The Most Memorable Branded Vines of 2013

Twitter’s Vine may still be new, but its short-and-sweet format is already a hit with brands and fans. These lightning-quick video clips can tell a story, send a message, and capture a moment in six seconds or less. Brands are quickly learning what it takes to make a must-see Vine. The best branded Vines engage, entertain, inspire, and inform. And they express their message simply in a playful and witty way. So as 2013 comes to a close, which branded Vines made a lasting impression? made a short list of the best short clips.

From Samsung’s infinite loop of basketball hoops to Nordstrom’s game of “pass the purchase,” brands showed how repetition is anything but repetitive.

Plus Halloween horrors were hallowed ground with Tide’s spoof on the classic film Carrie and Oreo’s spilling spin on The Shining.

And then Vine met real-time with a Dunkin’ Donuts real-life replay and Target’s fix for a bummer summer.

To see more of year’s best branded Vines, click for a quick look.

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