Three Valuable Marketing Lessons That Can Be Learned From the World Series

Marketing shares some striking similarities with the World Series. For one, both the sport and the sale rely on an enormous amount of data about the specific elements in play. In addition, the performance of each element can be greatly affected by a variety of factors and their past performance can both predict and produce the eventual outcome. These are just the beginning of the parallel points, with the World Series offering important lessons that can be used to improve the marketer’s game. tossed out the top three lessons to be learned from baseball’s biggest event.

1. Determine Your Hot Spots With a Heat Map – Marketing heat maps can pinpoint the success of marketing campaign components. To make your map, list the various activities in your marketing strategy and then distinguish the criteria for three categories as cold, warm, and hot. Establishing these criteria will provide the opportunity to adapt your definition of success. Next, use the metrics from the latest marketing campaign to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign’s activities. This analysis results in a heat map that distinguishes the most successful campaign elements with solid data while providing insight that can be applied toward both current and new marketing campaigns.

2. Play a Mix of Moves – The best pitchers continuously mix up their pitching styles to keep players guessing and use the element of surprise to their advantage. Marketing professionals should apply this principle to their campaigns since playing the same strategies over and over will make them much less effective. By mixing up the approaches, marketing campaigns will appear fresh and catch consumers by surprise. The best way to accomplish this goal is to build the new campaign off of a previous one and modify each element to make it unique and unexpected.

3. Run With Your Instincts When the Facts are Founded – In both baseball and marketing, some decisions are made with the head and others are made with the gut. Trust these gut instincts to increase the likelihood of success since they are often a combination of feelings and facts that result in the winning plays and most effective marketing campaigns.

By applying these three tips from one of the world’s largest sporting events, marketing pros can score greater success and really hit home with their target markets.

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