Taylor Swift Inspires Refreshing Diet Coke TV Ad

Music star Taylor Swift was named the new brand ambassador for Diet Coke and she has just finished filming her first TV ad for the beverage brand. In addition to starring in the spot, the singer served as the muse for the ad’s creative concept. Adweek.com offered a sneak peek at the TV ad and highlighted how the singer’s highly publicized personal life drove its direction.

Ms. Swift is well-known for writing extremely relatable songs from her journal entries about her personal life. Based on that habit, the TV commercial played on the creative process of writing the song “22” from her latest album. The ad featured footage of Swift writing the song, interspersed with scenes of young people singing along, with all of them enjoying Diet Coke.

The relationship between music stars and cola brands has a long and successful history. The rationale is that these stars are greatly admired by the brands’ target audience and that their personal beverage selections will influence the choices of their fans.

Given the singer’s mainstream popularity and special appeal to the coveted younger demographic, it looks like Diet Coke and Taylor Swift will make beautiful music together.

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