YouTube Finds that Mobile Viewers Will Even Watch Online Ads They Have the Option to Skip

According to YouTube, mobile viewers are three times more likely to watch a pre-roll ad and click on it, than to choose to skip it. This surprising finding came from YouTube’s new TrueView mobile ads, an innovative ad product where advertisers only pay when their ads are viewed. With one-quarter of YouTube’s views coming through mobile devices, it appears that TrueView ads offer great potential and profits for advertisers. reported on the reasons and results of this mobile ad acceptance.

The logic behind this ad attitude is based on the idea that watching an online video ad may be an unexpected request, but it only takes a minute or two, so it’s a small price to pay for the reward of viewing the video.

Then, factor in the fact that both advertisers and YouTube have the detailed demographic data to target an ad to the viewer’s interests. This makes the ad much more relevant to the viewer and increases the likelihood that the ad will be watched and clicked on for more information.

Since YouTube is designed for interaction through entertainment, viewers are already in the mood to choose and watch a series of videos. Due to this mindset, there’s a good chance that viewers will choose to watch a TrueView video ad.

Now, YouTube is promoting TrueView to gaming sites. This move makes sense since gamers have an interactive inclination when they’re gaming and would see a relevant ad as yet another source of compelling interaction. By bringing TrueView into the realm of gaming, Google is making another stride in its ongoing competition with Facebook for mobile and social media advertising dominance.

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