With Pepsi’s New Social Media-Driven Vending Machine, What’s Not to Like?

What’s better than an ice-cold Pepsi? Simple, a free ice-cold Pepsi. “The Like Machine,” Pepsi’s new social media-driven vending machine was placed at recent Beyoncé concerts in Antwerp. The machine works like a typical vending machine, but instead of doling out cash, you pay with a Facebook “like.” PSFK reported on Pepsi’s and TWBA Belgium’s social media marketing venture.

Pepsi’s creative vending machine works like this: visit likepepsi.com on your smartphone and connect to Facebook. Once you’re logged in, “like” Pepsi’s Facebook page and voilà—a free Pepsi! Those without a smartphone can log into Facebook directly on the vending machine’s touchscreen. A timer logs participants out of their Facebook accounts once the soda samples have been given.

Beneath the creativity lies a clever marketing strategy. The vending machine has enabled Pepsi to receive real-time data on consumer reception of the Pepsi product. With social media marketing measurability for the company and free Pepsi for passersby, who wouldn’t like “The Like Machine?”

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