Understand When to Re-Brand

Your brand is your image, but sometimes your image needs an update. A brand needs to evolve with the times, tastes, and trends in order to lead, not follow. Re-branding keeps you current, compelling, and competitive and helps you capture attention. To understand when it’s best to re-brand, SmallBusinessBranding.com featured some rules for re-branding.

It’s important to realize re-branding is both an art and a science. And it involves much more than just tweaking a logo or updating a website. It’s a holistic shift that greatly improves the perception of your brand. While some brands are wary about touching their image, others re-brand much too often. The secret is knowing when it’s right to re-brand and doing it for the right reasons.

Have your sales slowed or has your growth stopped? Then re-branding can give your business the powerful boost it needs. It can bring positive change to your image and keep your company culture in tune with your target. Think of re-branding as a way to grow and evolve with the needs of consumers. No matter how old or established the company, every brand must keep up with the times and make sure they stay real and relevant.

Re-branding is also a way to take your business to a higher level. Branding firms recommend that you review your brand on a regular basis. If it doesn’t reflect your intentions and goals, then determine what you would want it to be and re-brand in that direction. This is the ideal time to update your image, freshen your message, and distinguish your brand as a leader.

But how do you know what needs to be done? To make sure you re-brand with no regrets, consider working with branding experts. Branding firms have the skills and savvy to pinpoint your needs and plan out your process. Then you can move ahead with confidence that you’re moving your brand in the proper direction.

Remember, re-branding is not a one-size-fits-all process. You need to be honest, be smart, and be open about where your brand stands today and where you’d like it to go. Only then can you re-brand in a way that’s right for your culture and customers.

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