Make Your Content Close the Sale for You

Make Your Content Close the Sale for You

The days of the hard sell and pushy pitch are over. Today’s consumers are taking charge of the sales process and virtually leaving the salesperson out of it. When consumers determine a need, they no longer need to seek out the seller since a quick search on Google can lead them to content about any product or service. In fact, 70% to 90% of the buyer journey occurs before they ever contact a vendor. Since the salesperson no longer has a voice in the discovery process, sellers need to let their content make the sale for them. This holds true in both B2B and B2C industries where a new sales process has emerged, based on building buyer relationships by creating compelling content. While it can be difficult for growing companies and start-ups to develop relationships with a large audience, content marketing makes it easy by building your credibility and letting you become the buyer’s partner. To make your content make the sale, offered these tips.

  • Let Your Content Create the RelationshipToday, sales is about building meaningful customer relationships so buyers come directly to you when they’re ready to purchase. And the way to create those relationships is by meeting their needs through your content. Use your content to relate to prospects on a personal level and inform them how a product or service can meet all of their needs. Then through your content, your business can show its expertise and establish a bond of trust with the buyer that leads to a lasting relationship.
  • Develop Content That Speaks to Customers’ InterestsShow consumers that your company understands their needs by creating content around their concerns. Feature posts that address their needs in order to pique their interest, and then lead them through the sales funnel with company blogs and white papers. All of these readers are valuable leads that your business can nurture into relationships.
  • Maintain Connections Through Your ContentAfter you’ve learned what a prospect needs, provide them with content that focuses on their best options. Then, continue engaging them with relevant content to establish your company’s expertise and overcome any objections. Sharing customer-focused content can lead prospects through the purchase process in a friendly, informal way that will make buyers enjoy doing business with you.

By making content your sales tool, the customers will come to you.

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