Twitter Opens Up Direct Messages to Include Private Conversations

Twitter Opens Up Direct Messages to Include Private Conversations
Twitter is easing personal connections between companies and consumers by expanding its Direct Messages feature to include the option for follow-free private conversations. Now, Twitter users can personally and privately communicate with any user at any time, without having to follow each other. By revising the restrictions of Direct Messages, Twitter is making itself more valuable than ever to both brands and consumers by easing and enabling the personal connections that enhance customer service, build better relationships, and boost brand loyalty. This move is also making Twitter even more of a challenge to other social media sites as it continues on its path toward digital domination. gave a closer look at how this update will let Twitter users create closer connections.

A Direct Look at the New Direct Messages

With updated Direct Messaging, Twitter users can send private messages to any other user and forgo the formality of following. Users simply send out a Direct Message or reply to one received, and then engage in a private conversation.

As part of the update, iPhone and Android users will now see a “Direct Message’’ button on their account to ease their communication. This eliminates the need to go to the Message tab to start a message thread or select from another conversation, which was previously part of the process.

Directions for Changing Your Direct Messages Options
Realize that Direct Messages has been expanded to make private messaging an option, but not an obligation. Users can opt in to receive private messages from anyone by simply changing their settings.

To freely receive private messages, follow these four steps:

  1. Go to the Security and Private page.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and look for “Direct Messages.”
  3. Then, check the box beside “Receive Direct Message from anyone.”
  4. Press “Save Changes.”

To continue using Direct Messages as always and reserve private messaging for followers only, there is no need do anything because settings will not automatically change.

With this update, Twitter is promoting and providing the personal connections that social media was built upon. By opting in for this new option, customers and companies can break down any barriers that had previously prevented formal interactions from becoming friendly relationships. As a result, this update should elevate Twitter’s value for both commerce and consumers by giving their professional communications a more directly personal touch.

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