Why Content Marketing Adds Up to an Asset

Why Content Marketing Adds Up to an Asset
While companies are always concerned about the bottom line, it’s important to view content marketing as one of the top priorities because it pays off in many ways. Companies willingly invest in technology, people, and equipment because these are viewed as valuable assets that aid in earning and returning revenue. But content generates awareness, exposure, and sales that also contribute to revenue. This proves that content is just as much of an asset as all of those other investments. And all of these assets work toward building the greatest asset of all: the brand. Hubspot.com explained why content is considered an asset that companies can’t afford to ignore.

Content Secures Sales
When a salesperson closes a sale, take a close look at how he secured it. Typically, it involves the company’s website content, collateral materials, social media, blog posts, lead generation campaigns, emails, videos, and other marketing efforts. If this content were not available, the prospect probably wouldn’t have purchased.

Content Measures Marketing Success
Today, there are tools that can gauge the success of a company’s content marketing efforts. They pinpoint the performance of every aspect to explain the effectiveness of each effort. To measure your content marketing efforts, monitor these metrics:

  • Sources of website visitors
  • Web page activity
  • Blog post readers
  • Online form submissions
  • Keyword rankings
  • Ratio of leads to sales
  • Sales from all sources

Content is the Voice of Your Brand and Business
In addition to providing metrics that measure a brand’s success, content also expresses views and news to serve as the voice of the company. It defines the principles and practices of the business to both unite the organization and bring it closer to consumers.

Content marketing works in so many worthwhile ways that it’s clearly a business asset. Treat it as an important investment and it will result in returns and revenue.

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