You Won’t Believe How Many Americans Are Constantly Online


Did you know that Americans are logging more time logging on to the Internet than ever? According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 21% of Americans say they’re almost constantly online, while 73% of Americans go online daily. To learn more about Americans’ time and tendencies online, featured more findings to show our ways on the Web.

While Pew Research has previously conducted surveys about Internet frequency, this is the first time that participants were given the response option of “almost constantly.” While this reveals Americans’ enormous dependence on digital technology, there is also no way to measure just how much this segment has grown over the past few years.

A Log of Americans’ Internet Time
Overall, Americans are logging a lot of time online. According to the survey:

  • 21% go online almost constantly.
  • 73% of Americans go online daily.
  • 42% are online several times a day.
  • 10% go online about once a day.
  • 13% go online several times each week or less.
  • 13% say they do not use the Internet at all.

Age Affects Time Online
The survey also distinguished our digital differences by demographic. Not surprisingly, younger adults spent more time online than older adults. Among ages 18 to 29, 36% go online almost constantly, while 50% go online multiple times a day. Yet for the 65-and-over segment, a mere 6% go online almost constantly and only 24% are online multiple times a day. And teens logged more online time than anyone, with a whopping 92% going online at least once a day.

Segments Spending the Most Time Online
Analyzing the results even further, Pew Research discovered that certain groups were online most often. These included:

  • College-educated adults, with 29% online almost constantly and 89% online every day.
  • Adults in higher-income households, with 28% that have annual household income of $75,000 or more online almost constantly and 91% online daily.
  • Urban and suburban residents, with 23% online almost constantly.

Mobile Makes a Difference
Americans with mobile devices are more likely to be online than people without smartphones, tablets, or other mobile means. Among mobile-connected Americans, 87% are online daily and 27% go online almost constantly. For Americans without mobile access, 65% are online daily and only 8% report going online almost constantly.

As you can see, the Web is a way of life for Americans today, so marketers need to make the most of this mainstream digital access.

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