Discover How The Look Of Your Logo Both Colors and Shapes Perception [Infographic]

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If you want your brand to convey a friendly and affordable image, you’ll have it made in the shade with an orange logo. And if you’re striving to target a female market, then circle in on a round logo. These were two of findings featured in a new infographic, “What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company,”

by Canadian plastic-card producer, Colorfast, which was featured in The graphic revealed the power and persuasion of color, shape, and font on the consumer’s view of a business.


Research shows that 93% of purchases are made on visual impressions. Savvy brands know that it takes only a second to form a first impression, so a brand’s initial image can affect its future success. The secret is knowing which shades and shapes convey a brand’s nature, and then using those basic elements to design a desirable logo.

Coloring Perceptions

A logo’s hue shows who you are. It exhibits a brand’s perspective and personality, and leaves a lasting impression. See why color commands such attention:

  • 84.7% of consumers say that color is the primary reason they purchase a particular product.
  • 80% say that color enhances brand recognition.
  • Blue conveys a secure, strong, and trustworthy image.
  • Black evokes luxury, sophistication, and authority.
  • Multi-color expresses a bold, boundless business.

The Shape and Scope of Your Business

Shapes can make consumers form an instant impression of a business. A logo’s form informs consumers about a brand’s nature and niche. Look at how these elements can shape people’s perceptions:

  • Squares and triangles show stability and balance.
  • Triangles tend to be viewed as masculine and powerful.
  • Circles suggest love and femininity.

To learn more about the psychology behind a logo’s look, size up more facts in the infographic.

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Infographic by Colourfast.

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