InMarket Sends Coupons to Grocery Shoppers In-Store With Apple’s iBeacon

InMarket Sends Coupons to Grocery Shoppers In-Store With Apple’s iBeacon
While grocery shoppers used to search for coupons, now coupons are searching for shoppers. That’s the idea behind InMarket’s mobile marketing strategy to use iBeacon technology to send shoppers coupons, grocery list reminders, and special deals as they stroll through the supermarket aisles. As iMarket starts to roll out the system, the Associated Press explained how this in-store innovation will be able to track down shoppers to help them track down savings.

iBeacon is Apple’s in-store micro-location technology and it’s considered a more advanced form of GPS. The way it works is that iBeacon transmitters are set up in stores and use Bluetooth technology to send deals to smartphones based on the shopper’s location and proximity to products. It’s much more precise than GPS, which is not as adept in smaller spaces.

While iBeacon is still fairly new, it’s already used by some retail brands, but InMarket is the first business to bring it to the grocery store.

To get a taste of this digital deal finder, shoppers must download an InMarket app that includes the iBeacon feature, and then opt-in to be sent the grocery store savings.

While iBeacon is already available in Giant Eagle and Safeway markets in many major cities, InMarket plans to expand the service to more than 150 stores within the coming weeks. By the end of 2014, expect to find this feature for finding shoppers in thousands of stores nationwide.

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