Hands-Free Interactive Radio Advertising to Play to the Mobile Market

Interactive Radio Advertising
Instant gratification is coming to interactive radio with the launch of XAPP Ads. This revelation in radio from leading audio ad technology company XAPPmedia will enable listeners to respond and interact with a streaming commercial’s precise call to action simply with the sound of their voice. This direct-response system is a hands-free, eyes-free, and worry-free way for consumers in the car and on the go to take action on an ad. RainNews.com reported on this radio announcement to show how technology is helping this traditional medium channel mobile-minded audiences.

“This is the first ad format that allows you to interact by voice,” explained XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie. “What’s unique is that we use a typical radio ad format, then prompt the user for a specific request. The user just has to respond to that exact request.”

With XAPP Ads, interactive radio listeners will be able to instantly dial a phone number, request a coupon, or download a mobile app with a quick verbal command or comment.

While the patent-pending technology powering these XAPP Ads may be advanced, the company is making their message and the user experience simple. They realize that mobile audiences are attracted to mobile devices for the way they ease and expedite their daily lives. Voice-activated ads tune in to consumers’ needs by reducing the time and trouble of having to manually reply to ads on the spot or remember to respond at a later time.

The convenience of instantaneous action is also music to the ears of Internet radio advertisers and publishers because it significantly increases the rate of response to their ads.

XAPP Ads are designed to work on the iOS and Android mobile operating systems. They are especially suited to serve consumers in their cars for two reasons. First, listening to the radio is a popular activity among drivers. Also, the ease of having voice activation to respond to ads eliminates the need, the effort, and the risk of having to look away at a screen or reach for a mobile device while driving.

While there is great potential for partnerships with automakers that manufacture self-contained digital dashboards, XAPPmedia is first focusing on integrating the technology with drivers’ phones and attracting publishing partners. These partners, as well as advertisers and their branding firms, will appreciate that the company has made ad creation extremely easy with a cloud-hosted tool that inserts the voice-activation technology into pre-produced radio ads in a matter of minutes.

With all of these benefits and true convenience for mobile consumers, advertisers, branding firms, and publishing partners, XAPP Ads appear to be truly in tune with what the world wants to hear from radio.

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