Twitter to Acquire TellApart to Help Advertisers Get More Personal

Twitter to Acquire TellApart to Help Advertisers Get More Personal
Digital advertisers know that the way to get more business is by getting more personal with consumers on their personal devices. To help advertisers give their Twitter ads more of a personal touch and reach consumers across all digital devices, Twitter is in talks to purchase TellApart, a company that specializes in personalized marketing and cross-device re-targeting. In addition to further improving Twitter ads for advertisers, the deal would enhance Twitter’s position in direct response advertising. With the deal close to completion, featured details to show how it would help advertisers target consumers more personally on all of their different devices.

Today, consumers use a variety of digital devices and apps. Since the consumer’s online experience is so diverse, it can be challenging for marketers to reach consumers with personally relevant ads on the appropriate device.

But TellApart’s technology tracks consumers’ online browsing behavior and serves ads based on those behaviors.

With the purchase of TellApart, Twitter will be able to help its advertisers better target consumers with ads that meet their personal needs as they move between mobile and desktop devices. Once the deal is complete, Twitter will be able to provide its advertisers with the advantage of advanced re-targeting.

Twitter considers this acquisition to be part of the evolution of its targeting services.

“We believe that by working together with Twitter we can considerably improve the experience,” said TellApart co-founder and CEO Josh McFarland. “On desktop, advertisers on our platform reach the right consumers at the right moments, and working with Twitter, we’ll be able to do more for our advertisers to find the right consumers on either mobile, desktop or both.”

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