4 Healthcare Brands That Are Using YouTube Right

With more than 1 billion users and 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube has clearly moved far beyond being simply a home for user-generated cat clips.

Yet many brands, especially healthcare brands, still haven’t fully embraced the network; in part this is because of lingering weariness, but the hesitancy is also rooted in not knowing exactly where to start.

Delay no longer. Thanks to a few pioneering brands, it has become clear over the past few years that YouTube is an excellent outlet for distributing healthcare-related content.

In particular, the four brands below are excellent models to follow for using the platform to build interest and engagement.

1. Cigna

An analysis by Performics last year found that Cigna gets the most views per video on YouTube of any major healthcare provider. What’s the secret to its success? Largely, that the company commits ad spend to serve its short pieces as pre-rolls before other YouTube videos.

While that may sound like cheating, it’s actually a great example of how to use YouTube right. Cigna has devoted time to developing specific digital short-form ads—the videos are around 15 to 20 seconds on average—and it’s targeting relevant content and audiences. In other words, the company is creating its YouTube videos with a very clear purpose in mind.


2. GE Healthcare

YouTube’s Creator Playbook for Brands constantly stresses the importance of developing engaging videos. Why? Because, as the guide puts it, “Compelling videos can bring in new viewers, introduce them to the rest of your content, and build a loyal fanbase.”

GE Healthcare does an excellent job of drawing audiences in by showing off its products in engaging ways. For example, this simple, but compelling, HD ultrasound piece has garnered 168,000 views.


3. Novartis

Life hacks are one of the staples of YouTube, with tens of thousands of videos on the platform explaining how to do everything from tying a tie to falling asleep better.

Earlier this year, Novartis smartly took this trope and used it for a much more serious purpose: highlighting creative ways to make everyday tasks simpler for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS). The “7 Small Life Hacks That Make a Big Difference” already has nearly 74,000 views.


4. CMN Hospitals

The patients at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals often have inspiring and heartbreaking stories.

On its YouTube channel, the organization does an excellent job of highlighting some of these tales. The pieces range in topic and length (some go as long as 13 minutes), but all are presented beautifully and tastefully.

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