10 New Trends That Are Capturing the Attention of Digital Marketers

10 New Trends That Are Capturing the Attention of Digital Marketers
Digital marketing is constantly evolving, with new changes and concepts emerging each week. This makes it difficult for digital marketers to keep up with the latest ideas and innovations. But which trends should be top priorities over the next few years? Inc.com shared some big trends worthy of attention and action.

1. Streaming Video
Live video streaming on Periscope, Meerkat, and Facebook is more popular than ever and is finally going mainstream. There’s no denying the power of video, but live streaming makes it even more effective. In order to leverage live video, digital marketing experts need to get a greater grasp of the kind of content their customers, followers, and target audience want. This insight will result in the most effective live video promotions.

2. Stronger Email Marketing
Email is already one of very best digital marketing techniques, but a new movement is ushering in a more aggressive style for email capture and marketing. But in the age of online clutter, marketers no longer fear disruptive concepts like pop-ups and lightboxes, so expect for these assertive approaches to now dominate email marketing.

3. “Buy” Buttons
Purchase is the goal of marketing. And buy buttons streamline the purchasing process for consumers. As a result, both Twitter and Pinterest are now using buy buttons, while Google is seeing great success with their Purchases on Google integration. Expect for more content, search, and social platforms to introduce these buttons to help ease and expedite the purchase process.

4. Native Advertising
With paid advertising on the rise, expect a larger share of business budgets to be allotted to native advertising. Even though they’re more discreet than direct ads, they’ll continue to prove their effectiveness in capture and conversion.

5. Marketing Automation
Today, marketing automation has a much greater role in the digital marketing environment, with the marketing technology industry valued at $20 billion. As a result, marketing automation will gain an even larger share with improvements in technology and as businesses discover the value of automation.

 6. Wearable Devices
With more and more consumers using wearable devices, it’s time for marketers to figure out the most worthwhile ways to leverage the technology. They’re already being used for geo-targeting and health tracking, but these are just the beginning of their countless capabilities. That’s why marketers have to determine even more ways and reasons for consumers to use them each day.

7. Cross-Channel Connected Devices
Today, connected devices are completely at home, both at home and in the workplace. They allow consumers to cross-reference devices for maximum convenience. With the emergence of newer devices, marketers need to prepare to connect the value of these cross-channel connected devices to their brands.

8. Better Data for Better Decisions
Businesses of all sizes and scopes have started relying on data to determine their marketing strategies. With better data comes better decisions, content, and conversions. Luckily, it’s easier than ever for marketers to access the most powerful and personal data to achieve the best results.

9. A Mobile Focus
With the ubiquity of mobile users and devices, brands need to ensure that their content is more than mobile-optimized. Now, it must be directly mobile-focused to provide mobile consumers with the most relevant content for the context.

10. Personal Brands
Consumers want to feel like they’re purchasing from people, rather than cold corporations. That’s why more and more brands are conveying a more personal image in both their strategies and content. This warmer, friendly persona helps consumers feel more in touch with the brand and promotes a real relationship.

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