Creative Writing Resources for Beginners

Creative Writing Resources for Beginners

Creative writing is a literary art that involves writing text that appeals to an intended audience and employs the imagination. Creative writing is often fiction, from a full-length novel to a short story. This form of writing can also be suitable for presenting nonfiction, putting a creative twist on real people, places, or events. Creative writing can also involve writing poetry, songs, screenplays, and personal essays in a wide variety of styles. Creative writers seek to entertain their readers while sharing their ideas, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. By tapping into the imagination, it’s possible to inform and engage readers with riveting plots, dynamic characters, and appealing dialogue. Descriptive text can present vivid settings, imaginative events, and emotional exchanges between characters.

Anyone wishing to try creative writing can start by brainstorming ideas and then begin fleshing out their ideas on paper or a computer. By investing time in this task daily, a creative writing project can develop and flourish. Allowing flexibility in the creative process also means that it’s permissible to begin one project and switch to another if inspiration strikes. Because creative writing is unique to each writer, there are few absolute rules and guidelines. Keeping the writing process fresh and fun helps ensure that the final product will be engaging and imaginative. Finishing a creative writing project can be a source of great pride for any writer.

10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing

Creative writing of short stories is a unique process, different from writing a full-length novel, because the plot needs to be more direct without distractions.

How to Write a Creative Essay (PDF)

A creative essay is a concise nonfiction document that presents or describes an idea or opinion. Memoirs and autobiographies are examples of creative essays.

An Introduction to Writing Characters in Fiction

Writing fiction involves creating and developing characters who will be integrally involved with the conflict and resolution of the storyline.

A Brief Overview of Reflective Writing (PDF)

Reflective writing involves an assessment of personal growth, outlining struggles and successes as well as future goals.

Creative Writing 101: Show vs. Tell (PDF)

The common directive of showing rather than telling in writing means that the writing needs to be vivid and descriptive enough that readers can imagine the characters and events as they read.

Creative Nonfiction

Creative nonfiction blends facts with a creative flair that may involve variations in voice, tone, character development, and setting.

What Is Creative Nonfiction?

Although creative nonfiction stories are based on true events, the writing mixes styles, flavors, and techniques to make it more entertaining.

Seven Steps to Write Your First Novel

Writing a novel involves thought about the audience that will read it, exploring ideas, choosing a direction, and then expanding the ideas into a story.

Creative Writing Fundamentals (PDF)

Although somewhat subjective, creative writing should appeal to the five senses by enabling the reader to visualize the words and ideas they read.

Creative Writing 101

Creative writing may involve fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or other types of projects that express a writer’s ideas and feelings.

Creative Writing Tips From Famous Authors and How to Incorporate Them Into Your Own Work

Successful writers share creative writing tips about character development and storytelling.

Start Your Summer Right: Five Creative Writing Tips

Simplifying sentences is important to keep the text engaging and interesting for readers.

Creative Writing Tips

Writing prompts are one way to get ideas for creative writing, but many authors also keep a notebook of ideas about potential stories.

My Favourite Writing Tips

Effective writing involves instituting a work routine and small goals to work toward to achieve a final objective.

Five Simple Mental Health Tips for Creative Writers

Taking time for mental health is important for anyone, especially someone with creative writing goals. Spend time outside, exercise regularly, socialize with others, and maintain a workable writing routine.

Sentence Length: The Power of Placing Periods

Short sentences can be jarring for readers. However, writers may also use short sentences to create a powerful impact in some situations.

Eight Short Story Writing Tips From a Dean of Creative Writing

When writing a short story, start with an idea of the total word count, pick a theme, and then make every word purposeful and integral to the story.

Creative Writing Tips From Harvard’s Faculty

A short story will be about specific circumstances of the characters, but these characters and the situation also have an underlying world that needs to be interwoven into the story.

What Is a Creative Writing Course?

Taking a creative writing course can help a novice writer learn about using observations and ideas to develop plots and characters.

Top 10 Tips to Infuse Your Essays With Creative Writing

Creative essays may involve a narrative that discusses events, or it may be descriptive or lyrical in nature, using imagery and descriptions to present an idea or topic.

Write What You Want to Read (PDF)

Each fiction genre has specific elements that make it unique. When writers write what they know and would enjoy reading, they are often more successful.

Tips for Creative Writing

Sometimes, a creative writing project can start with a unique title that grabs interest and leads to a riveting plot.

The 10 Writing Quotes That Shape My Writing Process

When the writing process is challenging, reading quotes from other writers can be encouraging and enlightening.

Four Tips to Incorporate Creative Writing in Any Subject

Even when writing about real events or people, it’s possible to incorporate creative writing techniques that will make the writing more vivid and interesting for the readers.

Eight Creative Writing Tips From Kurt Vonnegut

In a creative writing project, every sentence needs to advance the events in the story or reveal something about a character.

How Creative Writing Can Increase Studentsā€™ Resilience

Anyone struggling with finding an idea might benefit from using writing prompts designed to help a writer focus on a feeling or event to incorporate into a story.

50 Creative Writing Prompts to Enrich Your Craft

Writers can develop and hone their techniques with point of view, dialogue, character development, and tenses by engaging in writing exercises.

Writing Prompts for Middle School (PDF)

Prompts may provide ideas about specific events to write about, or writers might explore ideas and feelings.

Writing Prompts for Kids

Children who are interested in writing can also use writing prompts to help them gain valuable writing skills.

Romance Writing Prompts

These romance writing prompts may be the inspiration needed for writers to create their own creative romance manuscript.

Journal Prompts

Writing prompts may be as simple as describing a time when an author was brave or imagining a trip to the moon.

Creative Writing Prompts

A writing prompt can help writers describe an event or feelings as they construct a narrative.

Creative Writing Prompts for Graduates

Use these prompts to choose a theme or story for a creative writing project.