Discover How to Choose and Use Voice Search or Text Search

Voice Search or Text Search

With the expected emergence of voice search, search marketers will have an alternative to traditional text-based search. Both let consumers search the Web quickly, just one with their voice and one with their hands. While neither has targeting yet, they do have distinct qualities that marketers need to know and should act upon right now. explained their top two actionable differences.

1. Voice Search is Expressed in Question Words

Point of Difference:
Text-based searches typically involve typing in a topic of interest, while voice-based searches usually use phrases in the form of a question. These question phrases begin with who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Interestingly, the question phrases of voice searches can convey important information not revealed in text-based searches. Using the purchase funnel to visualize the search process, marketers can gauge a consumer’s level of intent by the phrasing of their questions. For example, a voice search starting with “how much” would reveal much greater intent than a search that begins with “who is.”

Plan of Action:
Search marketing specialists should incorporate these question phrases directly into their keywords. Start by reviewing a search term report and then develop question phrases that are appropriate for the brand or product.

2. Text Searches are Noted by Fewer Words

Point of Difference:
Research shows that two-word searches are the most common kind of text search. There’s a notable decline in text searches with three or four words, followed by a slower descent for text searches with five or more keywords.

Plan of Action:
Search marketers must closely examine their longer tail keywords to detect longer-length patterns. It’s also smart to integrate more question phrases, along with the appropriate positives and negatives.

Where Search Marketing is Heading
Until better targeting for voice and text searches is available, the searches themselves can reveal great insight. That’s why search marketing experts should use the specific phrasing of searches to optimize both their marketing and the consumer search experience.

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