Twitter Premieres Its New Nielsen TV Rating System

After much anticipation among advertisers, Twitter has rolled out its Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings system across the U.S. The system was designed to detect the number of tweets that mention certain shows, as well as the number of Twitter accounts reached by those tweets. explained how this new ratings system is expected to translate tweets about TV shows into ratings and revenue.

While the number of tweets about a TV show is certainly important, it’s the reach of those tweets that really matters to Twitter, Nielsen, and advertisers. After all, the power of Twitter lies in its ability to broadcast information to a global audience, so the extent of the audience that sees those tweets is the true measure of the show’s awareness.

According to Nielsen subsidiary SocialGuide, the new rating system uses a variety of techniques to track and filter tweets about TV shows. As the system evolves, it will be able to further distinguish data by recognizing the difference between tweets from the viewing audience and mentions from celebrities about their own TV shows.

The TV ratings system is still new, so Twitter and Nielsen haven’t commented on the number of advertisers and networks currently using it. But the introduction of a ratings system that can reliably measure the impact of tweets on TV shows is both good news for advertisers and proof of the great power of social media.

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