Social Media Reviews Rate High in Consumer Trust [Infographic]

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Trust is a must in social media because people are sharing and showing private aspects of their lives. When this sharing extends to shopping, consumers need to trust that these social media product reviews are reliable and responsible. Today, social media is viewed as truthful, according to the Social Recommendation Index released by Social Media Link. It showed how social media recommendations have scored the trust of shoppers. These results were revealed in an infographic, which was recently posted by And while Facebook was deemed the most trusted forum by 71% of respondents, the other social media networks are rapidly gaining approval. For a look at how consumers place their trust in social media, see what was shared in the infographic.


Social Media Range of Reliability

According to the Index, respondents trusted different sites to different extents for product recommendations:

  • 71% had faith in Facebook
  • 67% relied on retail sites
  • 64% pinned trust on Pinterest
  •  Approximately 60% believed in blogs, YouTube, and manufacturer websites

Primary Purchase Persuasion

Social media product reviews from certain social contacts were perceived as more persuasive:

  • 77% of respondents trusted online reviews from family and close friends
  • 53% were sold on reviews from professional connections
  • 37% believed bloggers and acquaintances

Reasons for Review

Respondents chose to submit social media reviews for many different reasons, such as:

  • 93% for a positive brand experience
  • 79% after receiving a free sample
  • 71% after a negative experience
  • About 65% to share a coupon or helpful advice with others

The Influence of Insight

The type and tone of recommendations can affect their effect on audiences:

  •  83% of respondents said that personal stories were most impactful
  • 77% would be persuaded to purchase after viewing 10 positive social media reviews
  • 74% value a list of pros and cons
  • 62% are swayed by star ratings

As you can see, consumers have built a bond with social media, and now they’ve built a trust for it.

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Infographic by SocialMediaLink.

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