DealDash Tops Facebook’s List of Top 10 Worldwide Brands by Absolute Number Measured by PTAT

What does an auctions-based Web player offering discount items have in common with the world’s biggest soda brand? Well, both rank in the list of top ten worldwide brands that people are talking about on Facebook. In fact, DealDash topped the list of “Top 10 Worldwide Brands by Absolute Number” measured by PTAT, Facebook’s “People Talking About This” metric. Adweek recently reported on the discount underdog’s incredible user interaction and brand loyalty.

Facebook launched PTAT in 2011 in an effort to inform marketers of the effectiveness of their presence on the social media network, rating brand posts according to how much interaction they generate, such as the number of likes, comments, mentions, and shares.

According to research conducted by SocialBakers, DealDash ranks as the number one brand, beating such heavyweights as Walmart, Dove, Visa, Samsung, and Disneyland. DealDash, with its more than 1.1 million Facebook fans, has surpassed world-leader Coca-Cola and its nearly 65 million fans—an astonishing feat.

The overwhelming success of DealDash is proof that smart, engaging content can overpower that of even the biggest brands. With brand continuity and ingenuity, virtually any brand can rise in the social media sphere.

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