The Best Digital Advertising of 2012

The growing popularity of digital advertising has made it increasing difficult for brands to stand out in the online space. Fortunately, a few inspired minds and marketers developed some brilliant and buzz-worthy digital ads last year. The best of the bunch got people talking, tweeting, texting, and taking action. After a thorough review of the year’s digital ad efforts, featured the following list of the best digital advertising of 2012.

1. Mazda2 Homepage High Jinks (shown above)– This ad was essentially a takeover of the website’s homepage where robotic arms took apart and reconfigured the page to spotlight the new Mazda2. It symbolized Mazda’s lively and playful spirit, as well as the new car’s sleeker style and slimmer price.


2. Sensodyne “Repair and Protect” Promotion
– In sharp contrast from traditional toothpaste ads, this digital advertising effort promoted the revolutionary science behind the new product by applying similarly revolutionary Web design techniques. The ad completely animated the website’s homepage and used both creative lighting and sound effects to highlight how the toothpaste’s Novamin technology can effectively remedy tooth pain.


3. Nissan Qashqai with 360º Webcam Work
– This ad for the debut of the Qashqai integrated 360º webcam encouraged viewers to get hands-on with the product’s PC-mobile pairing. It was a smash hit that effectively captured and conveyed the brand’s spirit of technological innovation.


4. Samsung Smart TV Interactivity
– Samsung achieved the digital advertising trifecta of engaging viewers, encouraging user interaction, and building strong brand recall with this innovative ad for its high-tech television. The digital ad relied on subtle videos, captions, and icon imagery to replicate the motion and voice control experience online, with great success.


5. CBS Volvo Video
– The new car’s racier image inspired this provocative digital ad. It encouraged viewers to let loose by virtually driving the car over the banner ad in wild ways. Ultimately, it helped contribute to Volvo’s ongoing effort to redefine the brand as fun and fierce.


6. REI Homepage Control
– This ad clearly demonstrated the brand’s intense understanding of the need for gear that performs in all situations. It resonated with outdoor adventurers and emphasized REI’s position as the gear that goes wherever life leads.


7. Samsung Olympics App Ad
– With its expandable banner ad promoting the brand’s Olympic games app, Samsung clearly depicted how the new app would let users play games of their own while emphasizing their official connection to the Olympic event.


8. Gatorade Bold Banner Ads
– The beverage brand created an awareness-building campaign for its G SERIES PRO products by creatively showcasing the science behind the sips. The advertising campaign included a series of talking banner suites with integrated video teasers to spark conversation on cycling websites and encourage the purchase of their high-performance products.


9. “The Campaign” Homepage Personalization
– The MSN Sports homepage was given a brand-new look to promote the new satirical election film. The redesigned page featured the movie’s trailer and asked visitors to vote with a click for their favorite character. The results were updated in real time and the voter’s choice was digitally stored so that subsequent ad views by the voter would display a personal thank-you message from their chosen candidate.


10. Dannon VPAID Venture
– The brand tested the new VPAID interactive pre-roll in an effort to boost user engagement in its digital advertising campaigns. The new technology enables users to increase their interaction with the brand’s products and receive special incentives for their involvement. The move was a smart one that helped the brand achieve its goals of greater interaction and interest.

These digital ads clearly merged the magic of talent and technology. Hopefully, they will inspire the ongoing integration of creative, media, and data to drive digital marketing to its fullest potential.

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