Facebook Contributes “Donate Now” Button for Nonprofits’ Pages and Ads

Donate Now- facebook button-non profit marketing

Facebook hopes to help nonprofits connect and collect contributions, the social media leader has developed a new “Donate Now” button that organizations can add directly into their pages and link ads. Facebook created this button to help nonprofits drive donations and convert social engagement into charitable contributions. Adweek.com shared more on how this button should give nonprofits a helping hand in helping others.

Giving a Direct Link to Donations
Nonprofits have had great success with fundraising through Facebook. For years, organizations have used the social media leader to raise awareness and support for their philanthropic causes, as well as connect with people who share their concern.

And with the new Donate Now button, it will be easier than ever for nonprofits to seek donations from their many social media connections.

A World of Support
Such social donations have made a difference for a number of causes around the world. For instance, Facebook donations for earthquake recovery in Nepal this April totaled $10 million in only three days. And countless other local, national, and global causes have found Facebook to be a valuable site for support.

The American Cancer Society has already added the Donate Now button to its Facebook page, right beside its “Like” button. This prominent placement is intended to prompt people to donate immediately and do it directly through Facebook. Contributions can easily be made simply by typing in their credit card information.

The ALS Association is also using this new button. The organization had phenomenal social fundraising success with their viral Ice Bucket Challenge. Now, they are using this fundraising feature to drive traffic to their website.

With this new Donate Now button, Facebook is providing the ability to make contributions just a quick click away.

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