3 Reasons for Marketers to Integrate Media with Creative

3 Reasons for Marketers to Integrate Media with Creative

Creative and media have long lived in separate spheres, but thinking has recently come full circle and it’s changing the shape of the advertising industry. As economies of scale disappear and technology transforms the system, big media buying agencies no longer offer a cost advantage. And marketers see that integrating creative and media can make their advertising efforts more effective. As a result, many think that 2014 will be the year of agency integration, so AdAge.com shared their reasons why.

1. Exchanges Have Equalized Media Buys – Today, programmatic tools automate the media buying process by plugging into exchanges to purchase. These exchanges price the inventory based on supply and demand, rather than giving deals for buying power, which was conventionally done. This means that big agencies can no longer use their clout for discounts and no longer offer special savings.

2. Collaboration Complements the Creative Process Now that people view multiple media at the same time, they get a multitude of messages they tend to tune out. But the way to make your message stand out is by making it outstanding. It must be creatively clever and media savvy to give the greatest value. And this can only be done by forming a team of creative thinkers and media experts.

3. To Put an End to the Blame Game When one agency handles media and another develops creative, no one is responsible and no one is in control. Each seeks credit for success, while neither wants credit for any failure. But when media and creative work together, then everyone collaborates to make the marketing message work.

Despite any past creative differences, the industry is finally realizing that integration is imperative for the best outcomes.

“When creative teams are conceptualizing, it’s integral that they know which media are being considered to ensure that the creative elements can be executed properly,” said Karen Bleier, MDG’s media director. “Including media experts in the creative process provides the opportunity to develop innovative, cost-effective media strategies based on the creative concepts and campaign goals.”

With marketing getting more complex, every part must be integrated to create a cohesive impression. That’s why integrating creative and media will streamline the message and align everyone’s efforts.

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