New E-book: “How Millennials Killed Travel Marketing As We Know It”

Travel marketing isn’t what it used to be, and you can thank Millennials for the change. This crowd thinks, acts, and books travel differently than any generation before them. And if you want to travel in their circle, you’d better do the same. A new e-book from MDG, “How Millennials Killed Travel Marketing As We Know It,” helps marketers understand the Millennial mindset and their distinctly different travel agenda.

For example, Millennials are expected to spend more than $2.5 trillion in 2015, with a large chunk of that dedicated to satisfying their wanderlust. They’re more likely to travel than any generation before them—and are 23% more likely to travel abroad. They also tend to stay for longer durations and aren’t afraid to mix business with pleasure. They take an average of five business trips per year, often extending them into personal vacations.

Here’s what this informative e-book can teach you about attracting their business:

•    Why Millennials don’t engage with brands in the same way as previous generations

•    Who and what influences Millennial travel decisions

•    What types of travel experiences they prefer and simple ways to create them

•    Where they head before booking travel

•    The best channels for reaching this on-the-go group

•    The need to deliver a consistent message across multiple devices

•    Twelve tips to keep this ad-leery audience from tuning out

•    How to ensure that your customer experience lives up to the Millennials’ high expectations

•    Why it’s critical to earn their loyalty now

This highly detailed new e-book gives travel marketers invaluable insights and essential tips for developing an effective hospitality marketing strategy to gain and retain the lucrative Millennial travel market.


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