6 Ways Healthcare Marketers Can Strengthen Their Content Marketing

6-Ways-Healthcare-Marketers-Can-Strengthen-Their-Content-MarketingContent marketing can have a significant effect on the outcome of a company’s healthcare marketing campaign, yet many healthcare businesses don’t take the time to do it right. But content marketing can bring a healthcare company many new patients or customers, as well as provide them with a huge competitive advantage. To learn how to launch a healthy content marketing strategy, Forbes.com shared six savvy tactics to help your content get a healthy response.

1. Cure Your Problems with a Plan
Experience shows that a plan is always effective in content marketing efforts. It allows you to take control of your content and lets you look back to see which tactics have been most effective. With a content marketing plan in place, you’re able to ensure a steady stream of thoughtful content.

2. Nurture Healthcare Needs with News
Healthcare always seems to make news, so leverage this newsworthy content when it’s relevant to your industry or patients. Share breaking news about medical advances, new drugs, case studies, and more. Turn this news into an article or infographic and share it with your patients to keep them aware of their healthcare options.

3. Make Healthcare More Human
Healthcare providers must connect on a human level to persuade a patient to select their product or service. This can be achieved by making content marketing as relatable and relevant as possible. Try humanizing the staff by sharing their personal stories and including them in photos, articles, and videos.

4. Treat People to Video
One of the leading reasons that content marketing campaigns aren’t successful is because their written messages aren’t connecting with the audience. But video provides content that can easily be consumed so it bridges this disconnect and resonates with the viewer. By putting content you want to share into a video, there’s a greater chance of connecting with your target market.

5. Dispense Answers to Common Questions
SEO is a big part of a savvy content marketing campaign, so use your content to provide answers to common questions that people are searching for. Select your search keywords by the medical issues and topics that your audience is looking for and you’ll gain greater website traffic, as well as new patients and customers.

6. Prescribe a Friendly Tone for Facts
While including scientific statistics and hard facts in articles can help prove a point, they can seem dull and dry to your audience. To increase their appeal and understanding, use a casual and friendly tone in your writing. A useful tip is to always assume that you’re writing for people who are completely unfamiliar with your medical specialty.

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