Travel Marketers Will Be Lost Without These Top Data Tips

Digital data has made a world of difference in how travel brands market to travelers and manage their operations. As a result, it can be challenging for travel marketers to navigate through all of the digital options and develop the ideal business strategies. In anticipation of The Smart Travel Data Summit in late November, 100 senior travel executives were asked to share their industry insights in the Smart Travel Data Survey 2016. The results were compiled and reveal the importance of revenue management, data, and analytics in travel both today and tomorrow. shared the key findings to show where the travel industry is heading.

Check In on What Should Matter Most
According to Eye for Travel, there are certain factors that travel brands should prioritize in 2017. Their greatest focus should be on:

  1. Marketing analytics
  2. Data collection
  3. Revenue management

But, travel brands must also pay attention to:

  • Improving customer understanding
  • Strengthening consumer loyalty
  • Increasing ancillary sales
  • Eliminating the commoditization concerns of distribution partners

Discover the Future Financial Focus
When it comes to the financial focus of travel brands, more than 60% of respondents expected their revenue management budget to increase over the next three years, while around 25% said their budgets would stay the same.

And in terms of where travel brands plan to invest their budgets, the information showed:

  • 32% in distribution technology
  • 32% in infrastructure
  • 20% in marketing technology
  • 10% in revenue management technology
  • 6% in other

The 10 Topics Travel Brands Are Excited to Explore
A number of topics and trends that travel brands are looking forward to exploring are as follows:

  1. Big data
  2. Revenue management
  3. Distribution technology
  4. New partnerships
  5. Metasearch
  6. New marketing technology
  7. Traveler personalization
  8. Customer experience
  9. Mobile innovation
  10. User-generated content

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