Small Ads Will Be a Big Thing for Smartwatches

Small Ads and Smartwatches

The time has come for advertisers to get wise to the smartwatch. Watch for advertising spending on smartwatches to soar to $68.6 million by 2019, according to a new study from Juniper Research. This will be a substantial rise over its estimated $1.5 million ad spend this year. This growth will be driven by the arrival of respected brands like Apple into the smartwatch market. While smartwatches hold big advertising potential, they also have smaller screens. That’s why now it’s the time for advertisers to develop smaller ad formats so they’re ready to engage watch-wearers at a moment’s notice. featured more of this very timely research.

As smartwatches rapidly evolve, watch for the emergence of an additional viewing screen. This should greatly increase advertising interest by increasing opportunity. Yet until such advances are accepted by a large market, most digital advertising spending will focus on ad hoc efforts.

In addition to creating smaller ads to suit the limited space on smartwatch screens, advertisers also need to consider the behavior aspects of smartwatch wearers. Most consumers will look at their smartwatches for only seconds at a time. Advertisers need to find creative ways to capture their attention and engage them with a single glance.

And now that programmatic advertising has become an integral part of the digital advertising arena, the study predicted it’s just a matter of time until programmatic plays a role in the smartwatch ad spend.

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