Focus on Consumer Intent for More Effective Social Marketing

Consumer Intent, Social Media Marketing
To make cross-channel campaigns more effective, marketers should turn their attention to intention. Consumer intent has become the key to greater performance and profits today. That’s why more and more digital marketers have started applying consumer intent to their social marketing campaigns. By understanding consumer intent, marketers can tap into what consumers want, and then target them with ads for those items on various social networks. This increases both the chance of engaging consumers and the likelihood of purchase. shared why understanding consumer intent has become such a good intention.

According to Kenshoo, pairing paid search with social media marketing delivers a better return on investment than using these methods alone. This shows the value of cross-channel marketing campaigns. But simply advertising on multiple channels doesn’t guarantee results. Marketers need to tap into consumers’ minds and motives to make the most of their messages.

To uncover the purchase intent of consumers, marketers can rely on online search, which clearly displays what consumers are actively seeking. By tapping into consumer intent, marketers can better target a consumer with the most relevant ads, which they are more inclined to engage with.

One example of the powerful pairing of consumer intent and social marketing is the department store, Belk. In an effort to increase conversions of customers who previously expressed interest in its products, Belk started using paid search on Facebook. The company aimed to locate more high-value customers by targeting consumers based on their search intent, along with Facebook’s extensive targeting tools and capabilities.

By using a combination of paid search and social, Belk saw a 545% increase in conversions, compared with simply targeting fans of the brand. In addition, one of Belk’s beauty campaigns saw a 240% increase in conversion rates. And Belk’s cost per acquisition (CPA) declined by 67%.

Clearly, consumer intent shown in search can provide important insights into shopping preference. This information can easily be used in social media marketing to maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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