Which Marketing Metric Counts More Than Demographics?

Which Marketing Metrics Counts

If you’ve been counting on demographics to reach the right consumers at the right time, research shows you may be missing more than 70% of mobile shoppers. That’s because demographics fail to factor in consumer intent. Demographics simply identify general characteristics, yet fail to focus on what consumers want or why they want it. But by understanding consumer intent, it’s easier to reach and connect with consumers at the moments they’re open to marketing messages. ThinkwithGoogle.com explained how responding to consumer intent offers more than demographics in the age of digital marketing.

Connecting with Consumer Intent
When consumers want or need a product or service, they tend to turn to online search. These are the times when they’re open to discovery and ready to make decisions. These intent-filled moments have now become known as micro-moments and they are the ideal opportunity to reach and resonate with shoppers. By tapping into consumer intent, it’s easier to meet a shopper’s needs at the moments that matter most. That’s why understanding consumer intent is the way to earn greater revenue, results, and relationships.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Micro-Moments
While the science of consumer intent may sound simple, you need to know how to put it into practice. The way to respond to consumer intent is to be ready at their moment of need and respond with the content they want. Start by including the following tactics in your marketing:

  1. Be ready and waiting: When shoppers start searching on Google and other digital channels, you need to be ready, willing, and able to respond to their needs.
  2. Prove your value: It’s not enough to be present when shoppers are searching. You need to offer content that’s useful in their moments of need. Research shows that more than half of smartphone users bought from a company that gave them useful information. If you don’t provide valuable content that meets shoppers’ needs at the moment they need it, they’ll look for it from someone else.
  3. Show how your brand can help: When a micro-moment occurs, you need to clearly demonstrate ways that your brand can provide a solution or ease a consumer’s experience. Consider creating how-to videos, giving lists of local inventory, providing important product details, and offering instant purchase options.

By understanding consumer intent, you can reach more shoppers at the moments they’re ready to give you the sale.

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