An Eye-Opening Look at How Google Glass Functions [Infographic]

infographic how google glass works cutoff

Buzz has been building over the new Google Glass, a state-of-the-art pair of glasses equipped with a camera, speakers, and all sorts of Internet conveniences to allow for digital image display, voice control, GPS, and many other smartphone-type features that already have developers creating apps specialized for these sci-fi spectacles.

While they’re not scheduled for release until the end of 2013,  posted this revealing infographic created by Martin Missfeldt that shows how Google Glass will look and perform. It details its features, form, and functions to provide a peek at what wearers can expect. It also demonstrates how the digital image overlay works, which is the part that allows for digital and real images to be combined and sent to the eye’s retina. There are still tiny tweaks to be made in order to make the spectacles fully functional for people who wear regular glasses, but Google will surely perfect this progressive pair before unveiling Google Glass for the world to see.

infographic how google glass works 475
Infographic via Android Authority

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