The Best Days to Post on Facebook and Tweet on Twitter

The Best Days to Post on Facebook and Tweet on Twitter

Which days do brands post most often to Facebook and tweet on Twitter? Which days are best for driving engagement such as Likes, comments, and retweets?

what days to post on Facebook
recently tackled these questions in a series of blog posts. In its Facebook analysis, the company examined over 2 million updates from 23,000 brand pages posted between April 30 and July 28. It found that page admins for brands prefer to post between Tuesday and Friday, and they often disregard Saturday and Sunday.

However, Facebook posts on Mondays were found to have the greatest chance of ranking in the top 4,000 most-engaging posts of that day, followed by Wednesdays and Fridays.

Weekends didn’t work out as well for the studied brands, with Facebook updates put up on both Saturdays and Sundays showing slim chance of ranking in the list of most-engaging posts for those days.

Best day to post on Twitter
In contrast, Socialbakers’ Twitter analysis, which examined the 1,000 most- engaging tweets between April 1 and July 2, found that Fridays had the largest quantity of engaging tweets and Saturdays had the highest relative engagement rate (engagement proportionate to the number of tweets).

Does this mean that all brands should tweet on Saturdays and post to Facebook on Mondays? Not necessarily. Engagement on social networks varies widely based on topic, target demographics, seasonal trends, and many other factors.

Nonetheless, the analysis is a good reminder that customers use different social networks in different ways, and that posting when there is less competition from other brands can sometimes lead to more engagement.

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