Take Note of 3M’s New Retargeted Banner Ads Shaped Like Post-it Notes

3M's New Retargeted Banner Ads Shaped Like Post-it Notes

3M has made a noteworthy change to its retargeted banner ads to make them strike the right note with consumers. These banner ads are known for following consumers around the Web and repeatedly showing them previously viewed products, which has made these ads a sticking point for many. But 3M has made a major change to these banner ads by re-shaping them to resemble their popular Post-it notes and allowing viewers to write on them. AdWeek.com posted more on how this concept should stick with consumers.

3M's New Retargeted Banner Ads Shaped Like Post-it NotesTo improve the perception and performance of its retargeted banner ads, 3M transformed them into interactive tools that can enhance the user experience. Now, these ads feature virtual Post-it notes where users can write helpful notes or important information. So when these banners suddenly pop up at another time, they will be viewed as more of a help than a hindrance.

In addition, turning their retargeted banner ads into the brand’s iconic Post-it notes reinforces both 3M’s brand image and the usefulness of their products.

Recently, the advertising agency Proximity Russia used these new retargeted banner ads in a campaign. The agency worked with a number of banner networks to post the Post-its on leading websites in Russia. When the banners were clicked, they led to a Post-it page where users could create or edit notes of their own. Overall, these new banners resulted in a much more positive online experience.

With this creative new ad retargeting concept, 3M may be re-writing the banner ad experience.

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