-Commerce and Retail Firms Need to Know Computer-Generated Images are Changing the Look of Advertising ComScore Reports That Viewing Facebook Content Makes People More Likely to Buy Condé Nast Study Finds Magazine Readership Growing Among Millennials Connect to the Best 2017 Digital Marketing Trends Consumer Packaged Goods Companies Step Up Their Mobile Marketing Game Consumer Trend Toward Online Medical Search Makes Web Presence Critical for Healthcare Brands Consumerism is Changing How Patients Shop for Healthcare Consumers and Branded Content: A Love Story [Video Infographic] Consumers Can Now Use Twitter to Book Rooms at Loews Hotels Consumers Like Social Media As Feedback Forum Consumers See Social Media as Direct Link to Customer Service Contemporary Art Fair Marketing: Art Miami VIP Preview Content Curation Best Practices Content is the Biggest Trend at Fashion Week Content Marketing: Go from Zero to Hero in 2017 Conversion Tracking: Don’t be Afraid to Use It Conversions And Clicks By The Clock Copywriting for Beginners Corporate Greenwashing Videos Could Reddit Be the World’s Most Influential Website? Count On Mom Bloggers For Social and Environmental Support—And Votes Coupon Volume Drops for First Time in Years Coverall announces the opening of the first Coverall Master Franchise in the Nordic countries Coverall Garners Accolades from World Franchising Network and Military Times EDGE Magazine for Military Vet Franchising Opportunities Coverall Video – Dirty Truth Crafting A Smart Strategy To Build Customer Loyalty Create Brand Superfans Creating Healthcare Content That’s Both Ubiquitous and Customized Creative Online Video Ads Use TV Advertising Strategies Creative Outdoor Advertising is Alive and “Wall” at Ikea Creative Ways Brands Can Engage Customers in Product Development Creative Writing Resources for Beginners Creativity is Just What the Doctor Ordered in Preventative Healthcare Credit Union Advertising: MDG Makes Multimedia Movie Magic With IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union’s Auto Loan Promotion. First In A Series Of Eight. Credit Union Advertising: MDG Makes Multimedia Movie Magic With IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union’s Mortgage Promotion. Second In A Series Of Eight. Credit Union Marketing Budgets for 2019: 4 Trends to Watch Credit Union Marketing: IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union Auto Loan Promotion Exceeds Expectations! Credit Union Marketing: MDG Hits A Grand Slam for IBM Southeast Employees’ Credit Union Credit Union Marketing: MDG Makes Multimedia Movie Magic With IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union’s Certificate Promotion. Third In A Series Of Eight. Credit Union Marketing: MDG Makes Multimedia Movie Magic With IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union’s Savings Promotion. Fifth In A Series Of Eight. Crowdsourcing Iceland’s Constitution through Facebook and Twitter Cyber Monday 2015: 3 Things Marketers Should Expect Cyber Monday Rings Up Record Holiday Sales Dads Feel Like the Black Sheep of the Family in Family Marketing Dairy Queen Hopes for Summer Sales Love in NYC with Limited-Time Offers Data Diagnosed as the New Creative in Healthcare Marketing Data Points: Brand Friends David Beckham to Star in First Shopping-Enabled Super Bowl Ad DealDash Tops Facebook’s List of Top 10 Worldwide Brands by Absolute Number Measured by PTAT Dental Care Alliance CFO Recognized as 2014 CFO of the Year Design Data to Read Better by Connecting Concepts to Colors Design Matters: What Marketers Need to Know About Color and Typography [Infographic] Design Secrets of the Top 10 Most-Memorable Logos Developing Content From The ABC’s Of Journalism Device Fingerprinting Could Make The Cookie Crumble Did $3 Billion Cyber Monday Ring Up a Record for Sales? Did JetBlue’s Incredible Edible Ad Take Off with Consumers? Did You Get Your Slice of the Thanksgiving SEM Pie? Diet Coke Gets A Refreshing Fall Style Diet Coke Shares Real Love by Retweeting Fans’ Real Love Notes Digital Ads Drive Purchase Decisions of Auto Shoppers Digital Advertising, Not Tenants, Powers Times Square Office Building Digital And Social Gaming Become A Billion Dollar Business Digital Deals Link TV, Mobile And Retail Digital Marketers: Obsessed With the New Media, But Investing In the Old Digital Marketing – What Makes a Video Go Viral? Digital Marketing Delivered Some Unexpected Results in 2016 Digital Marketing Finds a Friend in Pinterest Digital Platforms Power Outdoor Advertising Revenues Sky-High Digital Video Ads Expected to Hit $5 Billion by 2016 Direct Marketing Association Survey Shows Snail Mail, Phone Beat Digital in Response Rates Discover Coca-Cola’s Secret Formula for a Winning World Cup Logo Design Discover How The Look Of Your Logo Both Colors and Shapes Perception [Infographic] Discover How to Choose and Use Voice Search or Text Search Discover Today’s Top Trends in Travel Search Disney is Entertaining the Idea of Acquiring YouTube Multichannel Network Maker Studios Display’s the Thing Do Big Brands See Big Business in Video for Digital Advertising? Do Brands and Marketers See a Future in Snapchat Spectacles? Do Healthcare Marketing Experts Feel Good About Industry Changes? Do Marketers Notice the Need to Optimize Mobile Messaging? Do Millennials Worldwide Really Trust Advertising Today? Do Shoppers Like to Buy Online and Pickup in Stores? Do You Know the 7 Factors That Will Matter in Marketing in 2017? Do You Know the Best Ways to Market to Millennials? Do You Know the Key Metrics in Hotel Marketing? Do You Really Know How to Make Consumers Engage with Content? Do You Really Know How to Market Healthcare to Millennials? Do YouTube Videos Need to Be Short? Not Necessarily. Doctors Tap into Photo Sharing for Healthcare with Figure 1 Mobile App Does Instagram Really Matter in Travel Marketing? Does Responsive Web Design Hurt Search Rankings? Domino’s Delivers Email Promo Codes in its Digital Dollars Campaign Domino’s Mobile App Lets You Order Off a Billboard Don’t Let Social Media Slip-Ups Give Your Brand a Bad Name Don’t Sabotage Your Success By Snubbing Today’s Most Vital Marketing Tool Doritos Launches Global Marketing Campaign Dos And Don’ts Of Instagram For Building A Business Dos Equis Gives New Meaning to Mobile Marketing Dove’s #RealStrength Ad is a Little Bundle of Fatherhood Joy Dove’s 3-Minute Video Goes Viral, Becoming the Most-Watched Ad of All Time Doves Dares to Bare Our Views on Beauty in a New Short Film Drive Up Sales & Satisfaction by Revving Up Social Media Customer Service Driving-Dogs Ad Campaign Drives Up Adoption of Shelter Dogs in New Zealand [Video] Duke Neurobiologist Named CEO and Director of Max Planck Florida Institute’s Department of Cortical Circuit Function Dunkin’ Donuts Scores Sponsorship With ESPN Duracell Brings Charging Stations to Battery Park After Hurricane Sandy Duracell Unveils a Powerful Ad Featuring Deaf NFL Player, Derrick Coleman Dynamic Ads, Dynamic Results: Facebook Is Expanding Retargeting Dynamic Creative: How Advertising Is Being Transformed E-Commerce Survival Guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday eBay, Tech Old-Timer at 17, Unveils Revamped Logo | Branding Eco-Friendly Ads May Grow On You Eco-Minded Advertising: Part of Waste Problem is Now Part of Solution Effective Content Marketing Is The Result Of Efficient Production Eight Key Lessons on Running a Top-Notch A/B Testing Program Eight lessons from the life and work of Jack LaLanne Eight Points To Ponder Before Launching A Location-Based Effort Eight Principles Of Advertising Ethics Ellen DeGeneres Secures Password Awareness with Wacky Infomercial [VIDEO] Ellen DeGeneres’s Star-Studded Selfie Beats All Retweets Email And Social Marketing: A Winning Combination Email Campaigns Deliver 4,300% ROI to Rate as Best Channel for ROI Email Delivery And Unsubscribe Rates Show Improvement Email Like It’s 2012, Not 1999 Email Open-and-Click Rates: Benchmarks and Trends in Email Marketing Embarrassing Yet Hilarious Outdoor and Print Advertising Placements eMusic Turns The Audio Into The Visual Engaging Healthcare Consumers For Better Results Even More Misplaced Ad Placements Evernote Links Up with LinkedIn to Make Business Connections More Convenient Evian Will Connect Your Fridge to the Internet with Smart Drop Evolution of Luxury Opens Door for Boutique Hotels Examine How Mobile Devices Have Become Critical in Managing Patient Care Examine the Top Trends in Healthcare Social Media Exciting Emerging Website Trends Expert Tips for Receiving Better Email Deliverability Rates [Infographic] Explore How Travel Was Trending on Instagram in July 2015 Explore The Top Trends In Hotel & Hospitality Marketing For 2015 Explore the World’s 10 Most Powerful Brands Extra-Special Ways to Win Over Online Shoppers on Valentine’s Day Face the Facts About Facial Recognition Technology Arriving in Retail Facebook “Like” Patterns Akin to Email Opt-Ins Facebook “Live” is Streaming to Bring You Face-to-Face with the Famous Facebook 3.0: How the Social Network Became a Content Platform Facebook Activity Up For Restaurant Brands Facebook Ad Growth Outpaces Search Marketing Facebook Ads Becoming Big Business for Small Businesses Facebook Ads vs. Paid Google Search (PPC): Which Should Your Brand Use? Facebook Advertising Reaches New Audiences with Messenger Ads Facebook and Google Are Gifts to 2016 Holiday Marketing Campaigns Facebook and Google Must Adapt as Users Embrace ‘Unsocial’ Networks [Social Media] Facebook and Google Plan to Provide Greater Internet Access via Drones Facebook and Twitter Have Never Turned So Red Facebook Announces Addition of Video to Instagram Facebook Announces Big Changes at f8 Facebook Answers All With A New Questions Feature Facebook Broadens its Social Network into a Mobile Ad Network Facebook Buys Microsoft’s Atlas Ad Campaign Service Facebook Can Be Good For Healthcare Marketers Facebook Celebrates its 10th Anniversary by Giving Users 62 Seconds of Fame Facebook Contributes “Donate Now” Button for Nonprofits’ Pages and Ads Facebook Debuts Embeddable Posts for Blogs and Websites Facebook Debuts Mobile Hashtag Support, Restaurant Reservations, and Improved iPad Timelines Facebook Displays New Tools for Developing Audience Network Native Ads Facebook Doubles Down on Size of News Feed Photos Facebook Downplays Significance of FTC Privacy Settlement in Light of New Privacy Accusations Facebook Enables Marketers to Tie Advertising Dollars to Consumer Purchasing Behavior Facebook Excites Advertisers With 100% In-View Impression Buying and Analytics Updates Facebook Expands Star Ratings for Businesses and Brands Facebook Finally Gets Hashtag Support Facebook Forecast for 2012 Facebook Gives Newspaper a New Look with Paper Facebook Goes to Work at the Office Facebook Home: The Winners and Losers Facebook Introduces Location-Based Ad Tool: “Location Aware Ads” Facebook is Redefining “Network News” with the Launch of FB Newswire Facebook is Right on the Money with Right-Hand Rail Redesign Facebook Kicks Off Sports Fan Hub to Stay Competitive in Super Bowl Facebook Lands a New Position with Social Jobs Partnership App Facebook Launches App Center and Lets You Sell Apps Facebook Launches First Mobile-Only Ad Product Facebook Launches its First Branded Stickers, Signaling Potential Sponsorship Opportunities Facebook Leads to Franchisee Leads Facebook Leads US Social Ad Spending To Billions Facebook Making a Healthy Move into Healthcare Facebook Messenger App Adds a Personal Connection to Online Shopping Facebook Mobile Users Surpass Desktop Users for First Time Facebook More Memorable Than Faces or Books Facebook Partners Say Exchange Increased Social Media Advertising ROI by Up to 20 Times Facebook Plans To Introduce iPad App Facebook Premieres Movie Rentals Facebook Prepares to Bring Video Ads to News Feeds, Aiming for TV Advertising Dollars Facebook Promotion Facts – What Marketers Must Know Facebook Proves Its Personal Value During Boston Marathon Crisis Facebook Registers Highest Social Logins on Retail Sites Facebook Remarketing 101: What Brands Need to Know Facebook Reportedly Will Launch a Snapchat-Like App Before End of 2012 Facebook Sends the Message That It is Purchasing WhatsApp for $19 Billion Facebook Set to Offer TV-Type Ads Facebook Sets Up “Send” Button To Promote Private Sharing Facebook Shares New Features for Both Brands and Users Facebook Shares the Big Picture on New 360-Degree Video Feature Facebook Shares the Future Face of Its Mobile Ads Facebook Shows 104 Percent Rise In Brand Campaigns Facebook Starts Service For Those Who “Like” Deals Facebook Status Dramatically Increases Organ Donor Registrations Facebook Takes on Google with Graph Search Facebook Testing New Mobile “Like” Icon and App Install Ads Facebook Testing New Way to Ease and Increase Mobile Link Sharing Facebook Timeline Rolls Out Facebook to Deliver Social Media for The New York Times and Others Facebook to Release Timeline for Brands This Month Facebook to Remove All FBML Apps on June 6 Facebook Tries Placing Ads That Arrive When You Arrive at Places Facebook Updates Its “Like” Link Facebook Updates its Status to a Successful Mobile Advertising Firm Facebook Upgrades Dynamic Product Ads for Travel Marketers Facebook Wants a Place to Work In the Workplace Facebook Wants to Put You on a Times Square Billboard Facebook-Plus-Instagram Can Benefit Media and Marketers Facebook-Sponsored Story Ads to Appear in the Web News Feed in 2012 Facebook: Guide To Best Practices For Social Marketers Facebook’s App-Install Ads Are Its Top Connection to Revenue Facebook’s Custom Audience Tool: A Guide for Brands Facebook’s Dilemma With Native iOS Apps – Relevance Or Revenues Facebook’s Expanded Premium Ad Unit Mixes Page Post Content with Social Context Facebook’s Favorite Luxury Brands Facebook’s Graph Search is Now Available to U.S. Users Facebook’s New Feature Can Identify and Share Users’ Songs and TV Shows Facebook’s New Nearby Friends Feature Helps Online Friends Connect Offline Facebook’s New Recommendations Feature: What Local Businesses Need to Know Facebook’s New Save Feature Lets Content Be Read Later and Last Longer Facebook’s New Update to Its News Feed Facebook’s New Watch Party Feature 101 Facebook’s New, Entirely Social Ads Will Re-Create Marketing Facebook’s Social Olympics Ambition, Explore London 2012: A Dedicated Athlete Portal with No Ads Factor In Foursquare To Build Business Facts and Figures Behind the Power of Facebook and Mobile Fastest-Growing Brands are ‘Ideal Driven’ Festive Frenzy : Most Searched Tech Gifts on Google [Infographic] Fiat’s “Motherhood” Online Video Ad Gets Mixed Reaction as It Goes Viral Fictional Characters In Food Advertising: They’re Grrrrreat! Fifty Shades of Grey Marketing Strategy Positions Novel as Fiction Phenomenon Financial Mobile Advertising Spend Up 314 Percent Find Amber Alerts on Facebook Find Out the Differences of Buzz, Viral, and Word-of-Mouth Marketing Find the Latest on Instagram’s Updated Explore and Search Features Five Challenges for Tomorrow’s Global Marketing Leaders | Digital Marketing Five Luxury Marketing Strategies Brands Can Learn from Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ Five Mobile Email Trends to Watch This Holiday Season [Infographic] Five Savvy Ways To Market To Millennials Five Strategies for Promoting Your Online Video Five Survival Strategies For Social Media Five Things To Consider When Creating Hospital Marketing Campaigns Five Things You Should Know About Advertising to Millennials Five Tips for Making Your Company Blog Worth Reading – Content Marketing Five Ways To Build Backlinks To Gain Traffic Five Ways To Emotionally Boost Tourism Brand Loyalty Five Ways To Retain Brand Consistency Across Social Media Flat Design is the Face of the Future Flipboard Makes It Fun to Create Catalog for Browsing and Buying Florida Artists Take Their Place In The Sun At The Boca Raton Museum Of Art Florida Regional Center Receives USCIS Approval Focus on Consumer Intent for More Effective Social Marketing Focus on These 5 Franchise Trends in 2014 Follow How Other Brands are Using Instagram to Click with Consumers Follow Instagram’s “Brand” New Video Advertising Following Fonts 101: What Marketers Need to Know [Infographic] Food for Thought: Chipotle Spices Up Its Cups and Bags with Short Stories Food Franchise Brands “Think Locally, Act Socially” to Engage Consumers For Brands, Social Media Marketing Shows Returns And Growing Demand for More Precise Metrics For Most Guests, It’s Inside the Hotel That Matters Ford Print Ad Features Optical Illusion Ford Puts the “Mobile” into Its Automobile Print Brochures Forecast is Bright for Affluent Summer Travel Forecasting The Next Decade Of Digital Marketing Four Tips for Designing Interactive Visualizations Four Tips for Developing A Healthy Relationship With Healthcare Consumers Four Ways To Develop Worthwhile B2B Customer Content Four Ways To Turn Your Social Media Fans Into Brand Boosters Foursquare Looks Toward Personalized Coupons to Generate Revenue Foursquare Maps Out the Future of Location Technology Foursquare Teams with Visa and MasterCard to Get You More Sign-In Deals Foursquare Testing Paid Promotions with Small Businesses in New York City Foursquare’s Redesign Makes Checking in Stickier and More Social FOX Sells Out TV Super Bowl Ads Franchise Marketing: Coverall Named As Finalist In The 2010 American Business Awards Franchise Marketing: Extreme Makeover, Fast Food Edition Franchise Marketing: It’s A Dirty Job And We’re Thrilled To Do It Franchise Marketing: Making a Cleaning Site Shine Brighter Franchise Marketing: Ready for a re-match? Coverall wants you back… Franchise Marketing: We’re taking Coverall on the road to help you steer clear of the flu Freeing Ford’s Logo from Debtor’s Prison Fresh Social Media Data Every Marketer Needs to Know From Action to Engagement: The Call to Action Comes of Age Fruit of the Loom’s GIFs Make Great Gifts for Father’s Day FTC Releases New Green Advertising Guides Gain the Power to Reach the Empowered African-American Woman Gap Gets A Fresh, Fun Makeover Gap is First Advertiser to Jump Aboard the MetroCard GE Proves its Staying Power as a Social Media Powerhouse Get An SEO Advantage With Your Bio Get More Green on Black Friday, Compliments of Remarketing Campaigns Get Schooled on How Mobile and Social Affect Back-to-School Shopping [Infographic] Get Set for Google’s Update by Making Your Website Mobile Friendly Get To Know Social Media Get Your Red Hots… Getting E-Retailers Ready For Online Holiday Sales Getting the Most Visibility for Your Valuable Content Global PPC Search Ad Spend Increases 15 Percent in Q1 on Higher Click Volume and Click-Through Rates GM Riles Up Corvette Nation with C7 ‘Vette Video Series [Video] Go Daddy Picks Bar Refaeli for Super Bowl Ad Goblins ‘n Stuff | Email Marketing Going Mobile: Leading Patients and Providers to mHealth [Healthcare Marketing] Good Beer, Good Cheer & Good Will with MDG Good Content Strategy Via Video Good Humor is Driving People to Tweet @GoodHumor for Sweet Treats Good Website Performance is the Link to a Great Web Experience for Consumers Good Will Meets Good Marketing as Gillette Joins in on Movember Campaign Google Adds +Post Ads to Let Brands Promote Their Google+ Posts as Interactive Promotions Google Adds Social Platform With +1 Google Announces Call Metrics And Bid-For-Calls Marketplace Google Begins To Broker Video Ads Google CPCs Continue to Decline While Yahoo/Bing’s Rise as Paid Search Spend Grows in Q1 Google Expects Ads to Pop Up Everywhere in the Future Google Facing Congressional Backlash Over Tracking Safari Users Google Gains $9 Billion In Quarterly Revenue Google Garners One Billion Unique Visitors In May Google Glass Arrives In Hospitality Marketing and It’s Here to Stay Google Goes For Lucrative Link With Local Ads Google is Bigger Than Ever Google is Tracking Down a Way to Assess Value of Online Ads on In-Store Sales Google Launches Knowledge Graph Carousel for Local Search Google Launches New Search Feature, Knowledge Graph Google Now Smart Search Service Expands to iPhone and iPad Users Google Offers Comes to iOS Google officially counts ‘Site Speed’ as a ranking factor – so what now? Google Outlines Three Online Advertising Trends Google Page Layout Algorithm and Penalty Google Pairs with Levi’s to Make Denim Digital Google Places Pages Entirely Replaced by Google+ Local Pages. How Will This Affect Your Business? Google Play Helps Cookie Monster Make His New Year’s Resolution Google Pops Up All Over NYC with New Site-Specific Ad Campaign Google Quantifies Display Advertising Trends Google Reveals Upcoming Changes to Search Algorithm Google Rolls Out Free Public WiFi in New York City’s Chelsea Neighborhood Google Search in 2017: 5 SEO Trends to Watch [Infographic] Google SERP Tests Show Which Links Travel Seekers Visit Google Takes on Facebook and Twitter with Google+ Sign-In Google Test Shows Paid Search Ads, Email Marketing Integration Google Ties Social Service Closer to Search Engine Google To Debut DoubleClick Mobile, Video For Publishers Google Turns To TV To Boost Its Browser Google Wants to Help with Updated Healthcare Information (and get ad clicks, too) Google Welcomes Brands To Google+ By Launching Pages And Direct Connect Google Will Change Web Marketing in 2012 Google’s +1 Button May Be Used For Re-Ranking Search Data Google’s Art, Copy and Code Initiative to Build Brands through Digital Innovation Google’s Diminishing Search Result Returns [Search Marketing] Google’s Great New Feature for Advertisers: Local Conversion Actions Google’s Jaw-Dropping Sponsored Post Campaign For Chrome Google’s March Updates: Anchor Text, Image Search, Navigational Search & More Google’s New Posts Feature: Everything Local Businesses Need to Know Google’s Next Revolution: AMP for Email Google’s Project Re:Brief [Video] Advertising Reimagined for Coca-Cola, Volvo, Alka-Seltzer and Avis Google’s Project Re:Brief—Alka-Seltzer’s Unforgettable TV Advertising Re-imagined for the Web [Video] Google’s Project Re:Brief—Avis’s Classic “We Try Harder” Campaign Reimagined as Digital Advertising [Video] Google’s Project Re:Brief—Coca-Cola’s Iconic Advertising Reimagined for the Internet [Video] Google’s Project Re:Brief—Volvo’s Classic Advertising Reimagined for the Internet [Video] Google’s Search Plus Your World: What It Means for Users Google’s Top Search Advertisers Spent $252 Million In Q1 Google+ Asks Brands To Postpone Profiles Google+ Gets On Board with Users’ Interests with Debut of Collections Google+ Launches Updated Profile Pages with Larger Cover Photos, Revamped Local Reviews, and “About” Tabs Google+ Local to Replace Places as Google Makes a Play for More Mobile Ad Dollars Google+ Now Has 100 Million Monthly Active Users on Desktop and Mobile – Social Media Got a Second to See How Snapchat Ads Can Momentarily Improve Your Life? Graphic Design and Photoshop Resources Great Creative, Properly Absorbed, Can Last A Lifetime Great Green Advertising Concepts Green Advertising – CBS Expands EcoAds’ Reach to Fund More Green Projects Green Advertising – Consumers Grow Wary of Natural Labels Green Advertising – Let Them Know You’re Green Green Advertising – New Report Predicts a Green World by 2020 Green Advertising – One Green Score to Rule Them All Green Advertising Can Help Financial Firms Prosper Green Advertising Goes For Shock Value Green Advertising Is Growing Fast Green Advertising Worldwide To Hit $3.5 Trillion In 2017 Green Advertising—On The Alert For Misleading Ads Green Advertising: Volkswagen Aims to Be Green and Mean Green Giant to Throw Giant N.Y. Veggie Pledge Event in NYC | Digital Marketing Grey Poupon Makes a Case for Favoritism on Facebook Growing Global Demand for Digital is Powering Consumer Usage Guerrilla Marketing Pops Up in Microsoft’s Promotion of New NYC Store Hallmark’s Mother’s Day Ads #PutYourHeartToPaper Go Beyond Clichés to Bring Tears Halloween Trending Data Shows Need to Optimize Content for Local and National Search Hands-Free Interactive Radio Advertising to Play to the Mobile Market Happy 25th Birthday, World Wide Web: How Many Americans Use You? Happy First Anniversary to a First-Class Hotel Harley-Davidson Sped Out Cycle of Periscope Media to Air 2016 Models Harmonizing Print Advertising and Digital Marketing Has Mobile Check-In Checked Out? Has YouTube’s Rewind Video Made Mainstream Culture a Memory? Hats Off to Arby’s for Its Heady Real-Time Remark to Pharrell Have Budweiser’s Super Bowl Puppies Ads Gone to the Dogs? Have Pets Made Luxury Hotels Go to the Dogs? Have You Heard About Google Music? Have You Heard How Social Listening Can Increase Sales? Have You Heard the News About Google’s New YouTube Newswire? Have You Seen How Much Visual Communication Now Matters in Marketing? [Infographic] Have You Seen Your Online Reputation? [Infographic] Health is at the Heart of the Apple vs. Google Smartphone War Healthcare 2012: Facing a Healthy Dose of Reality Healthcare Advertising: We’re Giving Spodak Dental Group Every Reason To Smile Healthcare Brands Using Pinterest to Improve Patient Education Healthcare Insurers Cover Members’ Needs by Investing in Mobile Apps Healthcare is Getting Personal…Trust Me Healthcare Marketers Must Care About Protecting Patient Privacy Healthcare Marketers’ Biggest Missed Online Opportunity Healthcare Marketers’ Biggest Mobile Mistake Healthcare Marketing – 9 Facebook Posts That Can Help Hospitals Connect with Patients Healthcare Marketing – Gamifying Dull Patient Forms Healthcare Marketing 2013: The Year of Digital Health Healthcare Marketing Budgets 2016: 5 Must-Watch Digital Trends [Infographic] Healthcare Marketing Calls For A Healthy Social Media Strategy Healthcare Marketing Data: Budget and Channel Trends Healthcare Marketing Tips for Physicians: 4 Things Every Patient is Looking For Healthcare Marketing: Social Media Users Want the Doctor to Be In…and Online Hear How Streaming Radio Will Soon Play to Fans of Traditional Radio Heard How Chatbots Are Changing Google and Microsoft Search? Heart-Stopping PSA Strives to Revive NYC Organ Donations Heinz UK Fans Warm Up to Facebook Personalization Campaign Help for Healthcare Brands Looking to Do Well on Social Media Here’s a Doggone-Good Way to Make Your Hotel Feel Like Home Here’s How People Look At Your Facebook Profile—Literally Here’s How To REALLY Use LinkedIn [Infographic] Hertz Mascot Steers Rental Cars In Cool Direction High School Students Build Car Fueled by Social Media Likes, Shares, and Tweets High-Flying Social Media Marketing Advice from the World’s Top Airline Higher Education Marketing: MDG Aims High To Help Lynn University Take Flight Higher Education Marketing: This is Lynn University Higher Hotel Bookings Linked to Online Channels Hilton to Welcome a Boutique Hotel Brand in 2014 Hilton Welcomes Digital into Hotel Experience at Over 4,000 Properties HMY Yachts Brings MDG Aboard as Agency of Record Ho, Ho, Uh-Oh! Unwrap These Bad Ads from Holidays Past Holiday Marketing 2016: 7 Fresh Ideas for Your Holiday Social Media Posts [Infographic] Holiday Season 2016: 5 Must-Know Trends for Brands [Infographic] Holiday Trends Marketers Can’t Ignore [Infographic] Home Depot Springs Into Savings Home Depot Upgrades its Mobile Marketing Spending Home Improvement Stores Raise The Bar Code On Product Information Honda Targets Pinterest Users, Asks Them to Take a Day Off Hospitality Advertising: Hotels Encouraging Green Behaviors Among Guests, Staff, and Visitors Hospitality Marketing in 2018: 5 Digital Trends to Watch [Infographic] Hospitality Marketing: Mobile is Where Online Travel Growth is Taking Place Hospitality Marketing: Seagate Spa Hospitality Marketing: TripAdvisor Fends Off Google Hotel Guest’s First Impression More Critical These Days Hotel Marketing on Facebook and Why You Need a Booking App Hotel Reviews and Loyalty Programs are Keys to Getting Business Travelers In the Door Hotel Seeks Amateur Filmmakers for VR Marketing Campaign Hoteliers Partner To Regain Luster For Luxury Image Hotels Are Now Right at Home with Posting on Facebook Hotels Are Welcoming New Revenue Through Local Memberships Hotels Dish Up Fast Food to Cater to Casual Crowds Hotels Explore Beacon-Enabled Mobile Guides in Guest Stays Hotels Helping Guests Detox From Digital How “Green” Advertising Is Coloring Consumer Communications How “Her” Hints at Tomorrow’s Technology and UI Design Direction How 3 Quick-Service Restaurants Spiced Up Their Images to Appeal to Their Target’s Taste How 5 Simple Charts Capture Retail Retargeting How 9 Brands Ace Social Media Marketing on Facebook How a Personal Approach Can Maximize Mobile Advertising How a Social Media Profile Picture Can Express a World of World Views How A Trifecta Of Technology And Video Are Reviving Visual Display Ads How Advertisers Can Get Wiser About Network TV Viewers Getting Older How Advertising on Instagram Can Help Healthcare Providers Thrive How Airbnb’s Growth Is Threatening Hotels How Amazon Is Making It a Jungle Out There for Retail Stores How Americans Feel About the Internet How an Advertising Campaign Revived a New York Hospital’s Brand How Aveda Averted A Facebook Fiasco How B2B Healthcare Marketers Thrive in Content Marketing How Beer Brands are Tapping into Social Media to Brew Up New Products How Big Data is Changing Healthcare for the Better How Big Data Spawned the Geico Gecko How Boomers’ Primary Healthcare Experiences Lead to Unhealthy Choices How Brands are Digitizing Retail and Creating the Stores of the Future How Brands are Making Cities Pretty to Engage Communities How Brands Can Benefit from Refining Their Customer Profiles How Brands Can Make Email Marketing Deliver More Revenue How Business Travelers Arrive at Their Destination Decisions in Today’s Social World How Business Travelers Explore Hotel Technology and Apps During Stays How Can Smart Data Marketing Drive Direct Hotel Bookings? How Can You Connect with Each Generation on Social Media? How Carmakers Can Drive Social Video Sharing Year-Round How CEOs Can Rein In Their PPC Spend How Collaboration is the Key to Content Creation for Travel Brands How Colors Can Color User Behavior in Branding and Web Design How Community Involvement Benefits Companies How Consumers Look at Online Reviews of Local Businesses How Content Can Help Your Healthcare Marketing How Content Marketing is Generating Increased ROI for Kraft How Converse Has Stayed A Step Ahead Of Competitors On Facebook How Corporate Culture Took Zappos to One Billion Dollars in Revenue How Credit Unions Can Earn Consumer Interest from Social Media How Credit Unions Can Earn Loyalty by Yielding a First-Rate Experience How CRM Tools Can Help Healthcare Marketers Engage Patients How Del Monte Served Up Season’s Eatings by Packaging Seasonal Content How Digital Has Transformed the Creative Landscape [Infographic] How Digital is Delivering a Much Larger Audience to Newspapers How Digital is Translating Hispanic Culture in the U.S. How Digital Public Phones Will Connect NYC to Free Wi-Fi and Free Calls How Do Americans Get Their News in 2013? [Infographic] How Doctors are Using Social Media to Connect with Patients How Effectively are you Using Search Marketing for your Luxury Brand? How Email Marketing is Replying to the Trends Meant to Delete It How Facebook Ad Retargeting is Transforming B2B Marketing How Facebook Credits Work in Hospitality Marketing How Facebook is Analyzing Shopping Behavior with New Cross-Device Reporting Service How Facebook is Trying to Capture YouTube’s Video Content Market How Facebook Messenger Will Improve the Online Hotel Booking Process How Facebook Pays Off for Paid-Search Campaigns How Facebook’s News Feed Changes Have Impacted Marketers How Facebook’s Relaunch of Atlas Will Serve Marketers’ Needs for a World of Consumer Data How Fidelity Used Design Thinking To Perfect Its Website How Fortune 500 Blogs Made the Corporate World “Like” Social Media How Frank Perdue Made Quality the Feather in His Cap How Full-Spectrum Eye Tracking With Google SERPs Impacts Local Search How GIFs Can Fire Up Your Content Marketing How Golf Brands are Swinging Toward Digital to Score More Millennials How Good is Your Hotel’s Social Media Marketing? How Google Glass Could Transform Healthcare How Google’s Knowledge Graph Results Will Impact Healthcare Marketing How Green Advertising Can Contribute To Contact Data Quality How Has General Electric Sparked Up Its Advertising? How Hashtags Affect the Instagram Success of Fortune 500 Companies How Hashtags Can Benefit Brands How Health Marketers Can Design A Helpful Mobile Website How Healthcare Brands Can Build a Healthy Instagram Presence How Healthcare Brands Can Nurture the Mom Market with Mobile Apps How Healthcare Can Benefit from Digital Marketing How Healthcare is Getting Better Through Technology How Healthcare Marketers Can Better Their Digital Capabilities How Healthcare Marketers Can Create A Mobile Map To Guide Consumers How Healthcare Marketers Can Improve Patient Relationships How Healthcare Marketing Can Achieve Better Outcomes from Social Media How Healthcare Marketing Should Take Care of Engaging Consumers How Healthcare Organizations Should Treat a Social Media Crisis How Healthcare Researchers Use Twitter to Track the Flu How Healthy Is Healthcare Content Marketing in 2017? How Hilton is Snapping Up More Millennials with Snapchat How Hilton’s Local Expertise Benefits their Global Social Media Community How Hispanic Population Growth Translates into Search and Social Media Marketing How Hospitality Marketing Can Drive Profitability with Strategic Top-Down Branding How Hotel Brands Can Inspire Customer Loyalty How Hotels are Reserving Room for Beacons to Better Accommodate Guests How Hotels Can Open the Door to Both Online and Offline Word of Mouth How Hotels Can Stay Competitive Against Airbnb How Is Showing Its Wild Side How Hyatt Used Social Media Data to Determine Its Ad Campaign Agenda How Instagram and Millennials are Filtering Advertising’s Image How Instagram’s Natural Look is Affecting the Look of Ads How It Feels to Wear the New Google Glass Glasses [Video] How JetBlue Has Become a Social Media Standout How Kraft is Consuming Data to Feed Its Marketing Success How Lady Gaga’s Manager Reinvented the Celebrity Game with Social Media How Luxury Brands Can Capitalize On The Value Of Social Video How Luxury Hotels Are Playing to Kids How Luxury Hotels Can Reserve Their Place on TripAdvisor’s Top 10 List How Marketers Can Reach the Millennial Man How Marketing Can Help Hospitals Dispense a Better Patient Experience How MDG Launched Award-Winning Direct Mail to Dentists for Dental Care Alliance How Millennials Are Changing the Workplace How Millennials are Redefining Dating in the Digital Age How Millennials Could Bring Healthy Change to Healthcare How Millennials Tune In to Radio During 3 Life Stages How Mobile and the Internet of Things Connect to Brand Engagement How Mobile is Taking Over the World How Mobile Technology Can Put Hospitality Customers Back in the Palm of Your Hand How Much Do Consumers Buy into Online Reviews? How Much Do Marketers Love Valentine’s Day? Let Us Count the Ways. How Much Energy Does the Internet Use? How Much Information is Too Much? Pew Internet Study Reveals Teen Social Media and Privacy Habits How Much News Revenue Will Come from Native Advertising by 2018? How Multi-Screen Viewing is Defining the New View of Digital Media How New York City Gave Us Many Present-Day Christmas Traditions How Nike Surpassed Selling Shoes And Became Known For Fitness How Nonprofits Can Get Millennials to Give Them Support How Nostalgia Marketing Can Get You Ahead with Millennials How One of the Most Moving Moments in Advertising Came to Life and Real-Life as a Skype Spot How Ordinary Brands Can Have Extraordinary Success on Social Media How Oreo Got That Twitter Ad Up So Fast How Paid Social Media Ads Pay Off in Conversions How Pantone Colors Our Trends and Times How Paper Continues to Press On How Participative Benefits Will Make Millennials Value Your Brand How Patient Recruitment Influences Your Healthcare Marketing How Phillips Uses Net Promoter Scores To Understand Customers How Pinterest Can Take Shoppers from Awareness to Action [Infographic] How Programmatic Media Buying Can Aid Healthcare Marketing How Provider Data Can Work Wonders for Healthcare Marketing Success How QR Codes Can Grow Your Business How QR Codes Can Grow Your Business-Part 2 How Retailers Can Bag E-Commerce Revenue and Shopper Traffic How Secure Is Your Social Media Presence? How Serious Companies Created Engaging Social Media Strategies How Shifting Tastes in Food Fed Headlines in 2014 How Social Influencer Theory Is Affecting Social Media How Social Media Can Help Travel Brands Arrive at More Bookings How Social Media Has Changed The Ad Game [Infographic] How Social Media is Changing the Search Game How Social Media Networks are the Ticket to Driving Travel and Hospitality Bookings [Infographic] How Social Media Scored a World Coup with the World Cup How Social Media Tools Can Aid in Targeting Healthcare Consumers How Subway Got to 33,000 Restaurants: 6 Lessons for Entrepreneurs How Successful People Work Social Media How Tech Is Changing The Museum Experience How the Best-Ever Craigslist Ad Was Created How the Healthcare Industry is Missing the Mark with Women How the Marketing We Are Exposed to As Children Plays on Our Perceptions as Adults How the Web Brought New Economics to Super Bowl Advertising How the White House Made the State of the Union Social #RiverOfContent How To Aggregate News Like A Pro How to Become a Data-Driven Success Story How to Choose the Best Genre for Your Branded Videos How To Choose When to Use Instagram or Vine How to Create an Effective Google+ SEO Content Strategy How to Cure the Common Coldness of a Healthcare Call Center How To Find Marketing Success With A Geo-Social Promotion How to Get the B2B Benefits of Native Advertising How To Get Your Email Opened How to Keep Affluent Travelers Richly Engaged Despite Audience Fatigue How To Make Green Advertising A Success How to Make Your Advertising More Memorable How to Market to Moms: 5 Insights for Brands [Infographic] How to Measure Return on Investment How to Measure Social Media ROI: A 4-Step Plan for Marketers [Infographic] How to Motivate Moms to Engage with Brands on Social Media How to Pack Personalization into Consumers’ Travel Experiences How to Package an Emotional Connection into Packaging How to Rate the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing How to Reach a Wealth of Luxury Travelers Today How to See the Personal Data Facebook’s Keeping on You How to Set Marketing Goals, Track Conversions and Quantify ROI How to Speak to Hispanic Shoppers to Persuade Purchase Online How to Stop OTAs from Stealing Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings How to Use Location Data Effectively: 7 Tips for Marketers How to Use Online Video to Win Business and Wow Customers How to Work Up a Better Workplace Image How Top Brands Pull Customers into Orbit How Travel Brands Can Bring Home Loyalty with User-Generated Content How TV Captured the Most Media Ad Dollars Last Year How Twitter Helped Fallon Get Leno’s Job How Twitter Teaches the Art of Writing in Its Short-and-Sweet Tweets How Typefaces Influence Perception and Persuasion How Vine Lets Brands Tease and Please How Visual Content Contributes to Charities How We Watched TV Change in 2014 How Will Digital Marketing Transform in 2014? How Your Brain Can Predict Blockbusters How Zumba Built a Brand with a Cult Following in Just a Few Years HSMAI Recognizes Jerry Faber At 27th Annual Gala & Charity Auction Hugo Boss Uses an Integrated 3D Social Media Campaign IAB Broadcasts Recent Radio Changes in New Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide IAB Innovation Days Communicates The Need For Digital Development IAB Moves Forward with Mobile Advertising Creative Guidelines IBM Launches Brilliant Outdoor Advertising Campaign With a Purpose [Video] IBM Southeast Employees’ FCU Ranked Top Credit Union in South Florida | Credit Union Marketing IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union Gets The Credit It Deserves-Email Marketing IDC Predicts Small Tablets Will Take Over in 2013, Thinks Facebook Could Help Manage Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) If Google Maps Calls, Don’t Answer IFA 2011 Annual Convention Celebrates Business At Its Best Ignore These 5 Retargeting Mistakes at Your Own Risk Ignore These Four Keyword-Research Mistakes at Your Own Risk Images Account for 36 Percent of All Twitter Links Shared [Infographic] Imaginative Ad Campaign for Nabi DreamTab Takes Root in a Tree House Theme In 2012, Social Will Be the Key in Green Advertising Mix In A World Of Rapid Digital Change, Some Guiding Principles for Healthcare Marketers In Beyoncé Deal, Pepsi Focuses on Collaboration, Not Just TV Advertising In Cases of Emergency, Governments are Turning to Twitter Alerts In Defense of Waiting to Kick Off Super Bowl Ads In Green Advertising, Education is Key to Success In Healthcare Marketing, Healthy is as Healthy Does In Latest Play for City-Dwellers, P&G and Walmart Take Inspiration From Food Trucks In Online Advertising, Brands Shouldn’t Equate Frequency And Blind Repetition In-Store Marketing Program Marks First Time Bud Light and Pepsi Will Be Promoted Together In-Store Sales Begin Online Inc. 500 and Fortune 500 Companies are Batting a Thousand with Social Media Influencing The Customer Experience Of 2011 With Lessons From 2010 Infographic-The Big Picture In Mobile Infographic: A Graphic Glimpse At Mac People Vs. PC People Infographic: How Dirty Are Public Restrooms? Infographic: Inbound Marketing Rising Infographic: Opportunities To Optimize A Blog Infographic: The Makings Of a Modern Media Agency Infographic: The Past, Present And Promise Of Facebook Advertising Infographic: The Road to Moz Infographic: The Science Of Social Timing Infographic: YouTube Advertising InMarket Sends Coupons to Grocery Shoppers In-Store With Apple’s iBeacon Inside IBM’s U.S. Open Digital Expo -Digital Marketing Insightful Ways To Optimize E-Mail Marketing For Social Media Results Inspire Future Travelers with Trip Consideration, Facebook’s New Ad Feature Inspired Ways For Travel Marketers To Manage During The Recession Inspired Ways Museums Are Reaching Online Audiences Instagram Captures 400 Million Monthly Users Instagram Captures Attention as Fastest-Growing Social Media Network Instagram Inspires Fashionistas to Pose and Post at New York Fashion Week Instagram is Making News by Breaking News Instagram is the Fastest Growing Social Network Instagram Launches New Stand-Alone GIF App, Boomerang Instagram Launches New Tools to Help Brands Follow their Ad Performance Instagram Opening Its Advertising Platform to a World of Brands Instagram to Post New Response and Relevance Features to Ad Platform Instagram Turns Out Clickable Carousel Ads Instagram Update Features New Editing Tools and Post Notifications Instagram’s New Clickable Carousel Ads Are Great for Travel Marketing Instagram’s Newly Unveiled Shopping Features: What Brands Need to Know Integrating Email Marketing with Social Media and CRM Interactive Advertising Rebounds By Leaps And Bounds Interactive Advertising Study Reveals Ad-Supported Internet Added $530 Billion to 2011 U.S. Economy—3.7 Percent of GDP Interactive Companies Linked To Most Profitability, After Cable Operators Internet Marketing: MDG Lunch and Learn Seminar February 25, 2010 Introducing the Winner of the Second Annual “Looking Beyond College” Scholarship Essay Contest Is #GivingTuesday A Lost Cause? Is Artificial Intelligence a Smart Move in B2B Marketing? Is Content Marketing or Native Advertising More Socially Effective? Is Cord-Cutting Killing TV? Here’s What the Data Says Is Facebook the New Face of the Legal System? Is Facebook the New Face of Travel Recommendations? Is Facebook The Next Face Of E-Commerce? Is Instagram Getting an Update to Look Like Facebook? Is It Time to Change the Channel for TV Metrics? Is Long-Form Video on Social Media the New TV? Is Personalized Search Getting Too Personal? [Infographic] Is Print a Priority in an Online Marketing Strategy? Is Retail Shopper Tracking in Store for 2017? Is Social Media the Link to Successful Product Launches? Is Social Media the Ticket to Winning the 2016 Presidential Election? Is the Harlem Shake the New “Gangnam Style”? Is this Instagram Star the Next Jillian Michaels? Is Twitter Talking About Exceeding Its 140-Character Legal Limit? Is Your “About Us” Page Effective? Is Your Business Making This Major Social Media Mistake? Is Your Healthcare Organization’s Social Media as Healthy as It Can Be? It Bears Repeating Why GIFs Are Good for Brands IT’S A “BIG NIGHT FOR SMALL PINTS” It’s All About the Images [Infographic] It’s Not WHAT You Need To Go Viral – It’s WHO [Viral Marketing] It’s Time for a New Generation of Generational-Defining Names It’s Worth Spreading the Word About TED’s “Ads Worth Spreading” Jaguar Targets New Yorkers with Gargantuan Weekend Event – Luxury Marketing James Patterson Takes a Page from Snapchat With a Self-Destructing Novel JCPenney and Pinterest Partner to Bag the Attention of Moms JCPenney Takes a Page from Its Past by Reissuing Print Catalog JCPenney to Cut TV Advertising Spend, Increase Print Advertising JCPenney’s Brand is Reshaped Again Johnson & Johnson’s World Cup Campaign Challenges the Crowd by Making Care the Goal Joy to the Pin: Holidays on Pinterest, by the Numbers [Infographic] Justin Timberlake Is the New Face of Bud Light Platinum Kate Spade Outfits New York City Stores for Interactive Shopping Keeping Green Advertising True To Color Kellogg Credits 17% Ad Spending Boost for Increased Earnings Kevin Rose’s Run-In with a Wild Raccoon Draws Rabid Fan Following [Video] Key Questions to Ask Yourself Ahead of a Hospital Website Redesign: Healthcare Marketing KFC Ad Campaign Gets Customers Crowing About the Brand on Social Media Kid Tech According to Apple [Infographic] Kids Favor Traditional TV, But Have Their Eye on Digital Channels Kids In Distress Charity Benefit Is A Full-Grown Success Kit Kat Takes on Oreo in Tic-Tac-Toe Twitter Takedown Kmart’s New TV Commercial Will Make You Want to Ship Your Pants [Video] Kraft’s New Grocery Business Will Boost Food Brand Advertising L’Oreal’s Spending Boost on Digital Marketing is Paying Off Big Time Lafayette Federal Credit Union Credits MDG for New Integrated Marketing Campaign Lane Bryant’s “#ImNoAngel” Campaign Shows That Every Size is Glorious Launch of a Sparkling New Website Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” Promotion Takes Sampling in a Digital Direction LeadAmerica Debuts An Ambitious New Website LeadAmerica Gets A Brand New Brand Learn New Social Media Marketing Tricks by Following Dog Influencers Learn the Ins-And-Outs of LinkedIn Learning How to Design a Logo Let SlideShare Lead You to Lead Generation Let’s Get Visual: How Search Is Changing [Infographic] Leveraging Content Marketing for Links: 3 Proven Tactics Levi’s Slips Into Water Mission On Facebook Lexus Outdoor Advertising Goes High-Tech Down Under Lexus Plus Program Launches in South Florida with MDG Life After ‘Like’ – How To Mobilize Your Loyal Audience Into An Army Of Influencers Lifestyle Advertising Positions Hotels as Places Full of Fun and Discovery Lights, Camera, Action! How to Perfect Your Vine Strategy [Infographic] Like It or Not, the Facebook Thumb is Out Lincoln is Revving Up Interest in New MKC Model with Virtual Test Drives Link Between Social Media and TV Viewership LinkedIn Beats Twitter and Facebook in B2B Visitor-to-Lead Conversions LinkedIn Boosts its Social Media Standing with New App, Elevate LinkedIn Builds Its Business by Acquiring Newsle News Startup LinkedIn Builds Its Publishing Presence and Power LinkedIn Employs a New “Follow” Button to Promote Broader Interaction LinkedIn Expands its Experiment with Long Form Content LinkedIn is 277% More Effective for Lead Generation than Facebook and Twitter LinkedIn Launches Dramatically Different Version Of LinkedIn Events LinkedIn Replaces LinkedIn Today With Pulse Integration LinkedIn Rolls Out Major Upgrade with Expanded Mobile Search on iPhone and Android LinkedIn Search Gets Simply Smarter LinkedIn To Marketers: Gather Ye Followers Now LinkedIn Tops Facebook as Favorite Social Media Tool of Inc. 500 LinkedIn Works Overtime to Help User’s Conquer Life Outside the Office Linking Search & Social Results In A 94% Higher Click-Through-Rate Listen Up: Voice Search 101 for Marketers [Infographic] Listerine Making News with Refreshing Social Media Strategy for World Cup Sponsorship Local Search Evolved [Infographic] Local Search Trends: What Drives High Rankings Location-Based Marketing: What’s In It For Me? Looks Like a 30% Boost in Brand Interaction on Facebook Louis Vuitton Promotes Brand Legacy via Animated Video [Video] Lower Hospital Death Rates Linked to Facebook “Likes” Luxury and Public Perception Luxury Brands Double Up with Town & Country Print Advertising Luxury Brands’ Love-Hate Relationship with Digital Marketing [Infographic] Luxury Marketers Catch Up on Digital Marketing Formats Luxury Marketing – Newly Rich Fuel Luxury Boom Luxury Marketing: Top 8 Luxury Travel and Marketing Trends for 2012 Mac Users Steered to Pricier Hotels by Controversial Orbitz Experiment Made Off Wins at 2011 Manhattan Film Festival Madison Avenue’s Forecast For 2011 Major Marketers Tell Radio What They Need Make Daylight Saving Time Spring to Mind with These Timeless Print Ads Make Room for These 5 Hospitality Trends Redefining the Industry [Infographic] Make Your Content Close the Sale for You Make Your Mark As A Marketing Revolutionist Making the Most of a New Media Budget in Hospitality Marketing, Part 2 Making the Most of a New Media Budget in Hospitality Marketing, Part 3 Making the Most of Your New Media Budget, Part 1 | Hospitality Marketing Making TV More Social for Multi-Tasking Millennials Making Your Website ADA Compliant: What Businesses Need to Know Managing Today’s Information Avalanche Mapping Healthcare Search to the Patient Journey Marc Jacobs Fashioned Social Media Mentions as Money for Recent Pop-Up Store Marilyn Monroe Officially Joins Twitter Mark Zuckerberg Tells Potential Shareholders That Facebook Is On A Social Mission Marketers Forecast to Invest $11 Billion in U.S. Social Media Advertising in 2017 Marketers Need to See the Pressing Need for Print in Advertising Marketers Say Social Media ROI Up To 1,000 Percent Marketers Using Mobile Apps and Tools to Attract New Customers Marketing Budgets 2016: 5 Reasons Instagram Matters, Big Time [Infographic] Marketing Forecast: U.S. Major Media Advertising Spending Marketing Medical Tourism Improves Lives. And Revenue. Marketing to Millennials: Be Smart and Go to the Head of the Generation Y Class Marketing to Moms: 5 Things Brands Need to Know [Infographic] Marriott Discovers Crowdsourcing is the Key to Welcoming Millennials Marriott Evolves to Accommodate Younger Guests Marriott Links Up with MIT for New Six Degrees App to Accommodate High-Tech Hotel Guests Marriott’s New Bonvoy Brand: 5 Lessons for Travel Marketers Master The Art Of Exceptional Blog Titles MasterCard Takes Its “Priceless” Campaign Even Farther Max Planck Florida Institute Grand Opening Boosted by Big Funding News Max Planck Florida Institute Introduces Nonprofit Foundation Max Planck Florida Institute: Putting The “Search” Into Research Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Seeks to Improve Global Healthcare Mayo Clinic Gains Healthy Engagement from #StrongArmSelfie Campaign Mazda Drives Out the TV Ad of a Lifetime MD Now Selects MDG as Agency of Record MDG Advances To Eighth Largest Ad Agency In South Florida MDG and The Seagate Hotel & Spa. A Marriage Made In Heaven. MDG Announces New Clients MDG Announces Successful Year of Winning Clients and Honors MDG Announces the Winner of the 4th Annual ‘Looking Beyond College’ Essay Contest MDG Applies Smart Digital Strategy in New Website for Brain Balance Achievement Centers MDG Blog Hits 1000 Posts MDG Celebrates 15 Years in Business MDG Celebrates Its 2000th Blog Post MDG Certified As Official Google Partner MDG Coins A New Auto Loan Promotion For IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union MDG Constructs A New Home Equity Line Of Credit Promotion For IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union MDG Cooks Up a New Website for TooJay’s Original Gourmet Deli MDG Creates a “Timely” and Touching Summer Ad Campaign for The Breakers Palm Beach MDG Creates A Bold New Website For Edward Mirell MDG Creates A Brand Video For Dental Care Alliance MDG Creates a Healthy Collection of Community Reports for HCA East Florida Hospitals MDG Creates a Heartening Ad Campaign to Promote the New TAVR Procedure at JFK Medical Center MDG Creates an Unbeatable Cardiac-Care Ad Campaign for HCA East Florida Hospitals MDG Creates New Television Advertising Campaign for TooJay’s Original Gourmet Deli MDG Creates New Television Advertising Strategy to Support the Growth of Carls Patio MDG Creates Spooktacular Social Media Approach to National Dental Hygiene Month for Dental Care Alliance MDG Debuts a Richer Website for Benetrends MDG Designs New Flyer to Boost Visibility of Facebook Giveaway MDG Develops an Educational Infographic for Kiddie Academy MDG Develops Cool Outdoor Advertising Campaign to Highlight HCA’s Miami-Dade Hospitals MDG Develops New Collateral for Benetrends to Complement Its New Brand MDG Develops New Winter Advertising Campaign for The Breakers Palm Beach MDG Dives In as Agency of Record for Little Cayman Beach Resort, Cayman Brac Beach Resort, and Cobalt Coast Grand Cayman Resort MDG Dominates 2018 ADDY® Awards MDG Earns Top 12 Spot in National Social Media Competition MDG Enjoys Sweeping Success at 2012 American Advertising Federation’s Greater Fort Lauderdale ADDY® Awards MDG Extends a Warm Welcome in New Winter Campaign for The Breakers Palm Beach MDG Films Proudly Presents “Made Off” MDG Furnishes Carls Patio with New TV Advertising MDG Gains A Weight Loss Client MDG Helps Allin Interactive Push Its New Hospitality Marketing Technology with the Push of a Button [Video] MDG Helps Lost Florida Town Get Back on the Map MDG Honored with Spirit of Giving Award for Creative Contributions to Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation MDG Illustrates the Popularity of Preschool with Infographic for Kiddie Academy [Infographic] MDG in the Top 12 Companies in National Social Media Competition MDG is Good as Gold with Another Gold ADDY® Award for Boca Raton Museum of Art Direct Mail MDG Is Now Accredited in Bing Ads MDG Is Your Keyword To SEO Success MDG Launches Facebook-Based Booking Engine for The Seagate Hotel & Spa MDG Launches New Brand: Food Cycle Science MDG Launches Worth Avenue Yachts, A New Luxury Brand MDG Lends a Hand to Rebrand Achievement Centers for Children & Families MDG Lets Teeth Do the Talking in New TV Campaign for Dental Care Alliance [Video] MDG Makes Wood Look Good MDG Named Agency of Record for Dental Care Alliance MDG Named As One Of South Florida’s Top Advertising Agencies for 2010 MDG Named National ADDY® Awards Finalist MDG Packages A Partnership Into A Presentation MDG Plays to Online Video Gamers with the Launch of MDG Pops Out a New Holiday “Pop Up” Store MDG presents a Lunch-and-Learn Seminar “Searchability Meets Usability: An Internet Love Story” MDG presents a Lunch-and-Learn Seminar “Searchability Meets Usability: An Internet Love Story” MDG Presents Another Look at Holiday Trends Marketer’s Can’t Ignore [Video Infographic] MDG Produces Blockbuster Campaign for IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union MDG Provides MD Now with a New TV Ad MDG Puts its Heart Into a New Billboard for The Heart and Vascular Institute at JFK Medical Center MDG Rebrands AICOMP Consulting MDG Rebrands HCA’s Columbia Hospital as West Palm Hospital MDG Rebrands MD Now, the Leading Urgent Care Provider in South Florida MDG Refreshes gMed’s Brand and Develops New Collateral and Website MDG Revs Up For A Premium Car Storage Company MDG Rocks A New Sedation Ad Campaign For Dental Care Alliance MDG Rolls Out A New Website For A Premium Car Storage Company MDG Rolls Out a Thrilling TV Commercial for the South Florida Fair MDG Scores A “10” Among South Florida’s Largest Advertising Agencies MDG Scores High with Hammon Park Teacher Email Campaign MDG selected as agency of record for LeadAmerica MDG selected as agency of record for Round Hill Hotel and Villas MDG selected as agency of record for the Florida Regional Center MDG selected as agency of record for the Veterans Support Organization MDG Selected as Agency of Record for Upfront Foods MDG selected as communications agency of record for Vita New York MDG Selected By Edward Mirell MDG Selected by the South Florida Fair MDG Selected to Brand a New Concept in Age Management and Total Wellness MDG selected to work with Gunster MDG Serves Up a Logo for Upfront Foods MDG Serves Up A New Website For Upfront Foods MDG Serves Up a Tasteful Ad for L’Escalier MDG Sheds New Light on Outdoor Giant, Carls Patio MDG Shocks With A New Dental Acquisition Ad Campaign For Dental Care Alliance MDG Shows the Love With a Campaign Celebrating The 25th Anniversary of The Heart and Vascular Institute at JFK Medical Center MDG Spices Up The Takeout Menu For Echo MDG Supplies Food Cycle Science With Fresh Marketing Collateral MDG Takes The Lead With Direct Mail Results MDG Talks Teeth In New Ad Campaign For Dental Care Alliance MDG Thinks Big with Pediatric Emergency Room Campaign for HCA East Florida Hospitals MDG to Compete in National ADDY Awards after Winning Distinction in American Advertising Federation’s Fourth District MDG To Secure Sponsorships For The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences MDG Turns Up the Volume, Creating an Album of Songs in Sync with Gen Y MDG Unleashes New Branding and Website for Golden Retrievals MDG Unveils A Wedding Ad For Breakers West MDG Wins 21 ADDY Awards MDG wins 24 ADDY® Awards, including Best in Show–Print and Best in Show–TV/Arts MDG Wins 77 ADDY® Awards, Including Best of Show and Best of Advertising Self-Promotion MDG Wins ADDY® Acclaim with New Website for Food Cycle Science MDG Wins Best in Show-Print and Best in Show–TV at the 2010 ADDY® Awards MDG Wins Gold ADDY® Award for Boca Raton Museum of Art: “Art Is In The Everyday” MDG Wins Regional Social Media Competition MDG Wins Three ADDY® Awards for Advertising Created for The Breakers Palm Beach MDG Wins with a 3-of-a-Kind at Coveted W³ Awards MDG Works Up A Brand-New Image For TGI MDG. 20 Years Young. MDG’s Charlie Ellis Voted Top Speaker Among SEO Specialists MDG’S Checklist For SEO MDG’s Cinema Campaign for IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union is one of 24 projects selected for TheFinancialBrand.Com’s world-wide creative showcase MDG’s Jeff Cohen Shares the Big Picture on Pinterest with Social Media Club of Palm Beach County MDG’s Michael Del Gigante Donates Helping “Hand” to Achievement Centers for Children & Families MDG’s New Email Marketing Campaign for IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union Really Clicks with Members MDG’s New Healthcare Marketing Report Examines How to Get Healthy Consumer Response MDG’s New Physician Recruitment Direct Mail for MDVIP Promotes a Bright Future Media and Technology Marketing: MDG Is Well-Equipped to Handle The Well-Equipped Media is a Buzz: CNN and BuzzFeed Unite for New YouTube Channel Media’s Digital Direction in 2011 Meet Jon Henning, the Winner of MDG’s Sixth Annual Scholarship Essay Contest Meet the Connected Consumer [Infographic] Meet the Winner of MDG’s Third Annual “Looking Beyond College” Scholarship Essay Contest Meet the Winner of MDG’s Fifth Annual Scholarship Essay Competition Men are Becoming the Fair-Haired Boys of Fashion Brands on Instagram Messaging App, Line, Redefined as a Social Media Entertainment Platform Microsoft Places a Wi-Fi-Enabled Print Advertising Promotion Microsoft Tests “Hero” Display Ads in Bing Search Microsoft Wraps its Location-Based Mobile Ads Around its New Stores Millennial Audiences Place the Most Trust in Advertising Millennials Are the Ticket to U.S. Leisure Travel Today Millionaires Favor Facebook Over Twitter And LinkedIn Mobile Ad Spending Traveling Higher for the Travel Industry Mobile and Social Media Accelerating at 30 Percent Mobile and Triggering Automation Lead to Highest Email Opens Mobile Commerce Is Booming, But Is Your Mobile Retail Strategy a Bust? Mobile Display Ads Become Much More Personal and Powerful Mobile Healthcare Technology Senses Healthy Growth with Wearable Devices Mobile Healthcare to Rise 47% by 2020 Mobile Hotel Bookings Confirmed to Keep Moving Up in 2015 Mobile Is the Driving Force in Facebook Profits Mobile is the Go-To for Luxury Travel Booking Mobile is Where It’s At—Literally | Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing 2015: Rethinking Customer Acquisition, Intent Targeting | Trends in Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing Ringing Up More Buyer Phone Calls for Businesses Mobile Marketing: Newspapers’ Mobile Traffic Surges Mobile Messaging Apps Attract Youth And Offer Alternative Ways To Share Mobile Relationship Marketing Counts Mobile Shopping Via Smartphone and Tablet Increased 81% in 2012 Mobile Spurs Digital Coupon User Growth Mobile Users Maintain Loyalty to Print Media [Infographic] Mobile Video Ads are the Ones to Watch for Growth Mobile’s (Huge) Impact on E-Commerce: 4 Things Brands Need to Know Modern Magazine Machines May Herald A New Print Revolution Moms Aren’t Kidding About Their Love of Watching Online Video Moms Get Ultimate Tribute in P&G’s Touching New Summer Olympics TV Commercial [Video] Mondelēz Unleashes 500 A Capella Singers to Promote Oreos in New York City More Advertisers are Making the Call for Mobile Advertising More Businesses Busted For Paid Links More Companies Quit Blogging, Go with Facebook Instead More Marketers Going Long with “Big Game” Spots More Than 1 Billion Smartphones Shipped in 2013 Make Mobile Marketing a Must More Than Awareness: How Social Media Impacts Purchases Morgan Stanley Becomes First Financial Firm On Social Media Scene Most Brands Not Using Social Media Effectively Mountain Dew Does It Again with “Do The Dew” Global Marketing Campaign Movie Ad Campaign Plays To Dual Audiences MSNBC to Broadcast Buzz-Worthy News in Two Daily Facebook Videos Multi-Location Marketing Budgets for 2019: 4 Trends to Watch Multi-Media Spectacles Indicate a Growing Trend for Native Advertising Multimedia Movie Magic Museum Of London Releases Augmented Reality App For Historical Photos Museum Store Sales Up 76% Music: It’s in Your Head, Changing Your Brain NASA is the Government’s One True Viral Hit Factory – Viral Marketing NASCAR’s Green Resolutions National Spot Radio Advertising Up In 2010 National TV Ad Market Very Strong Native Ads Will Be Leading Source of U.S. Ad Revenue by 2021 NBC Believes Olympic Ceremony Was Too Complex for Online Audience NBC Forming Friendship with Facebook and Instagram for Sochi Olympics NBC Peacock Spreads Wings Over New Comcast Logo NBC, Chipotle & Facebook Serve Up A Food Free-For-All NBC’s $1 Billion Olympics Sellout [TV Advertising] NBC’s Olympic Ad Strategy Runs On Recent Marketing Industry Trends Neighborly Startup Nextdoor Gets a Fresh Start in New York City Nestlé is the First Brand to Indulge in Streaming Periscope Content Netflix Gains a Social Side with Facebook Netflix Strives For Damage Control After Multiple Marketing Mishaps Never Miss a Post with Twitter’s Tweet Repeater, “While You Were Away” New Adobe TV Ad Shows How Good Analytics Prevent Bad Business Decisions New Advertising Campaign Hopes To Make Malaria A Memory New Advertising Campaign Urges New York State to Change Campaign Financing New Apple Watch is Just What the Healthcare Industry Ordered New Balance Runs with New Social Running Advertising Campaign New Cadillac TV Ads are Influenced by Affluence New Chevrolet Slogan Shifts to “Find New Roads” New Chipotle Online Comedy Series Gives Viewers Something to Chew On New Coca-Cola Ad Makes Happiness Seem Like a Walk in the Park New Coca-Cola TV Ad Features Teen Fans’ Clips of How It Feels to Sip New Dental Care Alliance Campaign Brings a Fresh Face to Dental Marketing New Dish Feature Lets You Skip the Super Bowl and Just Watch the Ads New E-book, The Year of the Mocal Traveler, Provides Invaluable Insight into an Important Travel Marketing Trend New E-book: “12 Holiday Email Marketing Secrets You Can Use, Right Now” New E-book: “12 Holiday Email Marketing Secrets You Can Use, Right Now” New E-book: “9 Fresh Social Media Approaches to Try This Holiday Season” New E-book: “A Marketer’s Guide to Native Advertising” New E-book: “A Marketer’s Guide to the Empowered Healthcare Consumer” New E-book: “Everything You Need to Know About 2015’s Digital Marketing Trends, Simplified” New E-book: “How Millennials Killed Travel Marketing As We Know It” New E-book: “The 4 Cornerstones of an Effective CRO Strategy” New E-book: “Travel Marketing Budgets 2016: 5 Must-Watch Digital Trends” New E-book: 4 Steps to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization New E-book: A 5-Step Plan for Creating Exceptional Healthcare Content New E-book: A Step-By-Step Guide to Developing an Effective Corporate Blog New E-book: B2B Marketing 2016: 5 Digital Must-Dos New E-book: Healthcare Marketing Budgets 2016: 5 Must-Watch Digital Trends New E-book: How to Bag More Mobile Shoppers this Holiday Season New E-book: The 4 Keys to Creating Exceptional Travel Content in 2016 New E-book: The 5 Biggest Benefits of Having an Agency Manage Your Social Media New E-book: The CEO’s Guide to Social Media: How to Succeed in 4 Simple Steps New Facebook “Actions” Coming to Apps in January New Facebook Ad Format Uses Consumers’ Social Media Snapshots New Facebook Feature Dials Up Location-Based Customers for Businesses New Facebook Features Improve Direct Response Marketing New Google Search Algorithm Favors Mobile-Friendly Sites New Groupon App Reveals Real-Time Deals New LinkedIn Campaign Promotes Personal Picture of Professional Success New Location-Based Apps Help Marketers Get A Foot In The Door New Metrics For New Media New Motorola Ad Colors Our Perception of Print Advertising New MTV App Features­ Enhanced Second-Screen And Social Media Elements New Nielsen Twitter TV Rating to Measure Social TV Audience New Nivea Print Ad Offers Parents Sun Protection with Son & Daughter Protection New Smart Shelves with Sensors and Analytics Decode the Impulse Buy New Study Analyzes Consumers’ Hotel Review Behavior New Study Connects Facebook with Generating Local Business Awareness New Study Finds Tweets Lead to More Offline Sales New Study Links Social Media Interactions to Retargeting Results New Study Reveals Facebook Advertising Leads to 24 Percent Sales Boost New Study Reveals Higher Effectiveness Of Online Ads Higher On The Page New Study Shows Facebook Ads are 1,790% More Profitable on iPhone than Android New Tunnel Vision App Maps NYC Subways on Augmented Reality Platform New Twitter Feature is Vying to Make Video the Star of the Show for Brands New View on Viewers: Maybe Distractions Aren’t Such a Bad Thing, After All New Website Profiles the Many Faces of Facebook New White Paper: 6 Search Marketing Trends for 2013 That Could Forever Alter the Landscape New Yahoo Homepage Goes Social with Facebook-Personalized Streams New Year’s Resolutions to Resolve Your Marketing Issues New York City Health Department Taps Yelp to Help Find Foodborne Illness New York City is Making Virtual Reality a Reality New York City is Sharing the Local Love with Second Annual #LoveNYC Instagram Photo Contest New York City Moves Ahead with New Graphic Pedestrian Wayfinding Program New York City Public Transportation Puts the Brakes on Political Ads New York City’s Subways Updated with Touch-Screens and Apps New York Giants Set to Defend Super Bowl Title, But They’re Already Winning at Social Media New York Stock Exchange Capitalizes on Content Marketing New YouTube Design Emphasizes Channels and Subscriptions News Ranks High in Mobile Activity on Tablets and Smartphones: The Future of Mobile News [Infographic] NFL Drafts Fans to Share Their Support for the Sport in New Campaign and Contest Niche Social Networks Deliver Big Results For Brands Nielsen Study Shows Multi-Sensory Differences Between Young and Old Nike Customizes Shoe Campaign For Instagram Users Nike’s “Just Do It,” the Last Great Advertising Tagline, Celebrates its 25th Birthday Nike’s New Marketing Mojo NMFI Names Coverall Among its 2010 List of “50 Top Franchises for Minorities” No More Sidebar Ads in Google SERPs—The Ad Auction Just Intensified Non-Profit Advertising: Boca Raton Museum of Art Hosts A Gala Fit For A “King” Non-profit Marketing: Boca Raton Cultural Consortium Non-Profit Marketing: Getting Art Down to a Science Nonprofits Do Well By Doing Good Now Facebook’s Mobile Ad “Audience Network” is Open for Business Now Out-of-Home Marketing is Hitting Home with Mobile Users Now Showing At The Boca Raton Museum of Art: The World According To Federico Uribe Now Showing At The Boca Raton Museum: California Impressionism: Paintings from The Irvine Museum Now Showing at the Boca Raton Museum: Latin American Art from the Museum’s Collection Now Showing At The Boca Raton Museum: Outsider Visions: Self-Taught Southern Artists of the 20th Century Now Showing At The Boca Raton Museum: Portraits From The Permanent Collection Now Showing at the Boca Raton Museum: Robert Cottingham, Twenty Ways To See A Star Now Showing at the Boca Raton Museum: Romanticism to Modernism, Graphic Masterpieces from Piranesi to Picasso Now Showing at the Boca Raton Museum: Valerio Adami Now You Can Add Interactive Images to Your Tweets Now You Can Order Domino’s Pizza on Twitter with Emojis NRCC Targets Political Ads Based on District through Google AdWords – Political Advertising NYC Finally Gets the .nyc Domain Oakley’s “Bubba Hover” YouTube Video Goes Viral [Video] Oi’s New Voice-Responsive Logo Responds to the Need for Personalization Old Spice Debuts A New Ad Campaign Old Spice Gives Its Ad Campaign A Fresh Spin Old Spice’s New TV Ads Revive Old Jingle to Promote New Bar Soap Omaha Snaps Up a Real-Time Marketing Play During Playoff Game On Election Day, Facebook Was Buzzing About Romney, Obama, Voting On Print’s Turf, Google Wins 2012 USA Today Print Advertising Competition On Valentine’s Day, Celebrate YouTube’s 8th Birthday with This Loving Look Back Online Channels on the Rise in B2B Lead Generation Online News Sources More Popular Than Newspapers Online Publisher’s Association Survey Paints A Portrait Of The US Tablet User Online Radio Soars, Reaching 86 Million Listeners Each Week Online Reputation Management 101: What Businesses Need to Know [Infographic] Online Sports Viewers Gain Marketer Attention Online Video and Social Media: A Marriage Made in Digital Marketing Heaven Online Video Develops Into A Digital Mainstay In 2010 Online Video Start-Ups Are Creating More Viewing Venues Online Videos that Play on Emotions Really Resonate with Viewers Online-to-Offline Measurement: Top Trends and Challenges Open Your Eyes and Your Mouth to These Incredible Edible Billboards Opportunity is Calling to Dial Up Ad Revenue and Wi-Fi with New York City Phone Booths Oreo TV Commercial Rates High For Likeability And Memorability Oscar Mayer Captures the Love of Bacon in Lighthearted Father’s Day Ad [Video] Oscars Predicted to Draw a Crowd-Pleasing $100 Million in Ad Revenues Out of Print? Outdoor Ad Reveals a Secret Anti-Abuse Message to Children P&G Shows How a Mother’s Heart of Gold is Behind Every Olympic Athlete Paid Facebook Posts Get 2x as Many Organic and Viral Impressions Paid Search Drives $6 in Local Sales for Every $1 in Online Sales Pantone’s Color of the Year Has Other Colors Green with Envy Parents Hit Their Mobile Devices for Back-to-School Shopping Payphones As Time Machines Recall Past For New York Museum Exhibit Penguin and Random House Make Their Mark as Partners with New Logo PepsiCo Dispenses Social Vending Machine Pepto-Bismol Gains Relief With Switch From TV Advertising To Digital Marketing Performance-Based Partner Marketing is Key for Travel Brands Pew Internet Study: The Demographics of Social Media Users Pew Study Reveals Huge Rise in Teen Use of Mobile Internet Pfaff Porsche’s Customized Direct Mail Didn’t Even Need a Stamp – Direct Mail Marketing Photography Makes Content Marketing A Snap Pick Up a Better Understanding of the Mobile Habits of Hispanic Millennials Picture This: Customer Acquisition Email Marketing That’s More Visual Picture Your “Selfie” in Legendary Locations in New York City and New Jersey to Win Big Pinterest Displays New Guided Search and Custom Categories Features, Plus Sharpens Related Pins Pinterest Drops Big News About New Price Drop Pinterest Expands Ad Options to Be Part of the Big Picture for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Pinterest Introduces Business Accounts and Tools Pinterest is Pinning its Hope on Personalized Home Pages Pinterest Looks for a Few Good Men by Adding Gender-Based Search Pinterest Tests Interest in Promoted Pins Pinterest to Focus on Promoted Pins to Put Revenue in the Picture Pinterest to Follow Up with Users Via Engagement Retargeting Pinterest Traffic Passes Google Referrals, Bing, Twitter And StumbleUpon Pinterest: The New Opportunity in Email Marketing Pinterest’s New Cinematic Pins Provide Pinpoint Ad Targeting Pinteresting for Healthcare Pitbull Brings Miami Sunshine To Alaska [Online Advertising] Planters Rolls Out A Green Mobile Makeover Pokémon Go Getting Retailers into the Augmented Reality Game Poland Spring Misses Opportunity to Turn Fortuitous Flub into a Fortune of Social Media Branding Political Campaigns Win Relevance with Digital Marketing Political Fundraising in the Social Media Era [Infographic] Pop-Up Stores Prove Popular With Retailers Porsche is First Advertiser for Derek Jeter’s Digital Media Venture Porsche Shifts To ‘Everyday’ Image With New Ad Campaign Presidential Pets: A Look Back At Presidential Pets Throughout History [Infographic] Press Releases And Branding For Better SEO Primary Pharmaceuticals Selects MDG for Brand Development Print Advertising is Dead? Not So Fast. Procter & Gamble Deals Directly with Disaster Relief Procter & Gamble Entertains Social Media Over Soap Operas Procter & Gamble Moves More Than 1/3 of Its Ad Dollars to Online and Mobile Programmatic Buying Responsible for Half of All Display Ad Purchases Project Runway Turns to Pinterest and Other Visual Social Media Networks [Social Media Marketing] Protect Your Good Name With Good SEO Protect Your Good Name: 9 Ways To Defend Your Brand With Patent, Trademark And Copyright Public Service Advertising Campaign Harnesses Heartbeats to Fight Child Mortality Pump Up the Volume on Email Strategy in Healthcare Marketing Punch Media Wants to Redefine Tablet Advertising QR Codes Are Everywhere QR Codes in Rio de Janeiro Sidewalks Help Travelers Find Their Way Quick Response Codes Are Catching On Quickly Quick Tips For Improving Your Content Right Now Radio Is Amplifying Radio Plays to Advertisers’ Need for High Returns Raising A Glass To Fight AIDS Reaching Diverse Demographics Through Mosaic Marketing Real-Life Lessons On Taking Content Marketing To The Next Level Recent Research Reveals How Travelers Really Plan Their Trips Recipe for Holiday Pay-per-Click (PPC) Success Red Bull Dares to Make Another Daredevil Video, This Time from Mount Everest Red Stripe Beer Makes Music in London Shop Reddit: A Beginner’s Guide Reflections on 2012 Sustainability Milestones Regulation in Mobile Healthcare Tech is Just What the Doctor Ordered Reimagining the Best Use for Mobile Search and Display in Cross-Channel Strategies Relive All of 2012 in Three Minutes with Whirled’s Latest Google Zeitgeist Video Rendezvous With Art and Ardent Report Details Rise Of Social Media Report Reveals Group Acceptance Of Internet And Social Media Reports Reveals Social Media Spending Threatens to Overtake Paid Search Among Small Businesses Republicans Connected With Social Media For 2012 Research Reveals Major Mobile Impact On Consumer Action Research Reveals That Mobile Makes Up Majority of Time Spent Online Research Shows More Than Half of Bing Users Click on Top Search Result Research Shows Social Media Ads Drive Consumers to Products Research Signals the Success and Growth of Bluetooth Beacons Researchers Map Out U.S. Hubs for Hate Tweets Resources and Tools for Designers Responding to Responsive Design Restaurant Advertising: Echo, Palm Beach Restaurant and Hospitality Marketing: L’Escalier at The Breakers, Palm Beach Restaurant Brands Turn to Social Media Fans to Help Develop New Products Restaurant Discovery App Foodspotting Acquired for $10 Million by Online Reservation Service OpenTable Restaurant Marketing – QSR Culinary Trends of 2012, So Far Restaurants Optimize Rewards Programs to Gain Customer Data and Boost Loyalty Retail advertising and branding. It’s in the bag. Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Trends in 2013 Retailers Can Bag More In-Store Sales by Taking Stock of Digital Shoppers Retailers Spending on Mobile and Instagram to Ring Up Sales Retailers Yearn To Rekindle The Personal Touch Of The Past Retro Photo Series Plays Up Old Video Gaming Controllers Rising In The Ranks Through Competitors’ Paid-Search Campaigns Ritz-Carlton Begins a Digital Dialogue on LinkedIn to Promote Relationships with Small Businesses Ritz-Carlton Hotel Announces New Brand Voice Rolling Out A New Round Hill Ad Campaign Rooftop QR Codes Aim To Infiltrate Google Maps Round Hill Hotel & Villas Recognized at World Travel Awards Rounding Up Top Franchise Solutions at the IFA Convention’s Business Solution Roundtables Royal Baby’s Birth to Be Announced through Traditional Custom and Social Media Rules for Protecting Your Brand’s Color, in Black and White Rumors, Blockbusters, and Controversy Were Top Google Searches In 2015 Running with YouTube Ads: Do Longer Ads Make a Stronger Impression? [Infographic] Samsung Spends Big to Showcase Their Smartphones Saving An ER Billboard Campaign Was Time-Critical! Savvy Online Advertisers Turn to Science for Success Savvy Title Tips For Better Blog Posts Say Hello to “Buy Now” Buttons on Twitter Say Hello, Dalí! at a Surreal Interactive Museum Exhibition Search Doubled Last Year’s Growth Rate In First Half Of 2011 Search Engines and Trip Planning: 4 Things Travel Brands Need to Know Search in a World of Converged Media [Digital Marketing] Search is Going Social in Bing Sidebar with Facebook Friends Search Just Got More Social Search Marketing Results in Higher ROI and Leads Brands to Invest 24% More of Budgets Search Marketing Spend Rises, Attribution, Mobile Analytics Remain Big Concerns Search Trends for Healthcare Content: 3 Key Google Ranking Factors Search Trumps Social For Local Business Information Search Undervalued, Critical to Brand Campaigns-Search Marketing SeaTweetup 2012 Puts the “Social” in Social Media Secrets of the Luxury Winners | Luxury Travel Marketing See Chevy’s Reaction to Facebook’s New Reaction Buttons See How Context and Content Play into How People View Video Ads See How Much Engagement Rates are Moving Up through Mobile Ads See How Slogans Have Captured Our World with Words [Infographic] See How Snapchat Quickly Snapped Up the Attention of Digital Marketers See Social Media Activity in the Real World in Real-Time See the Big Picture of Twitter’s Latest Photo Update See the Big Picture on the Power of Social Media and Native Ads [Infographic] See What the Last 500,000,000 Check-Ins Show About Foursquare See What Travelers Really Want to See in Online Travel Videos See Why and When Men are Cool with Mobile Ads [Infographic] See Why Media Buying is More Complex Than Ever Before See Why Online Video Sharing Platforms Offer Infinite Marketing Possibilities Sensible Social Media Marketing Checklist for Businesses [Infographic] SEO Competitor Analysis in four easy steps SEO is for Social Media as Well as Search SEO Q&A from MDG: How Can a Local Business Raise Its Google Ranking? SEOmoz Acquires Twitter Tool, Confirms Social-Search Alliance Serving Up Burgers With A Side Of Social Media Setting the Record Straight: 5 Misconceptions About Instagram – Hospitality Marketing Seven Rules to Cultivate Deep Mobile Relationships [Mobile Marketing] Seven Steps For Executing Effective Geotargeted Campaigns Seven Ways to Integrate Social, Local, and Mobile (SoLoMo) Seven Ways To Maximize Your Twitter Return Seven Ways to Revitalize Evergreen Content for a Lead Generation Boost Sex in Advertising Campaigns…Does It Still Sell? Share Buttons On Social Sites Raise Exposure Sevenfold Share The SEO Secret To Driving Web Traffic Sharing Content Acquires Profitable Customers Short Film by Target Draws Big Name Talent | Branded Entertainment Short Subject Lines and Other Tips for Sweeter Email Results [Infographic] Should Flat TV Revenues in 2017 Be Watched with Concern? Should You Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website? [Infographic] Show How You Love Chocolate with Hershey’s New 3-D Chocolate Printer Shutterstock is Stocking NYC with Photos to Exhibit New Offshoot, Offset Signature Consultants Makes Its Mark With MDG Signature Consultants Named #1 “Best Staffing Firm to Work For” Signature Consultants Nominated For “Best Staffing Firm To Work For” Distinction Signature Consultants Ranked #1 “Largest Area Technology Consulting Firms” In Charlotte Signature Consultants Rises In Rankings Of Nation’s Largest IT Staffing Firms Signature Consultants Selected as “#1 Best Staffing Firm To Temp For” in the U.S. Simple Tool To Track Your Local Search Engine Positions Six Content Marketing Opportunities You’re Missing Six Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Six Strategies For Never Running Out Of Content Six Tips For Better Email Design Six Ways To Boost Email Subscriber Engagement Six Ways to Prepare Your Brand for Social Media’s Visual Revolution Skin Care Products Marketing: We’ve Given A Leader in the Beauty Industry A Virtual Makeover Small Ads Will Be a Big Thing for Smartwatches Small Business Limps to Olympics as London Sets Advertising Rules Small Businesses Get Nearly Half of Traffic from Social Media Small Businesses Say 2M Facebook Fans Are Better Advertising Than Super Bowl Ad, Star Endorsement, or Twitter Following Smart Talk on Why the Dean of Harvard Medical School is on Twitter Smartphone Plus Tablet Ownership Boosts Mobile Spending Smartphones May Be a Smarter Way to Conduct the 2020 U.S. Census Snack Maker Mondelēz Befriends Facebook as Their Core of Communications Snap Map: What Marketers Need to Know About Snapchat’s New Map Feature Snapchat 101 for Brands: What Marketers Need to Know Snapchat 101: What Brands Need to Know [Infographic] Snapchat Adds Snap Audience Match and Lookalikes to Compete With Facebook Snapchat Announces a Revamped Version to Snap Up Mobile Messaging Market Snapchat Focuses on Adding Advertising Snapchat is Snapping Up the Chance to Get into Native Video Ads Snapchat Rolls Out Pixel Tracking Just in Time for the Holiday Shopping Season Snapchat Shows Up for a Showrooming Showdown Snapchat Shows Up in the News Business with Appearance of “Discover” Snapchat’s Geo-filters Let Brands Locate More Millennial Engagement Snapchat’s Rapid Growth Makes its Competition Virtually Vanish Sneak a Peek at the Top Branded Instagram Videos of 2014 So Kodak: Updating The Idea Of The ‘Kodak Moment’ Soaring Growth of Mobile Video Viewing Reveals Rising Need for Consumable Content Social Commerce: The Hottest Retail Trend of 2019 Social Intelligence Changes View of Hospitality Marketing Social Media Approved by SEC for Company Announcements Social Media Blunders [Infographic] Social Media Demographics: Women Rule, Seniors on the Rise Social Media Expected to Score Major Advertising Spike in the World Cup Social Media is Good Medicine for Healthcare Marketing Social Media is Now a Paid Marketing Platform. And That’s Great. Social Media is Opening a World of Opportunity for Travel Brands Social Media Means Big Business for Smaller Retailers [Infographic] Social Media Monitoring Results in Timely Ad Featuring Injured Olympian, Heidi Kloser Social Media Reviews Rate High in Consumer Trust [Infographic] Social Media Revolutionizes Guerrilla Marketing Social Media Secrets Uncovered 50 Years Ago Social Media Used As Progressive Publicists For New Documentary Social Media Used for Crisis Management in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy Social Media Video Advertising: 5 Trends Every Marketer Needs to Know Social Networks Pursue Mobile Ad Dollars and E-Commerce Social Video Advertising Skyrockets in 2010 Social Video Strategy Pays Off: Red Bull, Google Top Best Social Media List Social vs Search [Infographic] Social vs Search Smackdown: A Battle of Internet Marketing Titans [Video Infographic] Sony Console Hype Amped on YouTube and Twitter Sony Debuts Wearable Tech for Tracking Your Daily Digital Life South Florida Fair Increases Attendance and Social Media Reach with MDG South Florida Fair Opens Tomorrow With Really Cool Stuff South Florida Fair Shows Off A Major Music Line-Up South Florida Fair TV Spot Celebrates 100 Years And Holiday Fun Southern Comfort Gets A Pick-Me-Up From New Media Spodak Dental Group named 2010-2011 Delray Beach Business of the Year Sports Marketing: MDG sponsors the GS Palm Beach cycling team Spring Cleaning for Digital Marketers: Four Things Every Brand Should Do Now [Infographic] Starbucks Goes Gaga For Lady Gaga Starbucks is 2012 Mobile Marketer of the Year Starwood Resorts to Social Media to Market Hotel Brand to Millennials State of the Internet 2015, Part 1: Content Trends State of the Internet 2015, Part 2: Social Media Trends State of the Media: Nielsen’s Social Media Report 2012 States With The Most Social Small Businesses [Infographic] Stay Updated on New Enhancements to Instagram Direct Messaging Stop Risking Your Agency’s Intellectual Property Stop Stalking the World: 3 Tips for Optimized Remarketing Strategies For Social Content That Clicks – And Gets Clicked Streaming Devices to Dominate Mainstream TV Viewing in the Future Struggling, Gen Y Redefines Wants and Needs Study by Twitter and Compete Shows the Influence of Tweets on B2B Tech Audiences Study Predicts Growing Use of Social Media in Healthcare Study Reveals Facebook Marketplace Ads Really Do Work [Social Media Marketing] Study Reveals What Really Increases Twitter Followers Study Says Men Cost Less to Reach with Facebook Advertising Study Shows 2012 Online Ad Spending Expected to Surpass Print for First Time Study Shows Americans are Gripped with Keeping a Tight Grip on Their Smartphones Study Shows Consumers More Open To Online Ads Study Shows Consumers Willing To Share Shopping Data With Brands Study Shows Customers Most Profitable from Search Study Shows Email Marketing Receives a Huge Response from Millennials Study Shows Organic SEO Significantly Undervalued by Marketers Study Shows Responding to Social Media Reviews is Key to Bookings Study Shows Social Media Drives 90% of Consumers to Recommend Brands Study Shows That 39 Percent of Google Search Referrers Now “Not Provided” Study Shows That Email Marketing Delivers Revenue Study Shows That Local TV News Promotes Likeable Views of Ads During Airings Study Shows That Long-Term Advertising Impact Lasts Longer Than First Thought Study Shows That Men Defy Marketing Stereotypes Study Shows That Social Signals Have Highest Results in Organic Google SERP Rankings Study Suggests a “7 Percent Solution” for Mobile Marketing Subway Grabs and Groups Gifs for New Social Media Campaign Subway to Tackle the Ultimate Marketing Challenge Successful Brands Come On Strong Summer Looks Hot for Mobile Advertising Sunglasses Shop in New York City Sees Success by Following Food Truck Trend Sunscreen Ad Revealed Only When the Sun Comes Out Super Bowl Ads Rise in Price and Frequency Super Bowl Ads Score More Fans Than the Game [Infographic] Super Bowl Kicks Off Social Media Blitz Super Bowl Viewers Watching For More Than Just Football Super Bowl XLVI Gets a Social Media Command Center Surprise! Online Ads Work Like Magazine Ads – Online Advertising Survey on the Digital Luxury Experience Reveals Insight on Consumers and Brands Survey Shows Today’s Constant Connectivity is Changing Media Landscape Surveys Fade In The Face Of Social Media Tablet Demand Explodes, Creates Global Phenomenon Take a Front Line Look at the Gotham Font Line War Take a Tour of the Latest Trends in Travel Marketing Take a Trip Through the 16-Year Success of TripAdvisor [Infographic] Take Account Of The Twitter Timeline Take Note of 3M’s New Retargeted Banner Ads Shaped Like Post-it Notes Take Stock of Vince Vaughn’s Funny Business Take Twitter Into Your Own Hands Tap into How Technology Affects the Minds and Motives of Millennials Tap Into The Power Of iPads For Presentations Tap Into the Top 10 Apps of Millennials and Teens Target and Purina Plan to Play Games with Consumers Target Builds Grocery Business with Unusual TV Advertising Campaign Taylor Swift Inspires Refreshing Diet Coke TV Ad Technology Driving Today’s Empowered Healthcare Consumers Technology Inspires Ad Trends for 2012 Television-Viewing Gap is Driven by Devices Tell A Marketing Tale In Eight Words Or Less Thanks for the Memories, Kodak Thanksgiving Breaks Instagram Records—Over 10 Million Photos Shared at a Rate of 226 per Second The #1 Reason Your Website Content is Being Ignored The #HowLifeUnfolds Campaign is Turning the Page for Paper Demand The $20 Trillion Question – Is Your Brand Capturing the Female Brain? The 10 Best Mobile Apps of 2014 for Businesses The 10 Best Real-Time Brand Tweets of 2014 The 10 Best Social Campaigns from Brands in 2015 The 10 Best TV Commercials of 2012 The 10 Best Video Ads of 2014 The 10 Longest-Lasting American Logos The 10 Rules of Modern Marketing: Creating “Customer Love” in The Digital Age The 100 Most Expensive Keywords on Google [Infographic] The 12 Biggest Stories That Shaped the Restaurant Industry in 2012 The 13 Scariest Social Media Fails by Brands this Year The 20 Digital Marketing Influencers Worth Following The 2011 Shift In SEO The 2011 Transformation Of Google’s Search Algorithm The 3 Keys to Creating a Successful Online Quiz The 3 Types of Content that Affect Consumer Purchases The 4 Keys to Creating Exceptional Travel Content in 2016 [Infographic] The 5 Most Important Content Marketing Trends of 2014 The 5 Most Important Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015 The 6 Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes Travel Brands Make The 6 Biggest Product Launch Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them) The 6 Types of Social Clusters on Twitter The 7 Best Holiday Social Posts from Brands (So Far) The 7 Best Social Media Campaigns of 2014 The 7 Biggest E-Commerce Pitfalls to Avoid The 7 Savvy Brands Using Nostalgia to Win Over Consumers The 7 Wonders in the World of Online Engagement for Hotels The 9 Best Billboards of 2014 The 9 Keys for Ranking in Google’s Featured Snippets for Mobile The A-To-Z Guide For Using Images To Engage Followers The Achilles Heel of the Social Media Budget The Affluent Male is an Online Shopper The Age of a Generational Divide in Media Usage The American Consumer: The Latest Demographic Details The Arrival of the “Digital Elite” Traveler The Art and Science of Retail Merchandising is Changing | Retail Marketing The Art of Print Advertising: 50 Stunning Ads The Atlantic Grille The B2B Digital Landscape: No Longer Business as Usual [Infographic] The B2B Digital Marketer’s 2016 Survival Strategy The Best and Most Buzz-Worthy Brands for Social Currency The Best Dad Ads: 10 Brands That Get Modern Fathers The Best Days to Post on Facebook and Tweet on Twitter The Best Digital Advertising of 2012 The Best Time to Send Holiday-Themed Emails The Birth Of A Human-Centric Marketing Approach The Branding Secret Overlooked by Most Businesses The Brands With the Top Relationship Quality on Facebook The Breakers Caters To Every Event The Breakers Palm Beach Celebrated As A Leading Golf Resort For Third Year The Breakers Palm Beach Debuts a New Social Drinking & Eating Experience The Breakers Palm Beach Displays a Successful Retail Strategy The Buyer Journey: A Shift in Media Budgets The Case For Content Strategy In Search Marketing The Changing Economics of Google AdWords [Infographic] The Changing Scope of Advertising [Infographic] The CIA Accomplishes Its Mission of Joining Twitter The Coming Point-of-Sale Revolution The Complete Guide to Google+ Communities The Content Marketing Formula: 70/20/10 The Copywriting Infographic [Infographic] The Cure for Making Patients Engage with Patient Portals The Digital Diagnosis [Infographic] The Digital Habits of US Hispanics: What Brands Need to Know The Dish On Kraft’s Digital And Daring Direction For Older Brands The Doctor-Patient Relationship: Satisfaction and Communication Preferences by Generation The Dollars and Senselessness of Political Campaigning [Interactive Infographic] The Eleven-Letter Word that Continues to Elude All CMOs and Marketers The Era of the Passive Consumer is Over The Evolution of Facebook The Evolution Of Fatherhood: Meet Dad 2.0 The Evolution of SEO in FedEx’s Marketing Strategy The Facts About Which Facebook Posts Click with Consumers [Infographic] The Facts and Figures on How Data Crunchers Influenced the Presidential Election The Fat Has Hit the Fryer with Controversial New McDonald’s Ad The Favorite Retailers, Musicians, and TV Shows of CPG Consumers The Florida Association of Museums Conference Brought Some Sunshine to Palm Beach County The Four Business Stages Of Social Evolution The Four Questions: Getting the Scoop on Viewable Impressions The FTC’s New Native Advertising Guidelines: 5 Things Marketers Need to Know The Future Belongs To ‘Native’ Advertising. Is Your Agency Ready? The Future of Google+ and Its Path to Social Media Domination The Future of Healthcare is Mobile [Infographic] The Future of Mobile The Future of Proximity & Micro-Location Marketing [Infographic] The Geeks Shall Inherit YouTube This Week The Global Hotel Industry & Trends for 2016 [Infographic] The Golden Age of Healthcare Marketing: Fact or Fiction? The Health and Happiness Connection in Hospital Branding The Healthy Way Johns Hopkins Hospital Treats Social Media The Hispanic Healthcare Market: 6 Things Brands Need to Know The Hispanic Healthcare Market: 6 Things Brands Need to Know [Infographic] The History of Advertising [Infographic] The History of Consumer Purchasing [Infographic] The History of Open Source Software [Infographic] The Impact of Cyber Security on Healthcare Brands The Impact Of Increased Competition On Mobile Marketers The Impact of Pinterest [Social Media Marketing] The Importance Of Big Ideas In Social Media Strategy The Incredible Influence of Online Information The Infographic Is Suddenly The Media Uzi Of Choice The Inside Track on Honda’s Low-Budget Social Media Marketing Success The Internet Has Become A Popular Source Of Health Information The Internet of Things Connects Us to Tomorrow’s Healthcare The Key to Engaging Hotel Guests through Social Media The Last Word on 5 Food Marketing Buzzwords The Latest Buzz on What to Expect from Social Media in 2017 The Latest Read on Print and Digital Audiences The Layout Of A Lead-Generating Blog Post The Link Between Facebook Shares And Google Rankings The Link Between Search And Social Media The Makings Of A Mobile Search Campaign The Media Habits of Americans in 2017: Internet, TV, Radio, and Print Trends The Mobile-First Index Survival Guide The Most Memorable Branded Vines of 2013 The Must-Have Guide to Marketing in 2017 The Need for Speed: Why Site Performance Matters So Much The New Digital and Social Media Regime in Political Advertising The New Digital Direction Of The B2B Sales/Marketing Model The New Marketing Mindset Of A Social Hybrid The New Twitter – Everything You Need To Know The New York Times Investigates Stopping Ad-Blocking Software The New York Times is Making News with the Debut of its App, NYT Now The New York Times Starts Charging For Content The New York Times’ Plan to Save Banner Ads The New Yorker “Innovators” Issue’s Augmented Reality Cover The NFL Gets Serious About Domestic Violence in a Disturbing New Super Bowl Ad #NoMore The One Business Basic that Companies are Basing Business On The One Diverse Quality Americans Want More of in Ads The Overwhelming Opportunities For Optimization The Path To A More Private Social Networking Experience The Persuasive Power Of The Craft Of Copywriting The Pet Peeve: Official Mascot of Business Travelers The Picture of Bizarre: Amazon Patent Took a Shot at the Rights to White-Background Photography The Popular Thinking Behind Popular Twitter Topics The Power of Text Message Marketing [Infographic] The Pre-Game Show of Super Bowl Commercials Begins The Quantified Self: Using Technology to Improve Health The Real Story on Using Storytelling to Sell Products [Infographic] The Real Value of Big Data in Real-Time Marketing The Relationship Between Behavior And Search In Consumer Online Spending The Revival Of Radio The Ritz-Carlton Makes Room for User-Generated Content on its Website The ROI of Social Media [Infographic] The ROI of Social Media [Video] The Sad State of Social Media Privacy [Infographic] The Science Behind Making Your Posts Sharable The Science of Brands on Instagram [Infographic] The Science Of SEO The Secret Science Behind the Art of Clickbait The Secret to a Perfect Facebook Post The Secret to E-commerce Success (Hint: It’s Not More Traffic) The Secret To Successful Online Deals The Seven Ps of Customer Retention Marketing The Shift to Native Advertising in Marketing [Infographic] The Skinny on Using “Skinny” in Food Marketing The Small-Business Owner’s Local Search Survival Guide The Social Button Your Travel Website Needs Now The Social Campaign: The Growing Reach of Social Media’s Election Impact [Infographic] The Social Help Desk Revolution [Infographic] The Social Media Report 2012: The Momentum of Mobile The Social Media Report 2012: The Power of Pinterest The Social Network Favorites of Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers The South Florida Fair Is On The Air The South Florida Fair Likes MDG For Social Media The Spending Habits of Millionaires The State of B2B Content Marketing: 6 Things Every Brand Needs to Know [Infographic] The State of Financial Services Advertising: 4 Digital Spend Trends to Watch The State of Healthcare Advertising: 4 Key Digital Spend Trends The State of Healthcare Content Marketing in 2017 The State of Influencer Marketing: What Every Brand Needs to Know [Infographic] The State of Luxury Advertising: 5 Trends to Watch The State of the Internet 2015: Content Trends [Infographic] The State of the Internet 2015: Future Trends [Infographic] The State of the Internet 2015: Social Media Trends [Infographic] The State of the Internet, Part 3: Future Digital Trends The Striking Results Of Google Search Clean-Up The Super Bowl Ads That Won (and Lost) with Consumers The Tech Habits of Seniors: 5 Things Digital Marketers Need to Know The Top 10 Winners in Google’s New “In-Depth Articles” Feature The Top 5 Research-Supported Tactics for Unlocking Solid Marketing Strategies The Top Five Twitter Conversations That Spun Our World in 2012 The Top Three Hotel Marketing Myths and the Truth Behind Them The Top Trends Driving Advertising in 2016 The True Colors of Social Media The Truth About Social Media: It’s Okay to Be a Little Antisocial The Value Of Infographics The Value of Pinterest to Hotel Sales & Marketing The Value Of Variety In Email Marketing The wait is over. The Wilting Sales Of Green Products The Word on Voice Search Optimization in the Hotel Industry The World’s Best Outdoor Advertising, 2011 to 2012 There’s No Avoiding Google+ as Google Gains Ground in Social Media These Must-See Outdoor Ads Got People Talking in 2016 This Holiday Shopping Season, Some of the Biggest Crowds Will be Found Online [Infographic] This Week In History: The Breakers turns back into a hotel after service as wartime hospital Though Multi-Channel Users, Consumers Still Prefer Email Marketing Three Catalysts for Healthy Social Media Networks Three Digital Marketing Initiatives That Will Complement Your SEO Plan Three Mid-Funnel Metrics For Dynamic Digital Video Ads Three Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is Responsible Web Design Three Trends Transforming Online Retail Three Valuable Marketing Lessons That Can Be Learned From the World Series Three Ways To Avoid Violating Google’s Guidelines Three Ways To Get Set For Social Search Three Ways To Keep Up With The Facebook Flux Throwback Thursday Memories Keep Myspace in Your Mind Today TikTok 101: Understanding the Rapidly Growing Social Network Time Inc. is Shattering Taboo by Selling Print Ads on Magazine Covers Tips & Tricks to Help Improve Your Google+ Experience | Social Media Tips and Times to Get the Most from a Blog Post Tips for Using Twitter Ads in Lead Generation Campaigns Tips On Social Media Conflict Management: Insight From Intel’s Facebook Attack To Celebrate 90th Birthday, Y&R Uses Facebook and Twitter Avatars to Algorithmically Create Billboard Mosaic in Times Square To Woo Visitors, Hoteliers Use Internet in Their Hospitality Marketing Strategies Today’s Marketers Can Learn from Yesterday’s Iconic Ads Today’s Most Vital Video Advertising Statistics Top 10 Hospitality Industry Trends for 2012 Top 10 Reasons Why Blogs Have Become the New Ad Unit Top 10 Trade Show Exhibiting Musts and Mistakes Top 10 Trends on Tap for Digital Marketing Top 10 Types of Content That Google Favors Top 12 Web Design Trends to Look for in 2014 Top 2016 Marketing Charts You Can’t Afford to Ignore Top 2016 Marketing Statistics You Need to Know Now Top 3 Tips for Writing a Riveting Press Release Top 3 Trends in the Retail Industry for 2013 Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2012 Top 6 Trends to Follow from Advertising Week 2014 Top Email Marketing Tips for Making the Most of Mother’s Day Top Five Dos and Don’ts for Your Best Holiday Marketing Yet Top Five Industries to Go Mobile [Infographic] Top Five New Targeting Tactics Top Four Reasons Businesses Don’t Get Backlinks Top Hotel Brands Share Social Media Marketing Tactics Top Hotel Social Media Moves of 2011 Top Seven Reasons Search Marketers Should Use Google Webmaster Tools Top Tips For More Effective iPad Presentation Design Top Tips for On-Target Retargeting Campaigns Top Tools of the Informed Marketer – Digital Marketing Top Trends In Web Design For 2011 Top-Ranking Ways To Optimize Video For Search Engines Top-Rated Ways to Get More Online Reviews Touching on Emotions is a Sign of the Times in Samsung TV Ad Tourism and Travel Marketing – Florida Tourism Sets Record for 2011 Tourist Boards’ Hospitality Marketing Dilemma Travel & Hospitality Marketing Receive Highest Email Open Rate Travel and Hospitality Advertising: 5 Digital Spend Trends to Watch Travel and Hospitality Content Takes Flight on YouTube Travel and Hospitality Marketing Budgets for 2019: 4 Trends to Watch Travel and Tourism Marketing: SOAK UP THE CULTURE: NEW PALM BEACH COUNTY RESORT DEBUTS IN NOVEMBER WITH SPECIAL PASSPORT TO ART & CULTURE Travel and Tourism Marketing: Branding Delray’s New Seagate Hotel and Spa Travel and Tourism Marketing: Mistletoe has met its match at the Breakers Palm Beach Travel and Tourism Marketing: The Breakers Palm Beach Makes Fall More Fulfilling Travel Apps Being Discovered by a Growing American Audience Travel Brands Arrive at Higher Email Results Than Retailers Travel Brands Rewarded with High Facebook CTRs Travel Hits the Runway – Hospitality Marketing Trends Travel Marketers Will Be Lost Without These Top Data Tips Travel Marketing Budgets 2016: 5 Must-Watch Digital Trends [Infographic] Travel Marketing Budgets 2016: 5 Must-Watch Digital Trends [Video Infographic] Travel Marketing-Is Frommer’s Remix the Way to Go for Travel Guides? Travel Myths Debunked [Infographic] Travel Search Trends from Google: Top Air, Car, and Hotel Searches for 2015 Travel the Globe, One Noodle at a Time Travelers Looking for Local Information in Social Media Contacts with Hotels TripAdvisor’s TripConnect to Accommodate Independent Hotels for Instant Mobile Bookings Tumblr Distinguishes Itself with Creative Online Brand Advertising Tumblr is Not What You Think Tumblr Launched First Major Paid Advertising Campaign for Adidas Tupperware Clicks With Social Media TV Advertising Ranked Most Influential TV Advertising: Networks Could Pay Close to $500 Million a Year for College Football Playoff TV helps jump in ad sales for first half of 2010 TV Industry Seeks New Data And Improved Ad Framework TV or Not TV—The Rise of Digital Video Advertising TV Outperforms Digital Media with More Viewers Per Minute TV vs. Digital Video: Are We Tuning In or Streaming Out? [Infographic] TV-Digital Marketing Combo Drives Efficiency 17 Times Higher TV-Smartphone Combo Dominates Multiscreen Consumption | Digital Marketing Tweeters Treated to the First Twitter Experience Hotel Twitter Announces New Profile Pages, iPad App: Social Media Twitter Announces Online and Mobile Support for Animated GIFS Twitter Buys Bluefin Labs to Develop Social TV Products Twitter Channels Television into Interactive Social TV Twitter Correctly Predicts Outcome of NFL Playoffs Twitter Debuts Direct Messages and Mobile Video Camera Twitter Follows Its Data to Dollars by Buying Social Data Provider Gnip Twitter Gives Advertisers a World of Options for Worldwide Exposure Twitter Hashtags Become Cultural Phenomenon Twitter Introducing Weather-Targeted Advertising Twitter Launches “Twitter Certified Products”—Partners with DataSift, Gnip, HootSuite, SocialFlow & Others Twitter Launches New Promoted Tweets Features Twitter Makes Mobile Ad Exchange Deal with Omnicom for $230 Million Twitter Opens Up Direct Messages to Include Private Conversations Twitter Passes 200 Million Monthly Active Users for a 42% Increase Over Nine Months Twitter Positions Promoted Tweets At Top Of Timelines Twitter Premieres Its New Nielsen TV Rating System Twitter Quietly Rolls Out New Translation Tool Twitter Refreshes Web Design to Match Mobile Look Twitter Reveals its New Lead Generation Cards Twitter Starting to Share New Promoted Video Feature with Brands Twitter Tailors a New Way to Target Ads with Launch of Tailored Audiences Twitter Testing is Taking Tweets into Google Search Twitter Tests “TV Timelines” to Line Up Timely Talk on TV Shows Twitter Tests New Profile Design That’s Closely Connected to Facebook’s Look Twitter Thrills Marketers With More Tracking & Targeting Tools Twitter to Acquire TellApart to Help Advertisers Get More Personal Twitter to Snap Up the SnappyTV Live Video Platform Twitter to Start Showing Targeted Ads Based on User Account Information and Browsing History Twitter Tries to Post Profits by Selling Promoted Tweets Off-Site Twitter Tweaks Its Retweet Feature to Allow Retweet with Response Twitter Tweaks Its Search Twitter Tweaks Privacy Policy, Adds Custom Digests Twitter Use Up To 13 Percent Among Adults Online Twitter Used by U.S. Defense Department to Announce Major Military Strike Twitter Users Demonstrate “Tribe” Tendencies Twitter Users Want Responses From Brands Twitter’s Click-To-Call Feature Pours Out Direct Response for Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast Soda Twitter’s Hashtag Pages Could Be the New AOL Keywords—But Better Twitter’s Major Milestones Of 2011 Twitter’s New Custom Timelines Make Curating Tweets Easy Twitter’s New Music App Uses Social Signals to Customize Recommendations Two Exciting Exhibitions Debut This Week at the Boca Raton Museum of Art U.S. Display Ad Impressions Climb U.S. Interactive Media Spend to Surpass $103 Billion by 2019 U.S. Mobile Advertising Set to Surpass $1 Billion in 2011 U.S. Mobile Advertising Spending Predicted to Rise 77 Percent in 2013 U.S. Open Courts Fans with Selfie Campaign in New York City U.S. Open Matches Up with IBM and Snapchat to Serve Mobile Crowds U.S. Postal Service Plans to Allow Logos in Permit Imprint Indicia Uncovering The 5 Biggest Content Marketing Myths Understand Today’s Wealth of U.S. Luxury Buyers Understand When to Re-Brand Understand Your Customers with Colored Pencils and Cartoons Understanding Google’s New Feature: Responsive Search Ads Understanding Social Spend vs. Advertising Spend Understanding The Anatomy Of A Link Understanding the Rapidly Moving Mobile Advertising Market Unified Univision Campaign Translates the Power and Profitability of the Hispanic Market Unmask the New Internet Meme of Unicorning Unraveling The Truth Behind Chevrolet’s Bow Tie Update On The Outcome Of Coca-Cola’s “24-Hour Session” Upfront Foods’ Nutty Granola Now Available at Florida Whole Foods Stores Urgent Care Marketing: 4 Strategies for Staying Ahead of the Competition Usage Trends for 5 Top Social Media Networks Use Location-Based Marketing to Enhance the In-Store Customer Experience Use Social Media To Improve Email Marketing Campaigns Use Social Media to Update Your Old Sales Methods Using Emotions To Engage The Environmentally-Friendly Using Mobile Phones to Capture Customer Experiences Using PPC To Increase Conversion Of Organic Search Traffic Vacationing the Social Media Way [Infographic] Vending Machine Reveals How Far People Will Sink for Free Snacks [Video] VeriShow Boosts Online Sales With Integrated Live Chat Buttons Verizon’s Plans for Faster Mobile Should Connect to Mobile Ad Advances Victoria’s Secret Channels Mad Men in Holiday TV Advertising Video and Social Drive Content Marketing Video on the Tough Job of Motherhood Earns Enough Love to Go Viral Video Takes a Starring Role in B2B Marketing View June’s Best Branded Video Advertising Campaigns Virtual and Augmented Reality: What Brands Need to Know [Infographic] Virtual Fitting Rooms Changing the Clothes Shopping Experience [Retail Marketing] Voice-Powered Search Speaks Directly to Brands and Consumers Volvo And MLB Pitch A Mobile Deal Volvo Turns to Twitter Chat for Digital Focus Group Voyat’s New Social CRM Tool Helps Hotels Customize the Customer Experience VW Beetle Revs Up To Return VW Dispatches Dynamic Direct Mail Campaign to Drive Test Drives VW’s Print Advertising Goes Green with Pre-Paid Mailing Label to Recycle Magazine Walmart Launches Local Television Advertising Attacks Want a Sneak Peek At the Super Bowl Ads? Washington State to Launch Voter Registration on Facebook [Social Media] Watch #WishesForBaby, the Fisher Price Campaign that’s Toying with the World’s Emotions Watch a Pizza Hut Box Become a Movie Projector Watch as Virtual Reality Becomes an Advertising Reality Watch for Ads to Start Appearing on Instagram Watch How YouTube Could Take Over the Future of TV Watch Out For SEO Companies Seeking You Watch Social Media’s Reaction to the New Apple Watch Watch Where the Digital Video Audience Is Headed Watch YouTube Channel Itself into a TV Titan in 2014 Watch YouTube’s “Turn Down for 2014” Watching the Olympics Ways To Gain “Green” Responsibility from Consumers Ways To Win Over The Travel Consumer Waze Honors MDG’s Creative Mobile Ad Campaign for MD Now We are Inspired by the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the South Florida Fair & Palm Beach County Expositions We Just Click Wealthy Earn Investment Insight Via Social Media Welcome Guests Back from Booking Sites by Sending Savvy Emails Wendy’s Logo Gets First Update Since 1983 Wendy’s Marketing Makeover Continues with New Responsive Website Design WestJet Presents the Gift of Surprise and Lands an Outstanding Branding Opportunity What Advertisers Want In Brand Video Ad Placements What Are Instagram’s 25 Most Engaging Brands? What Are the Secrets of Brands with Cult Followings? What Consumers Crave From Online Marketing What Consumers Want from E-Commerce Websites [Infographic] What Credit Unions Must Know to Earn the Interest of Millennials What Defined 2016’s Digital Political Strategies? What Did Graphic Design Look Like in 2016? What Do Luxury Shoppers Look Like Today? What Do the New Google AdWords Changes Mean for Advertisers? What Does Ad Position Really Mean for Click-Through Rates? What Exactly is a ‘Social Business’? What Exactly is an Internet Meme? What Experts Expect Will Drive Content Marketing Success in 2016 What Food Retailers Have in Store to Bag Millennials What Generated Buzz at Advertising Week 2015 What If You Could Friend David Ogilvy on Facebook? [Infographic] What Is Geofencing Marketing and How Can It Help Your Brand? What is Quality Content: The Road to Panda Recovery What is the Most Trusted Source of Advertising for Women? What Is The Value Of Facebook Fans? What Makes Millennials Loyal to a Brand? What Marketers Are Missing With Point-of-Purchase Materials What Marketers Hope To Score From The Super Bowl What Marketers Must Understand About QR Codes What Marketers Will Find from Facebook’s New Search Update What Marketers Wish and Want for 2014 What Media Pros See in Ads Isn’t Always What Consumers Perceive What Motivates Travelers to Pick Their Next Vacation Destination? What National Geographic’s Population Series Means To Marketers What Speeds By Faster than BMWs? Their Snapchat Ads. What This Recent Google Search Change Means for Hotel Marketing What to Expect from Advertising in 2012 What to Expect in Healthcare Marketing in the Future What Travelers Seek from Mobile Hotel Apps What Twitter’s New Direct Messaging App Means for Brands What Types of Videos Are Succeeding on Social Media? [Infographic] What Were 2016’s 20 Most Viral Ads? What Will Digital Life Be Like in 2025? What Will Pay Off in Paid Search Marketing in the Future? What Works Best For Facebook Wall Posts What Zipcar Can Teach The S&P 500 What’s a “Like” Worth? Ask Facebook’s Graph Search What’s in Store in 2012 for Consumer Packaged Goods What’s New In The New Rules Of Marketing And PR What’s Next in Native Advertising for 2014? What’s Social Media’s Actual Advertising Contribution? What’s The Blog Idea? What’s the Buzz on Advertising Week 2014? What’s the Forecast for Dove’s Weather-Sensitive #AprilShowers Billboard? What’s the Real Result of Google’s New Search Algorithm? What’s the Real Value of a Facebook ‘Like’ in Social Media Marketing? What’s the Top Marketing Tactic for Small Businesses? What’s Up with Email Marketing Budgets in 2016? What’s Your Reaction to Facebook’s New Feedback Buttons, “Reactions”? What’s Your Social Media Strategy? When it Comes to Ads in Games, These Guys Aren’t Playing Around [Digital Advertising] Where Are Retailers Investing Their Digital Marketing Dollars This Year? Where Can Luxury Brands Expect to Find a Wealth of Future Customers? Where Experts Say Content Marketing is Really Headed Where Is Inbound Marketing Headed? [Infographic] Where Is The Advertising Industry Headed In 2011? Whether It’s Paid or Owned, Healthcare Content is King Whether you’re Nike or a newbie, strategy is key Which Branding Strategy Consistently Works on Social Media? Which Brands are Bent on Poking Fun at Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus Bend? Which Hotel Brands Resided at the Top in US TV Advertising Last Year? Which Kinds of Political Ads Have the Most Persuasive Power? Which Logos Had to Go in 2014? Which Luxury Jewelers Have the Golden Touch with Digital Marketing? Which Marketing Campaigns of 2016 Were Worth a Second Look? Which Marketing Matters To Millennials? Which Marketing Metric Counts More Than Demographics? Which Media Metrics Rate Highest Today? Which Media Power Pair Turns Audiences into Advocates for Brands? Which Social Media Platform Boasts the Wealthiest Users? Which Social Media Platform Is Liked by Social Users Most? Which Social Media Trends Should Brands Be Following? Which TV Ads Are Up For Emmy Awards? Which Types of Marketing Messages Do Consumers Trust Today? Which Word Could Change Our Thinking in Linking Our Digital Strategies? Mocal. Whitney Houston Beats Gangnam Style as Top Google Search Term in 2012 Who Is The Facebook Power User? [Infographic] Who is Winning the Mobile Wallet War? Who Won The Creative Crown In MDG’s College Scholarship Essay Contest? Why 2017 Will Be Full of Surprises for Marketers Why Advertisers Must Get to the Heart of Middle America Why an Emotional Message is Big Business in B-to-B Marketing Why an Engagement Ring is Only a Gem Because of Brilliant Marketing Why And Where The Wealthy Access Social Media Why Aren’t Physicians Attending to Social Media? Why B2B Brands Should Get On Board with Pinterest Why B2B Companies Must Offer a B2C E-Commerce Experience to Succeed Why B2B Marketing Strategists Should Bank on Millennials Why Brands Will Lose Customers Without Creating a Winning Experience [Infographic] Why Businesses Should Go Social To Regain Their Online Identities Why Choose Email or Social Media When Integrating Both Is Ideal Why Content for SEO [Infographic] Why Content Marketing Across the Revenue Cycle is Crucial Why Content Marketing Adds Up to an Asset Why Content Marketing is a Game-Changer for CPG Brands Why Content Marketing is the Last Word in Engagement Why Content Marketing Takes Time to Lead to Results Why David Ogilvy Would “Like” Social Media Why Digital Marketing May Be the Cure for Healthcare Revenue Why Direct Mail Marketing is More Effective Than Ever Why Do Facebook and Snapchat Want to Delete Their “Social” Label? Why Earned Media May Win Over Millennials in 2016 Campaign Why Every Small Business Needs a Local SEM Strategy Why Facebook Is A Leading Link For Attracting Employees And Customers Why Facebook Live Is a Healthy Move for Healthcare Marketing Why Facebook’s “Trending” Feature Matters to Brands Why Good Design Matters for Businesses [Infographic] Why Healthcare Brands Must Create Exceptional Content [Infographic] Why Healthcare Can’t Afford to Ignore Social Media Why Healthcare Marketers Must Take a Retail Approach to Patients Why Healthcare Marketers Must Treat Women’s Perspectives as a Priority Why Healthcare Marketers Need to Use Experience Management Platforms Why Healthcare Marketing is In Urgent Need of YouTube Why Hearst is Taking its Video Ads in a Vertical Direction Why Hotel Brands Must Make Room for Reviews to Bring in Bookings Why Hotels Must Make Room for Targeted Predictive Analytics Why Hotels Must Make Room for Virtual and Augmented Reality Why Hotels Must Resort to Creating Content Like Media Companies Why Hotels Must Welcome Guests’ New Booking Behaviors Why Hotels Should Have No Reservations About Using Digital Marketing Why Inbound Marketing Experts Have Hung Up On the Cold Call Why Inbound Marketing Is Bound to Help Hotels Why Infographics are Important in Content Marketing Why Insurance Firms Are Spending Billions On Eccentric Ads Why IPv6 is a Win for Digital Advertising Why It Pays for Social Ad Budgets to be Managed by Media Buyers Why It’s Time to Call up Social Media for Customer Service [Infographic] Why Lead Generation Is a Leading Factor in B2B Marketing Why LinkedIn is Still the Social Media Leader for B2B Marketers Why Location Data Matters: 4 Big Benefits for Marketers Why Marketers Must Stay Open to Sending Emails Why Marketers Should Still Love Radio Why Marketers Should View Video as a Way to Reach Millennial Women Why Marketing Analytics Matter More Than Ever Why Millennials Opt for the Ease of e-Commerce Over the Call of the Mall Why Mobile is More Than a Marketing Spend Why Mobile Marketing Is the Way to Go for Consumer Engagement Why Omnichannel Technology is Big Business in B2B E-Commerce Why Online Political Ads Don’t Register Like TV Campaigns Why Online Retailers Are Buying Into Brick-and-Mortar Stores Why Online Travel Marketers Must Explore Mobile Marketing Why People Opt Out of Hotel Emails and How You Can Stop Them Why Phone Calls Must Be Placed in Omnichannel Strategies Why Pinterest Is Perfect for Reaching Auto Consumers Why Pinterest Is the Picture of Progress Why Pinterest Makes Dollars and Sense for Retailers Why Quick-Service Restaurants Need to Cook Up Ways to Engage Hispanics Why Reaction is the Hottest Course of Action in Content Marketing Why Real-Time Marketing Should Really Matter to Marketers Why Retailers Must Improve the Site Search Experience Why Retargeting on Facebook is Right On Target for Ad Success Why Search is a Strategic Component of Content and Social Media Marketing Why Selfies Make It a Snap for Brands to Pick Up Exposure Why SEO Is Not DIY For Small Businesses Why Service-Centric Businesses are Diving into the Social Media Pool Why Social Media Deserves Smarter ROI Why Social Media Is A Game-Changer For The NFL Why Social Media is Ideal for Sharing a Shared Passion Why Social Media Matters for CEOs Why Sound Technology Will Be Booming for Advertising Why Supermarkets Must Have Superior Social Media Customer Service in the Bag Why Television Advertising Still Rules Why the Future of Hospitality Requires Accommodating Generation Z Why the Hospitality Industry Must Welcome Mobile Point of Sale Why The Rise of Ad Blockers Is Good for Advertisers Why Today’s Media Planners Have Higher Ratings Than Any Algorithm Why Travel Brands Must Expand Their Social Media Marketing Why TV and Radio Get Higher Ratings Than Narrow Targeting Why TV Still Shows to Be the Most Effective Advertising Channel Why Twitter Users Offer The Biggest Brand Benefits Why Twitter’s New Inline Visuals Are a Boon for Marketers Why Women’s Fashion Brands are Designing for Men Why You Need a Mix of Analytics and Creative to Make Your Marketing Click Why Your Brand Needs a Soft Side in Marketing to Millennials Why Your Brand Should Get Into the Streaming Game Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Social Media Why Your Healthcare System May be Struggling to Survive Will “Pay-Per-Gaze” Give a Whole New Look to Digital Advertising? Will Chatbots Change the Conversation About Social Media? Will Facebook’s New Atlas Lead to Better Ad Targeting and Metrics? Will IBM Watson’s Data Treat Patients to a Better Healthcare Experience? Will Instagram’s Rise Leave Twitter Following Behind? Will It Be Better to Use Inbound or Outbound Marketing in 2017? Will Mobile Ads in Windshields Drive Consumers to Buy? Will Social Media Silence the Ad Council’s Public Service Messages? Will the Apple Watch Be Good for the Healthcare Industry? Will the Improving Real Estate Market Spark Another Insurance Ad War? Will You Be the Next Big Health Story on YouTube? Will Your Hotel’s Vanity Website Affect How You’re Viewed in Search? Winner of MDG’s Seventh Annual Scholarship Essay Contest: Meet Natalie Olsen Winning at Losing Weight with the Dr. Bernstein Diet Wise Ways To Use Green Advertising With Medium, Twitter Founders Want to Reimagine Publishing. Again. With News Feed Overhaul, Facebook Delivers Your “Personalized Newspaper” With Olympic Advertising Campaign, P&G Thanks Moms on a Global Scale With Pepsi’s New Social Media-Driven Vending Machine, What’s Not to Like? WolframAlpha Introduces Expanded Personal Analytics for Facebook Women’s Predominant Power In e-Commerce Word Count and Positioning in Successful Email Marketing Words Including ‘Look’ and ‘Watch’ Don’t Engage Facebook Fans [Social Media Marketing] World’s Best Print Ads 2011 to 2012 – Print Advertising World’s Best TV Advertising, 2011 to 2012 Would You Rather Score 2.5 Billion Online Impressions or a Single Super Bowl TV Ad? Wrigley and Mondelēz Try to Sweeten Gum’s Image Yahoo Calls For More Creative Digital Ads To Win Market Share Yahoo Taps Anchorman Crew to Recap the Year’s Top Searches Yelp Serving Up Direct Food Delivery Services Through Start-Up Partnerships You Won’t Believe How Hotel Engagement Affects Guest Reviews You Won’t Believe How Many Americans Are Constantly Online You Won’t Believe How Often Travelers Reach for their Mobile Devices You Won’t Believe the New Faces of the #PepsiMoji Ad Campaign You Won’t Believe Which Media Content Consumers Really Use You’re Ignoring What B2B Buyers Really Want from Marketing Your Search is Over for the Marketing Trends of 2016 [Infographic] YouTube Advertising 101: What Marketers Need to Know YouTube Amps Up Interactivity and Profitability of TrueView Video Ads YouTube Finds that Mobile Viewers Will Even Watch Online Ads They Have the Option to Skip YouTube Hits 4 Billion Daily Video Views YouTube is Playing Up Its Streaming Stars to Mainstream Magazines YouTube Links Up with Google to Enhance its Comments Section YouTube Now Watched by 15 Percent of People on Planet Earth YouTube to Launch Paid Subscriptions in Step Toward Monetizing Online Video Content YouTube: 2012 in Review [Video] [Infographic]