Voice-Powered Search Speaks Directly to Brands and Consumers

Voice-Powered Search Speaks Directly to Brands and Consumers
Now that search has become a part of our daily lives, both brands and consumers are finding that voice-powered search is music to their ears. Brand marketers appreciate the way that voice-activated search generates an abundance of consumer data and enables them to create more personalized, relevant, and compelling brand experiences. Consumers crave voice search because it makes their online searches more convenient, immediate, and natural. Adweek.com reported on why voice search will be the last word in search in the future.

Why Voice Search Sounds So Appealing
While keyword-based searches are useful, voice search allows consumers to express themselves using natural phrasing that mimics spoken language. This lets their searches be much more precise and relevant. It also eases the search process on mobile devices since consumers are on the go and want hands-free, hassle-free search capabilities. And thanks to advances in technology, voice-activated search results can now be delivered via a voice or a list on a mobile app.

Why Search Is the Talk of the Marketing World
As search becomes more and more popular, accumulating a massive amount of consumer information regarding their interests, desires, and preferences is being accumulated. In addition to delivering general details on the geographics and demographics of consumers, search records each consumer’s search interests, purchasing patterns, and personal likes and dislikes. And the rise of voice-powered search is producing data that’s more personal, reliable, and relevant. This insight is powerful to marketers because it allows them to craft their marketing messages to meet consumers’ specific needs, which greatly increases the likelihood that consumers will act on these messages.

Why Marketers Need to Find Their Voices in Voice Search
As marketing rapidly evolves, voice search is becoming the preferable and predominant style of search. As a result, it’s presenting many new opportunities for brands to reach consumers at any place and any time with highly personalized marketing messages. And since technology allows marketers to know where users interact with both online and offline content, they can tap into that information and use it as both a guide to consumer behavior and a guideline for their marketing efforts. This will produce messages that are more effective for a brand and more relevant for a consumer.

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