6 Ways to Use Video to Get People Buzzing About Your Brand

6 Ways to Use Video to Get People Buzzing About Your Brand
Brands hoping to create buzz in the market are enthusiastically embracing videos. You don’t have to look further than Old Spice and Red Bull for memorable examples. Online video can be a lucrative way to go when you consider that consumers watch more than 6 billion hours of videos on YouTube each month. In fact, Cisco predicts that within two years, two-thirds of mobile traffic globally will be video, according to a recent article on MarketingProfs.com.

Here are some suggestions for creating successful videos for your brand.

1. Keep it short. One of the fastest-growing segments is the short video, popularized by apps like Instagram and Vine. It’s been documented that short videos on Vine are shared four times more often than any other type of online video.

2.  Be clear about your goal. Know the difference between conversion videos and engagement videos. Conversion videos drive sales, while engagement videos are designed to attract subscribers to your YouTube channel.

3. Make sharing a priority. This means using an open discovery platform such as YouTube, Vine or Facebook. After all, if your video is easy to find and share, it will likely reach a lot more people.

4. Evoke the human element. Your videos should make the viewer feel something and care about your brand as a result. Don’t treat your videos like press releases. Move your audience by telling a story.

5. Understand your audience. Don’t aim to be all things to all people. You can’t expect to speak to a 70-year-old grandmother the same way you’d approach a young adult male. Know who you’re talking to and what makes them tick. Then speak to them in ways that will resonate.

6. Innovate and stand out. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope. You want to rise above the sea of videos you’re competing against. If your video doesn’t make your audience at least a little uncomfortable, it’s not likely to break through the wall of mediocrity.

Embrace video as a powerful tool for building awareness and sales for your brand or product. The sky’s the limit when you consider the enormous potential of this rapidly emerging format. And don’t be afraid to experiment as long as you stay true to your brand and to your audience.

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