YouTube Now Watched by 15 Percent of People on Planet Earth

As further evidence of the explosive popularity of social media, Google just announced that YouTube has hit one billion unique monthly users. This translates to almost 15 percent of the people on the planet, and according to Google, it reaches nearly one out of every two Internet users. This should come as little surprise to fans of the video sharing site, who have been spending more and more time both watching and uploading YouTube videos, and then sharing them with their social media networks. As a result, YouTube has experienced explosive growth and become the Web’s most popular video site. Still, Google must be having the last laugh since the search giant was widely criticized for spending the astronomical sum of $1.65 billion to purchase the up-and-coming video site in 2006. Now, it’s clear that this acquisition is paying off in spades. covered more of the details of YouTube’s Web and world domination.

This viewership milestone comes shortly after YouTube celebrated its first billion-view video late last year with Psy’s Gangnam Style dance video. In 2013, YouTube has already had much to celebrate. Acclaimed director Ridley Scott recently signed on to create a dozen short films for YouTube’s Machinima channel, while Google proudly announced that YouTube now is running ad campaigns for all of Ad Age’s Top 100 brands. And just last week, the site launched its new channel and talent-search contest with Simon Cowell.

This rapid trajectory of growth shows no signs of stopping. Google recently expanded its Partner Program to major Middle Eastern countries and is currently exploring smaller areas in the thriving region. Further east, Asia appears to be the next hot spot for YouTube. Google just needs to convince mainland China to stop blocking the video service.

Google realizes the extraordinary potential of YouTube and has been steadily investing in the site’s evolution. The latest upgrade was the addition of YouTube searches to Google Trends data, which will now allow users to track the fame of particular online videos over the years.

With the virtually limitless popularity and possibilities for YouTube, all eyes are on the video-sharing site as it continues its journey to take over the Web and the world.

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