Why Hotels Should Have No Reservations About Using Digital Marketing

Hotel digital marketing

In the ever-increasing and always-changing hotel industry, it can be hard for a hotel to stay competitive. But the key to gaining attention and a solid business advantage is to use digital marketing. Wordstream.com offered six simple ways to help your hotel make the most of digital marketing.

1. Stay in Sight and in Mind With AdWords’ Hotel Ads

Hotel brands of every size and scope choose to use AdWords’ Hotel Ads. They provide your hotel with outstanding exposure in a special section of the SERP beside other hotels. This increases your brand awareness to people actively looking for a place to stay and makes it easy to promote your hotel to people with a direct interest in visiting.

2. Accommodate Guests by Knowing Their Needs

To know what your guests need, you need to figure out what they want. Picture your ideal guest and then focus on the features and benefits that most appeal to their needs. Highlight the experience of the stay, rather than amenities, to create a personal impact. While it may seem limiting to only target your ideal guests rather than the mass market, it’s often better to focus on a smaller group of core customers since they make up the majority of your business.

3. Cater to the Aspiration of a Vacation

Experts agree that travel has an aspirational aspect, so hotels should leverage this quality and focus on a traveler’s ideal experience when advertising the brand. First, put yourself in a guest’s shoes to determine what they want from their trip. Then, use ad copy and images to help guests virtually, verbally, and visually view themselves experiencing everything they want. By aligning the qualities of your hotel experience with a guest’s demands and desires, you can distinguish your hotel and bring in more bookings.

4. Check In with Guests on Social Media

Social media provides a source of connection with guests. You need to actively engage with them on social media to show that your hotel is friendly, responsive, and interested in what they want and need. Reach out to your guests on social platforms by asking about their experiences and focusing on the personal joys from their visit. This makes guests feel valued and shows that the hotel cares about their satisfaction.

To encourage both new and repeat guests to book soon, share news about upcoming local activities, special seasonal celebrations, and other events in your area. Simply mentioning these events shows that your hotel supports its community and may drive more people to visit.

5. Reserve Advertising on Social Media

With the popularity of social media, using paid social media advertising is an outstanding way to gain exposure for your hotel when people are leisurely on social networks and more accepting of advertising. Paid social media offers other excellent benefits, such as its low-cost and unrivalled targeting options. Altogether, advertising on social media can result in exceptional ROI.

6. Explore Remarketing

Remarketing lets your hotel target people who visit your website and track them to display your ads to them at a later time. They’ve already expressed an interest in your hotel by visiting your website, so remarketing lets you reinforce your brand and present desirable offers to people more likely to accept them. In addition to boosting brand awareness, remarketing can also lead to conversions and should be included in your sales funnel.

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