Will Facebook’s New Atlas Lead to Better Ad Targeting and Metrics?

Facebook plans to debut an advanced advertising platform that will improve the ways marketers target and measure their ad buys throughout the Web. The name of the product is Atlas, which is fitting because it “maps” out how Facebook users interact with ads Web-wide, including on apps and third-party websites. It is designed to give marketers greater insight into the ads that gain users’ attention, interaction, and action. Atlas will also feature an automated ad-buying tool known as a “demand-side platform,” which will allow for buying ads that target Facebook users as they navigate the Web. Facebook is hopeful that this new product will help them acquire a larger share of online ad space. The Wall Street Journal featured more on the arrival of Atlas.

Right on Target for Better Targeting
With Atlas, marketers will be able to link users’ ad interactions to their Facebook accounts. This will allow them to learn about users’ online behavior outside of the social media network. It will supply valuable information regarding their real-world purchasing habits and history, as well as the ads that capture their attention and the digital devices they use for various purposes. While Facebook already collects consumer data from users’ behavior on the social network, Atlas will extend this ability to their actions on the rest of the Web.

What Atlas Means for Mobile
According to industry insiders, Atlas will make the biggest difference in mobile advertising. Today, consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices than their desktops. But since many tracking methods aren’t compatible with mobile, marketers are left in the dark about user behavior on mobile. But once Atlas provides the ability to gain insight from mobile activity, marketers are likely to be more willing and able to put money into mobile advertising.

Facebook plans to introduce Atlas at next week’s Advertising Conference. During its unveiling, the company also plans to discuss the concept of using Atlas in the offline arena. For instance, a customer could provide their email address when making an in-store purchase. Then, Facebook could use that email information to supply the retailer with data about the customer’s past exposure to the store’s online ads.

As Facebook prepares to present this advanced advertising tool, marketers are anxiously awaiting the many online and mobile opportunities that Atlas could offer.

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