5 Trends Transforming Tomorrow’s Digital Advertising

5 Trends Transforming Tomorrow’s Digital Advertising
With all eyes on digital advertising over the last few years, all attention always turns to the annual Internet Trends report where marketers discover which tactics, techniques, and technologies will drive digital advertising in the future. This year’s report found several significant trends about mobile, social, and digital that marketers need to know. Adweek.com featured these timely trends to offer a glimpse at the direction of digital advertising.

1. Mobile Ad Revenue Soars, While Desktop Stays Stagnant 
The study shows that mobile ad revenue is far outpacing its desktop-based counterpart. In fact, Internet ad revenue reached $60 billion in 2015, which was 20% higher than in 2014. And mobile ad revenue grew by more than 66% in that time, compared to the mere 5% growth of desktop. Now with consumers spending 25% of their time on mobile, experts say that this presents a $21 billion untapped mobile opportunity for U.S. brands. Now is the time for brands to move into mobile since it’s how people will consume media in the future.

2. Facebook and Google Earn Enormous Ad Revenue
From 2014 through 2015, Facebook saw a 59% increase in ad revenue, with the majority of ads on mobile devices. And Google saw an 18% rise in ad revenue during the same period. Google’s growth may seem small in relation to Facebook, but not when considering how all other digital players together only comprised 13% of total growth. This shows how Facebook and Google are stealing the spotlight in digital advertising.

3. Shorter Videos Get Bigger Results
According to the study, shorter is sweeter in digital video. In fact, a recent Snapchat campaign for Universal Pictures’ Furious 7 generated more than 14 million views. Snapchat’s seconds-long format makes it essential for videos to be short, which is clearly appreciated by viewers as seen by these results. This trend toward shorter videos is expected to continue for several years.

4. Chat is the Talk of the Future
Today, more and more brands are warmly embracing chat-based marketing. This approach appears to be very popular, as seen in the rapid rise of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat over the past few years. Experts predict that chat-based marketing will continue to generate both benefits and buzz in the future.

5. Millennials Keep Connecting to Facebook
Facebook continues to a popular place for Millennials, even though some reports claim that the social network has become too common to be cool for these younger adults. In fact, research shows Facebook is used by more than 90% of Millennials—and that these young adults spend more time on Facebook than any other social network.

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