Ford Print Ad Features Optical Illusion

New Ford Print Ad Features Optical Illusion
Ford is proving that print advertising remains a traffic-stopping medium by using optical illusion in its new print ad. The automaker used a 100-year-old optical illusion to create the clever ad that gives viewers the visual impression that they’re parking a car. posted the print ad and explained the power of the illusion is a spin on the Hermann Grid Illusion that makes the eye create images that aren’t there. Check it out.

The black-and-white ad features two black cars parked on a city street in front of one white car with a black dot in its center. The copy instructs viewers to stare at the black dot in the white car for 30 seconds and then move their eyes to the parking space between the two black cars ahead of it. Then by the magic of optical illusion, the viewer’s eyes should fill that empty parking space with another black car.

Take a look for yourself to see how this Ford print ad is catching our eyes by fooling them.

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