NRCC Targets Political Ads Based on District through Google AdWords – Political Advertising

Politicians will now be able to target their messages to voters by Congressional district through the use of a new Google AdWords tool. Traditionally, AdWords had only allowed for targeting by city or zip code, but this new tool will make the targeting of political ads much more precise. The tool arrived just in time for the re-mapping of districts that occurs every 10 years. reported on how this targeting technology will affect the future of political advertising.

This new digital tool will allow for online targeting via search, mobile, display, and video ads specifically within each district’s borders. It’s already being used in five districts by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), and included one Maryland district that became much more competitive after a dramatic remapping that skewed the traditionally Republican district in a more Democratic direction. This new NRCC campaign featured ads about Democratic candidates who voted against tax cut extensions, in an effort to convince voters that Democrats don’t understand how to repair the economy.

While the ads delivered 131,000 impressions and 2,000 click-throughs to the landing page, the political ad campaign’s real return on investment will be demonstrated at the polls. The NRCC will also analyze impressions per district in comparison to the number of voters and leads acquired from voter email registrations.

This new targeting tool is only being used for political advertising right now, but it has enormous potential for brands to target their ads and increase their audience share based on a district’s political views.

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