Instagram Update Features New Editing Tools and Post Notifications

Instagram Update Features

Instagram’s popularity has the photo-sharing site striving to constantly improve its image. As a result, Instagram has just released an update that will make it easier to edit photos to show their true colors, as well as follow favored friends and users. posted more on this update that features two new editing tools and more specific subscribing options to make Instagram look better than ever.

Fuller Fade
One of Instagram’s two new editing tools focuses on fade, which softens an image’s colors to create a more subtle effect. While the app’s filters provide a similar subtlety, they only focus on certain parts of an image. But the new fade tool produces more uniform fading to fully fade an image. And it features a slider that lets users easily control the strength of the fade. This fade tool can be found on the app’s adjust menu, along with the other tweaking tools.

Color Creativity
The other new editing tool concentrates on color. With this new editing tool, users can easily adjust the colors of an image by adding tints and tones to its highlights and shadows. There is also the option to only color certain parts of the image. Current color choices include red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and pink. The final effect will depend on the lightness of the image and which hues are used. This tool is also found on the adjust menu, but without a slider control.

Special Subscribing
Along with these two new editing tools, Instagram’s update makes it simple to subscribe to posts from specific users. To implement this feature, users must go to the selected person’s profile and enable the “Turn on Post Notifications” option found in the “…” menu at the top right corner. Once the option is enabled, Instagram will deliver push notifications whenever the selected users have shared a new post.

Both of the new editing tools and post notifications are now available for both Android users and iOS users.

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