MDG’s New Healthcare Marketing Report Examines How to Get Healthy Consumer Response

As consumers become more and more empowered about their healthcare decisions, marketers are realizing the critical need to proactively pursue these potential patients and foster ongoing conversations in the interest of generating long-term relationships. Today’s healthcare consumers have the technology and knowledge at their fingertips to find healthcare providers, products, and support at a moment’s notice. As a result, healthcare marketing strategies must include the numerous digital, mobile, and social media opportunities to position their brands on these channels in order to reach consumers actively seeking information and insight. To help healthcare marketers and brands tap into the most viable and valuable strategies today, MDG created a comprehensive report called “Driving Change in U.S. Healthcare Marketing.”

It offers expert guidance on the most powerful and profitable ways to position the healthcare brand as one worthy of trust, recommendation, and long-term loyalty. It also reveals how to harness new media for maximum reach, results, and referrals. The competition for these consumers has never been stronger and one missed opportunity can drive consumers directly to a competitor. Fortunately, “Driving Change in U.S. Healthcare Marketing” both identifies and simplifies the most worthwhile ways to keep healthcare brands in touch with consumers—and on top of the competition.

“Driving Change in U.S. Healthcare Marketing” reflects the most successful strategies and tried-and-true healthcare marketing methods gleaned from MDG’s extensive experience propelling medical service brands, hospitals, practice groups, and healthcare products to great success. That knowledge, coupled with our advanced expertise in leveraging the latest digital marketing opportunities to reach consumers at every touchpoint, is now available to you in this indispensable report.

Don’t wait any longer to get the healthy returns your marketing deserves.

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