What Marketers Will Find from Facebook’s New Search Update

What Marketers Will Find from Facebook’s New Search Update
Facebook’s latest search update called Search FYI will provide users with personalized search suggestions, but what will be the net result for marketers? With Facebook’s newest update to its search function, the social giant will now deliver personalized search results that include posts from the whole Facebook community, along with timely topics and current events. Users will find that it adds the convenience of search to social media, while marketers discover new ways to share their content and connect with consumers. eConsultancy.com shared more on how the social search update will give social media marketing experts more links to consumers.

The Timeline of Facebook’s Search Evolution
Approximately one year ago, Facebook updated its search function to provide search results that included posts from a user’s family, friends, and other social connections. But Search FYI expands on that search functionality by returning search results from everyone on Facebook.

With the launch of Search FYI, Facebook has gotten one step closer to challenging Google’s search dominance.

The End Result for Marketers
A primary reason that Facebook developed Search FYI was to encourage users to engage more with content. In addition to helping users discover more relevant content, this directly benefits marketers because it gives them more content marketing options.

The new update is expected to completely change Facebook’s content marketing landscape. It will give marketers even greater opportunities to gain exposure for content and reach new consumers. As a result, marketers will have a powerful source of new referral traffic to their websites and will also be able to leverage search to increase their Facebook audience.

Moving forward, Facebook should become more important than ever for marketers. While Facebook’s current 1.5 billion searches per day may be fewer than Google’s, this remains a significant number of searches that is expected to soar with the update.

But since the update is still new, marketers should just wait and watch for the impact that Search FYI will have on their overall Facebook metrics. While there are many good reasons to think that Facebook search is about to become a major marketing tool, it will take time to learn its true value and for Facebook’s vision to come to life.

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