Retro Photo Series Plays Up Old Video Gaming Controllers

Retro Photo Series of Old Video Gaming Controllers

For those game to walk down memory lane to the age of Atari and the era of Sega, Spanish artist Javier Laspiur has created a photo series on the shape of the consoles that shaped our youth. The series is called “Controllers” and it captures the evolution of video games controllers, from the ‘80s consoles covered with buttons, to the joysticks that brought hours of joy, to the tiny screens on these handheld machines. Whether you’re nostalgic for Nintendo or pine for PlayStation, offered a look at this playful series of snapshots.

Each of the photographs highlights the signature controller for each video game system as its held in the hands of a gamer, along with its model console and the year it was made. The series spans 30 years, from the 1983 Teletenis system to the PlayStation Vita released last year.

While newer generations of gaming systems have come into play since Mr. Laspiur finished his series, he only featured photos of consoles he personally played.

Ironically, the series not only captures the evolution of video gaming controllers, but also the look of our lives.

By chronicling how much we’ve advanced technologically, the series simultaneously takes us back to a time of simple toggles and single buttons that reflected the simplicity of life. Today’s controllers are much more complex with multiple buttons and much larger screens that correspond to our more complicated times.

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