Why It Pays for Social Ad Budgets to be Managed by Media Buyers

Why It Pays for Social Ad Budgets to be Managed by Media Buyers
It looks like media buyers are a better link to social media ad budget management than social teams. This social media strategy was revealed in a recent report from Forrester called It’s Time To Separate ‘Social’ From ‘Media.’ It found that media buyers were much more experienced than social teams with today’s targeting technology, as well as optimizing budgets for social networks, and the range of social ad models offered by social media sites. Despite these discoveries, 50% of companies currently have their social media spending handled by their social teams, while only one-quarter is being managed by their actual media buyers. Now that paid advertising has become the leading form of social media marketing, companies can’t afford to make a mistake with their media buying. MediaPost.com shared more on why media buyers are the right connection to social ad budget management.

Familiarity Nets Better Media Buying Decisions
According to the research results, media buyers were more well versed and well-seasoned than social teams with the growing array of social ad models. They have a keener understanding of the options being offered on both mainstream and niche social media sites.

Knowledge Delivers Dividends
Today, social media’s value is determined by more than engagement. Social sites are now offering value-added benefits like lower cost-per-acquisition and behavior-based metrics. Media buying experts tend to understand these matters much more than social teams. This deeper knowledge of media-centric advantages makes media buyers better at negotiating deals and savvier at selecting options for optimal results. And since media buyers are well aware of the overall media strategy, they can optimize their social budgets to balance their other media buys.

“Media buying is quickly becoming channel-agnostic and dependent on technology to allocate budget effectively across audiences in real time,” cited the report. “Keeping social ad budgets with social teams creates inconsistency across audiences and fails to leverage real-time channel optimization technology.”

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