4 Digital Advertising Approaches That Generate Results

4 Digital Advertising Approaches That Generate Results
The rapid evolution of digital advertising leaves advertisers wondering which progressive ideas will lead to progress. New tactics and technologies seem to emerge so quickly that it makes it hard to keep up. To help digital advertisers stay current on the latest and leading advances, Tech.co featured four digital advertising approaches that will result in results today.

1. Produce Your Own Pre-Roll Video
Many advertisers are struggling with consumers skipping ads that are placed before YouTube videos. But tech-savvy marketers have found a way to overcome this obstacle by producing their own pre-roll videos. This gives them the power to develop their own engaging, tailored content with compelling CTAs.

2. Avoid Ad Blockers with Native Advertising
As digital advertisers strive to stop the growing use of ad blockers, it appears that native advertising is perfectly suited to this goal. Instead of causing the disruption that drives consumers to activate ad blockers, native advertising reflects its surrounding content and avoids interrupting the user experience. When there’s no interruption, consumers don’t bother to use ad blockers.

3. Opt to Optimize Cross-Platform Marketing
Today, the best way for digital advertisers to capture multi-device consumers is through cross-platform marketing. This allows advertisers to present cohesive branding and consistent messaging at all digital consumer touchpoints. But this approach is only successful if advertisers optimize their ads to be viewed on all types of platforms, from desktop to mobile. By optimizing digital ads, consumers can enjoy a better user experience that’s much more engaging and effective.

4. Nurture Leads with the Support of Behavioral Advertising
Rather than be bombarded with hard-hitting ads, consumers like to be led naturally through the sales funnel. Such lead nurturing is possible through the use of behavioral advertising. This tactic lets digital advertisers engage qualified leads by sending them personalized, targeted content over a span of time. Yet this approach only moves leads to purchase if the right kind of content is delivered in the right way and at just the right time.

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