Why Real-Time Marketing Should Really Matter to Marketers

Why Real-Time Marketing Should Really Matter to Marketers
Consumers love social media because it’s up-to-the-minute and breaks down the latest matters that matter to users. Its real-time, responsive nature also makes it appealing to marketers who are using it to share news and views about their brands with consumers. According to the new 2015 Wayin Real-Time Marketing Report, 64% of real-time marketers have leveraged breaking news on social media in the past year. And 78% of these brands have earned an ROI of at least 50% on their real-time marketing investment. Marketers are aware of how real-time marketing provides value across greater business goals, but they also believe that “real time” should be as immediate as possible. Unfortunately, most marketers feel they lack the resources to integrate user-generated content in immediate, impactful ways. To learn more about how marketers view and value real-time marketing, MediaPost.com revealed results from the timely report.

Real-Time Response Time
Marketers define “real time” in a few different ways, yet they all believe that response should come as immediately as it can. The report found that 49% of marketers think that response should occur within minutes, while 26% believe it should come in only seconds, and 18% feel a response within hours is fine.

Reasons for Real-Time Marketing
The beauty of real-time marketing is that enables brands to achieve a wide range of goals based on their business objectives. In fact, 59% of marketers will increase their real-time marketing budgets over the next year, while 66% intend to specifically raise their social media marketing spend. The report revealed that marketers are directing their social efforts in the following ways:

  • 56% toward developing customer relationships
  • 55% for event promotion
  • 51% to complement current content
  • 49% to expand social media reach and engagement
  • 48% for enriching e-commerce strategy
  • 47% toward identifying potential customers and markets

Creative Uses for Consumer Content
While most brands focus their social media marketing efforts on direct social response, many are taking the social content created and shared by consumers and using it on other brand channels. This social content is valuable because it shows approval and advocacy. According to the report, around 50% of marketers display this social content at live events in real time, as well as analyze it for message development, integrate it into social media marketing campaigns, or feature it on the brand’s website.

ROI from Real-Time Marketing
While all of the social and promotional benefits of real-time marketing are important, there’s no denying that the ROI it generates is a fundamental focus. Fortunately, its returns have been outstanding. In the report, more than one-third of marketers had an over 50% return on investment, while nearly half saw a 26% to 50% return that they attribute directly to real-time marketing.

With social media consuming so much of consumers’ time and attention, it’s easy to see why more and more marketers are making really good use of real-time marketing tactics.

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